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What is an SMM Panel and which one is the Best to use in 2022 ?

An SMM panel is an internet marketing tool that allows businesses and individuals to use social media to promote content. With the help of such panels, you can easily and quickly get subscribers, likes, comments, reviews on goods and services in social networks, increase the number of site visits.

In this article I will talk about the most popular services, how to work with them and not get banned from social networks.

Which is the BEST SMM PANEL?

Basically, all SMM panels work the same way, but some programs have their own features of services and prices. For example one SMM Provider can be best for telegram members, and another for Instagram Followers.

In addition to the general services listed in the table, the services also have unique offers. For example, through LikeBoss you will attract traffic to the site from various sources (Yandex, Google, social networks, etc.), and MrPopular makes it possible to order live reviews in Delivery, on Yandex. Maps, etc.

Even a beginner can handle the work in the SMM panel. It is enough to register, select the necessary service, add a link to your profile on the social network and pay.

Then there are two scenarios for the development of events: either bots or real people with live accounts will come to your page. It all depends on how much you are willing to pay and what result you want to get.

I will explain using MrPopular as an example. Let’s say the goal is to increase the audience of the Youtube channel. If you only care about the number of subscriptions, then choose the cheapest option – 0.5 rubles per subscriber. Then 20 subscribers per day will cost you 10 rubles. But for one subscription from a real user, you will have to pay from 3.32 to 6.64 rubles.


At first glance, SMM panels resemble ordinary boosting services: buyers pay social media users for likes, comments, and reposts, and they get the opportunity to earn money quickly. But there are some nuances that are worth understanding.

How does an SMM panel differ from other services?

The key difference is scale. Some services usually use bots, and you make all purchases of views, likes, and comments at once in a package.

By the way. Of all the SMM Panel services, we recommend TopSMM. It is an Instant SMM Panel.

SMM panels, in addition to bots, offer users live actions from real people. Their goal is to help businesses and individuals grow their audience and increase brand awareness.

Some of these services are somewhat reminiscent of freelance exchanges. You publish a task (order) for platform users and independently set its cost, and as a result, you will receive subscriptions, traffic and reactions from real people. This method of boosting the social media, looks natural and is less likely to arouse suspicion among social networks. By the way, if you are interested in freelance exchanges, we recommend that you try Work-Zilla.

How can I make money on the SMM panel?

Offer your promotion services – either to the service itself or to its clients. In the first case, you connect to the affiliate or referral program of the service. After registration, you get a unique link, share it with others and get from 5 to 10% from advertising.

Getting a link in an affiliate program

You can also offer your services as a social media promotion specialist to companies and individuals to promote their business. In this case, earnings will be based on the resale of services that offer services.

Important. You can increase your income in social networks by placing a multilink with all the necessary information in your account. Do it using the TapTabus service (using the promo code INSCALE365 1 year of premium account for free)

SMM panels – is it even legal?

Officially, social networks do not prohibit the use of such programs, so from the point of view of the law, everything is clean here. But still, you should be careful.

As I said, services allow you to artificially increase the number of subscribers, likes, reposts and other things. 

Final words on SMM Panels

SMM panels can be a convenient solution for anyone who wants to quickly get into the TOP, get new customers, increase brand awareness and increase sales. But remember that artificially inflated indicators say little about the quality of your product or service. In addition, blocking an account is unlikely to have a positive effect on the reputation of a business.

However, it’s up to you. If you still decide to use the services of SMM panels, then choose the service that best suits your needs. For example, if you want to reach the TOP as soon as possible, you can use the TopSMM service. The platform offers the cheapest services: 0.001$ per subscriber and 0.0001$ per like.

With the help of TopSMM, you will get views to posts cheaply – from 0.001$ per view. It is the Cheapest SMM provider.  LikeBoss will help you promote your Youtube channel with the service of automatic video viewing. Buy live reviews in delivery services, maps and mobile applications through MrPopular, and movie ratings in Kinopoisk and other streaming services on SocBox.

Now there are more than a hundred active SMM panels. I told only about the most profitable services in my opinion. But nothing limits your choice. Try different tools, compare and choose the one that suits you best.

Mastering Adulting: here is why you should master these 10 life skills

What is adulting? To many people, adulting means being independent, responsible, and managing your own life. It’s about taking care of yourself and your own needs, being financially stable, and making your own decisions.

In today’s world, adulting can feel like a constant juggling act. You’re trying to balance work, life, and maybe even school or raising a family. It’s a lot to handle, and some days it can feel like you’re just barely keeping everything together.

