A Guide To Giving Art Gifts

Many people will shy away from giving art as a gift because it’s such a personal gift to give… as well as the fact that art is so subjective; what you like, they might hate! However, giving art can be one of the most original, thoughtful and fun things you can give as a gift.

Here are a few tips I’ve learnt over the years that I’d like to share with you so you don’t have to be so worried when it comes to gifting art…

Know What They Want/Like

Next time you go to their house, make sure you take a really good look at what they have on their walls when it comes to art. What style do they go for? Do they have quite modern taste or do they opt for more traditional pieces? You could also ask them about the pieces they have, take a real interest (subtly) and listen to what they have to say. Do they seem really excited when they’re talking about a certain piece? If so, make sure you know who the artist is and take note of the style of the piece…including what kind of frames they go for – dark wood, no frame, light wood…etc

You could even take them to an art gallery to do some subtle research of the things they do and don’t like. Most often, the spark of giving art happens when some one sees some thing they like in a gallery or online so this should make your life a little easier when choosing some thing for them. One website I love to visit to get art inspiration or to look for new pieces is Paula Draws Portrait Artist. Paula not only has stunning pieces of art ready to go, she can also create custom artwork, designed especially for you…or for your gift recipient.

From ink and pencil portraits to portraits of you and your idol, she’s got you covered!

What To Buy?

The more difficult scenario is not knowing a specific piece of art to buy; however, this can easily be solved and can be handled in several ways…

  1. Know your budget. There is no point what so ever in trying to buy a tee of art from an artist that is way out of your budget!

  2. If there is a specific gallery that the person you are intending your gift for goes to quite a lot, you may want to inquire with the director of the gallery if there is something they remember the person liking. Art directors tend to keep track of these things and if you let them know it’s for a gift, they will be more open to sharing this information with you. They will NOT however, share with you what that person has bought in the past so be careful what you ask!

Things to Consider

No one wants to give someone a gift that’s going to be super high maintenance so do consider this when you’re buying it for them. Will it need special care and attention?

Also, if your gift is a photograph, print or other piece of work on paper, it’s important to allow yourself enough time to either frame the piece or include a gift certificate for framing as part of your gift so the person can enjoy the piece right away. Some art websites will offer a framing option and almost all galleries can direct you to a framer they would recommend especially for that piece.

Packaging and Delivery

If you wish to give the piece personally, then you’ll need to have the gallery or website company package the work as they normally would for safe transport and have it sent to you, not your recipient’s address. DO NOT remove the original packaging once it arrives, as it could get damaged in transit.

However, If the work is too large or the distance to great for you to give yourself you should discuss options with the gallery or website ahead of time for any special arrangements r to send it direct to your recipient. If you are sending it direct, you should let them know a package is coming or have some one else be at the house to receive it as it will need a signature and/or a guarantee for insurance reasons.

Of course, if all else fails (which hopefully it won’t), perhaps a gift certificate towards a piece of art is another way to gift them a piece of art they’ll love.

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