Anti-Ligature TV enclosure

Anti-Ligature TV enclosure

When you are planning to construction or anti ligature refurbishment of a living room or bathroom for a patient who is suffering from serious mental illness, it is really essential in the design process to remove points where cords, rope or patent bedsit can be tied to a fixture for creating a ligature. Now what do you mean by Anti-Ligature TV enclosure?  Mostly it is using in psychiatric unit and correctional facilities to protect them from harm. It will save the patient and the hardware from the room. Have a look at this link

In this article you will have a clear idea regarding how anti ligature technique will help us from some physical damage.

Let me tell you which sizes are available

Code: NL55 for flat screen TVS 47’’ to 55’’

Code: NL46 for flat screen TVS 37’’ to 46’’

Code: NL36 for flat screen TVS 27’’ to 36’’

When you will go to buy this product please read this review

Now let me tell you some its best criteria |Anti-Ligature TV enclosure


  1. Made up with steel in all 4 sides. For offering top solutions looping material around the housings and harming themselves.
  2. It came up with a high security lock.
  3. Viewing window is really thick as considerable to the Industry. It will prevent the display from the damaging.
  4. Anti-ligature flat panel is fully assembled when delivering to the clients.


Short Review


There are so many health care facilities require different products that are rated with anti-ligature or ligature resistant for protecting different patient and prisoners from harming themselves and others. In general it is popular for lounges and activity room. Where LCD is being used and it is chosen for the best safety. This product is highly recommended in all over the world and now its popularity is increasing day by day. While buying this product for commercial use keep one thing in your mind that is its business advantage and pure safety also its exclusive features. This product is available at different sizes. You can use it as your wish. I believe for a large hospital you should go for the large one. The reason is it will cover a bigger area and people are being more benefited.


Traditional Application area where we use this product


  1. The first one is different healthcare institution. It has the higher demand. We need to ensure the maximum security in the healthcare institution.
  2. Different Hospital from all over the world.
  3. Prisons are in this list. We need to ensure security in the prisons.
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