But don’t worry, you’re not alone. We’re all in this together, and there are plenty of resources to help you master adulting. From books and websites to podcasts and articles, there’s something out there for everyone. There are even courses that provide detailed step-by-step lessons.

However, sometimes it is difficult to wade through all the noise to find out which skills are most important. So here we will help you identify the 10 most VITAL adulting skills you need to master.

  1. Time management – Knowing how to manage your time effectively is crucial in today’s fast-paced world. It can help you be more productive at work and home, and free up time for the things you enjoy.


  1. Money management – Another essential life skill is knowing how to manage your money. This includes everything from budgeting and saving, to investing and dealing with debt and taxes.


  1. Organization – Keeping your life organized can make a big difference in your overall productivity and stress levels. It can also help you stay on top of things like bills, appointments, and deadlines.


  1. Communication – Being able to communicate effectively is important in all areas of life, whether you’re talking to your boss, your partner, or your kids. It can help you get your point across, resolve conflict, and build relationships.


  1. Problem-solving – Being able to identify and solve problems is a valuable life skill. Whether you’re dealing with a personal issue or a work-related dilemma, being able to find a solution can make a big difference.


  1. Critical thinking – Another important life skill is the ability to think critically. This means being able to analyze information and make sound decisions, instead of just going with your gut instinct.


  1. Emotional intelligence – Emotional intelligence is the ability to be aware and understand your own emotions, as well as the emotions of others. It’s a valuable skill for both personal and professional relationships.


  1. Self-awareness – Another key element of emotional intelligence is self-awareness. This means knowing your strengths and weaknesses and being able to use this knowledge to improve your life.


  1. Health Management – Learning how to manage health issues like stress is essential for both your mental and physical health. It can help you stay calm in difficult situations, and avoid making things worse. In addition to managing your stress, it is important to understand and manage other aspects of your health to ensure a long and prosperous life.


  1. Relationship management – knowing how to deal with others is one of the most critical skills because relationships affect every aspect of your life. Knowing how to interact appropriately and the value of relationships will help take you far.

These are just a few of the many life skills you should focus on mastering. While some may come naturally to you, others may take some time and effort to learn. But the payoff is well worth it, so don’t be afraid to put in the work. Your future self will thank you.

Why should you focus on these 10 life skills?

Most of us know that there are certain life skills we need to master in order to be successful adults. But what are these skills and why are they so important? We chose these skills because they each affect many areas of your life, health, or ability to thrive.

For instance, job referrals from current employees make up 30% of hires, this means that knowing and having a great relationship with someone who works at the company you desire to work for can put you in line for a new position.

Another example is money management. More than 50% of Americans do not have an emergency fund saved and an even higher number do not understand proper money management. If you were able to achieve this single feat, it would help you avoid the financial downfalls like bankruptcy.

Now mastering adulting is not without its challenges. Obviously, you have to overcome obstacles like preparing for and getting a job, managing your money, attending to your health, and maintaining relationships. Quite honestly it can be overwhelming to do it all alone. But achieving these feats can be accomplished with a bit of patience and tenacity. Mastering adulting will not only allow you to avoid some common mistakes, but it also has some great benefits.

What are the benefits of mastering adulting?

We all know the feeling – you’re young, carefree and life is your oyster. Then, one day, you wake up and realize that you’re an adult. Whether you feel like you’re ready or not, adulthood comes with a lot of responsibilities. From bills and mortgages to careers and family, there’s a lot to think about.

But, as daunting as it may seem, there are actually a lot of benefits to mastering adulting. Here are just a few:

1. You’ll be more financially stable

One of the biggest benefits of adulting is that it can help you to become more financially stable. When you’re younger, it’s easy to spend money without thinking about the future. But, as an adult, you’ll need to start thinking about things like savings and investments.

2. You’ll be able to make your own decisions

Another big benefit of adulting is that you’ll be able to make your own decisions. When you’re younger, you often have to rely on others to make decisions for you. But, as an adult, you’ll be able to call the shots.

3. You’ll have more responsibility

While this may not sound like a benefit at first, it actually is. Having more responsibility can help you to feel more accomplished and fulfilled. It can also help you to learn new skills and grow as a person.

4. You’ll be able to create your own life

One of the best things about adulting is that you’ll be able to create your own life. You’ll be able to choose your own career, buy your own home and start a family. Of course, this can be both good and bad – but it’s mostly good!

5. You’ll be more independent

Another great thing about adulting is that you’ll be more independent. This means that you’ll be able to do things on your own, without having to rely on others. You’ll also be able to travel and explore more, without having to worry about what others think.


Mastering adulting is not about being perfect. It’s about being honest with yourself, taking responsibility for your own happiness, and making choices that are best for you. It’s about learning from your mistakes and growing from them. And it’s about finding your own way in this big, wide world. So go out there and start mastering adulting today!

How To Get A Free No Deposit Bonus On Forex Trading?

There are many benefits of getting a free no deposit bonus on Forex trading. A no deposit bonus is a way for a new trader to try out Forex trading. Many brokers offer no deposit sign-up bonuses. Once the no deposit bonus period has expired, traders can withdraw any earnings they have earned with these bonuses. However, traders must make sure that they include counsel in their chart and enable the adviser to trade independently. Some of the display options include lots, Lotdecimal-2 (unit used by a trade adviser), and time interval up to 5 minutes.

Brokers that offer no deposit bonus

Forex traders looking for free no deposit bonuses should consider the following factors. You should also consider how much trading volume is required to activate the bonus amount, how long it takes before you can withdraw it, and how much profit you can actually make with the bonus. If a broker requires a high volume of trading but has a tight deadline, this might not be the right choice.

A broker that offers a free no deposit bonus must be legitimate and have a regulatory authority that ensures its economic strength and adherence to the laws of the country. This is not always possible, however, because traders do not have the time and resources to verify a broker’s legitimacy. Although there are numerous countries with strict rules governing foreign companies and forex brokers, there is no single regulatory body overseeing the currency market.

Restrictions on trading with no deposit bonus

No deposit Forex bonuses are not for the faint-hearted. Traders often find it difficult to deposit their own funds to their trading account, which is why no deposit Forex bonuses are an attractive option. They offer fixed amounts of cash for trading, without requiring the customer to deposit any money. The amount of no deposit bonus varies from brokerage to brokerage, but generally ranges between $10 and $100. For complete novices, such as those with little or no experience in trading, this amount is insufficient. Nevertheless, free no deposit bonus forex is beneficial to traders of all levels of skill levels.

Free no deposit forex bonuses come with a lot of restrictions. While other types of bonuses allow traders to withdraw as much as they want, forex no deposit bonuses have a number of limitations. Traders cannot claim as many free no deposit bonuses as they wish, or they may end up accumulating too many losses. These restrictions could negatively affect the trader’s experience and strategy. Therefore, it is vital to check the restrictions in advance before signing up for a free no deposit forex bonus.

Requirements to withdraw funds from a no deposit bonus

The first thing to check before signing up for a free no deposit forex bonus is whether it can be cashed out. While a free no deposit bonus is a great way to get started in the currency trading world, it is important to be careful about scams and not fall for one. While legitimate brokers will publish promotions in order to attract clients, fraudulent ones will try to obtain your personal details and bank account numbers.

Usually, a free no deposit forex bonus can only be withdrawn after you’ve traded enough to release the bonus. For instance, if the bonus is worth $200, you will need to trade $20,000,000 worth of currency to withdraw the funds. This varies depending on the broker you use. However, it’s never a bad idea to try out a free no deposit forex bonus before you make a large investment.

The currency broker offers you additional trading credit, which you can use in future trades. The draw bonus is not always a deposit bonus. In some instances, you can claim a draw bonus if you’ve been trading for at least a month. In order to be eligible for a draw bonus, you need to hold a certain amount of capital in your trading account. – You must complete the account-opening process and verify all your details.

Ukraine post- Cost to Rebuild Ukraine

Ukraine post-war economic and workforce development

In 2012, several global pharmaceutical companies engaged Mr. Hatch (while a senior executive with ManpowerGroup/Experis), asking for assistance in finding a reliable source of biostatistical programmers. Mr. Hatch proposed creating a collaborative workforce development program for the pharmaceutical executives after a study demonstrated no significant pools of talent with the right skills anywhere globally.

After some discussion, Mr. Hatch structured a joint venture between Experis, Intego Group (a local Ukrainian outsourcing firm), Roche, and V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University in April 2013. Through this joint venture, all parties agreed to create a biostatistical programming and bioinformatics program at the university.

In fall 2013, the Center for Biostatistical Programming ( officially launched with active involvement from all joint venture parties.

In the spring of 2014, students began graduating with a Master’s Minor in Biostatistical Programming, with all graduates retained by Roche (through Intego-Group and Experis).

The program continued to expand and financially self-sustain until the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022. Over twenty pharmaceutical or clinical trial companies have retained talent produced through this program. Graduates routinely received awards from various industry trade groups, and Ukraine was widely considered the reference workforce for elite biostatistical programming talent.

This program has been widely regarded as a success. Key findings from this proof-of-concept program include:

  1. If the quality of talent produced through such a program is high, international companies will tolerate risk. Euromaidan and the following war in the Donbas region in Ukraine happened shortly after this program’s launch. Although Ukraine had material geopolitical risk, it did not matter. International companies continued to be involved in this program until the outbreak of war in February 2022.
  2. If programs are structured through a compelling commercial model, international employers will invest in covering program costs in full. This program was launched and continued to operate without any grants or donations from the Ukrainian government, NGOs, or IGOs.


  1. The quality of talent Ukraine can produce is highly compelling. This program produced arguably the best biostatistical programming talent globally. More importantly, global employers quickly recognized the potential of Ukrainians and agreed to invest in developing this asset further.


War is one of the most disruptive dynamics for any economy. It is impossible to accurately model the full impact of the war on Ukraine’s economy or define detailed steps needed to rebuild postwar. Given uncertainties:

  1. Modeling will factor 2021 Ukrainian economic and industrial performance.
  2. Launch dates for any full-scale economic recovery program will not be known until closer to the war’s end.

A colleague once stated, “We might not know where we are eating breakfast on the third day of our holiday, but we know we are going to Hawaii.” We do not know specific details about an economic and workforce development program post-war, but we know the derivative. There are key themes that will continue to ring true and will be focused on in this document.

Talent Flight & Repatriation Given changes in the global economy stemming from the rise of the 4th Industrial Revolution, highIP producing talent will dictate economic performance more frequently in the years ahead.

Ukraine’s talent flight problem preceding the war has already been problematic and has been chiefly responsible for Ukraine’s lower than the regional average in the tech industry. The war has greatly increased the net outflow of people from the country.

As of May 27, 2022, UNHCR estimates that 6.7 million people have left the country- or 16% of the Ukrainian population. (UNHCR, 2022)


In preparation for this paper, I conducted a poll of 100 Ukrainians that left the country due to the war. Employment following the war was the primary consideration for the repatriation of refugees.

  1. The war has had a material effect on the financials of Ukrainians. 91% of respondents noted they needed a job in Ukraine before returning.
  2. 70% of refugees with a spouse still in Ukraine stated they intend to return to Ukraine if they or their spouse had full employment in the country. Without full employment of the refugee or the spouse, intent to return to Ukraine dropped to 24.2%
  3. Over 90% of respondents that had gained full employment with a company outside of Ukraine noted they are not likely to return to the country.
  4. 50% of respondents noted they would not return to Ukraine if their homes were destroyed.
  5. Although Zelensky is receiving praise for his leadership during the war, only 3% stated they believe the Ukrainian government could create a thriving business ecosystem (including a material reduction in corruption) following the war.

The consistent theme in repatriation is employment. The extent Ukraine can create Ukrainerelated jobs now and the scale of a job creation program to be launched immediately following the war will dictate Ukraine’s ability to keep (and bring) people home. Without such programs, Ukraine will likely experience one of the largest talent flight events in history.


Cost to Rebuild Ukraine

The war in Ukraine is incomprehensible. The damage to Ukraine’s infrastructure has not been seen since WW2. By the end of April 2022, economists estimated that the damage to Ukraine’s infrastructure and capital stock might exceed $1 trillion. (VIVIENNE WALT,, 2022)

While this figure is alarming, it understates the cost of rebuilding and relaunching the Ukrainian economy.

  1. UNDP estimated that up to 90% of Ukrainians are at risk of living in poverty post-war. (UNDP, 2022) Extensive social benefits programs will be needed at an unprecedented level. Further, the cost of providing social benefits will be materially higher. In many municipal areas, basic services such as healthcare no longer exist. Facilities were destroyed. (World Health Organization, 2022) The lack of such services in communities across the country will significantly increase the cost of delivery. If it takes a decade to achieve economic selfsustenance, Ukraine could theoretically need an additional $500 billion – $1 trillion to cover social benefits alone. (Phil Hatch, 2022)
  2. There is a material activation cost (Frankenstein Cost- cost to bring the economy to life) once the infrastructure has been rebuilt. There are costs related to restarting education once a university has been rebuilt. Companies need working capital to restart commercial services once power, internet, and office space have been rebuilt. If the war were to end today, the activation cost (including needed working capital) of every aspect of the Ukrainian economy could theoretically cost between $500 billion – $1 trillion. (Phil Hatch, 2022)


The total cost to rebuild and relaunch the Ukrainian economy will be unprecedented, and the world is not prepared for such a financial need. European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD- the development bank created in 1991 to assist Eastern Bloc countries post-Soviet Union) had a total outstanding loan balance of $28.62 billion in 2020. Adjusted to today’s dollars, the Marshall Plan ($13 billion in 1945) totaled $155.95 billion.

Current thoughts regarding funding the rebuild of Ukraine include some form of a program like the Marshall Plan with active involvement from the IGOs and Western countries. Discussions about donating seized Russian assets to Ukraine to further offset the cost of rebuilding the country are ongoing.


If the war were to stop today, the combination of some new form of a Marshall Plan (including grants and secured loans) and donation of seized Russian assets likely would not be enough to rebuild the entire country.

Assuming a reconstruction program like the Marshall Plan ($155.95 billion), and all frozen Russian assets were seized and then sold ($300 billion), Ukraine likely will have an outstanding cost of reconstruction, economic development, and ongoing social services that exceed $1 trillion over the first decade following the war.

The only viable option for Ukraine is to increase foreign direct investment (FDI). Over the past decade, FDI Net Outflows (indicator: BM.KLT.DINV.CD.WD) have averaged $1.7 trillion per year, exceeding all grants and loans made by all IGOs, NGOs, and government development agencies combined. (Phil Hatch, 2022)

Everything You Must Know About ISO 9001

ISO 9001 is a quality management system that focuses on improving customer satisfaction. It works by identifying and meeting customer needs, which in turn improves customer loyalty and repeat business. To ensure that you have the best results, you should make sure your processes are integrated. You can also take advantage of the resources available in your company by implementing the right processes.

One of the biggest challenges of implementing ISO 9001 is establishing a clear understanding of the new procedures. Collaboration and clear communication are vital to implementing the new system successfully. Ultimately, the implementation of ISO 9001 depends on the employees and their understanding of the new standards. If you have a question like What is ISO 9001 then feel free to keep reading this text carefully.

While certification is optional, most companies that implement ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems will choose to become registered. The registration process requires that you hire an independent accreditation board. The accreditation board will issue a certificate that bears the logos of the registrar and the accreditation body. These bodies include UKAS, ANAB, and JAS-ANZ. If you choose to go this route, make sure to contact an accreditation board for guidance.

Aside from quality, ISO 9001 certification can help you to level up your business by gaining recognition as a quality organization. By ensuring the quality of your products and services, you’ll be able to create a better brand and sell more. ISO 9001 is also the best choice for your business, as it enables your business to sell internationally, and improve its reputation in the process. So what is ISO 9001?

A comprehensive understanding of the concepts and procedures of ISO 9001:2015 is an important prerequisite for becoming an ISO 9001 Lead Auditor. Taking this course will improve your auditing skills and enhance your confidence to conduct a full audit. The course is taught by qualified instructors and allows candidates to practice on actual audits. As a result, you will become certified as a Lead Auditor. You can then conduct audits for both internal and external companies.

Implementing ISO 9001 helps companies increase revenue and efficiency, and improves customer satisfaction. New suppliers are often required to use ISO 9001-based QMSs. Improving customer satisfaction and operating efficiency also lowers costs. In addition, ISO 9001 also enhances decision-making by allowing you to recognize issues and take corrective action. Once you’ve been certified, you can confidently take advantage of its benefits.

ISO 9001 Lead Auditor Certification Training allows participants to plan, carry out, and document Quality Management System audits using internationally recognized audit principles and techniques. It equips learners with the competence to perform internal and external audits while understanding the principles of auditing. Participants learn the importance of the lead auditor role and how to conduct an opening meeting, a formal external audit, and a closing meeting. Additionally, the course helps develop skills related to conducting conflict resolution and communicating with internal and external stakeholders.

As a Lead Auditor, you can help organizations achieve quality improvement goals. By training your workers in ISO 9001 principles, you can ensure that your organization has the most effective quality management system possible. Whether your employees are in-house or work for an external firm, ISO 9001 Lead auditors can help your organization achieve its goals. In either case, you should be aware of how to hire an ISO 9001 Lead Auditor.

The ISO 9001 Lead Auditor Course is usually arranged through classroom training. In this course, a course director guides a class of students through interactive seminars and real-life case studies. The course can also be done as an In-House training for organizations. This program is conducted at the company’s premises during standard business hours. Currently, only classroom training is available for ISO 9001 lead auditors. For more details, contact the ISO 9001 lead auditor training provider of your choice.

The PECB ISO 9001 Lead Auditor Training course enables participants to conduct QMS audits. The course combines requirements of ISO/IEC 17021-1, ISO 19011, and other good auditing practices. This course also enables participants to conduct ISO 9001 conformity assessment audits. Moreover, the course also provides delegates with a certification from CQI. This certification allows participants to audit ISO 9001 certifications and improve the overall quality of their companies.