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Love Binding Spells Using Photos



A lot of people get amazed at the thought of casting love spells using pictures or photos. While some believe that it’s impossible to cast spells that work using pictures, a truckload of others are still very much in the dark about love binding spells because of myths and misconceptions being peddled by spells naysayers.

Since we are discussing love binding spells using photos, we will be taking cues about love binding spells using photos from spellcaster Maxim’s website As such, this piece will touch on what binding love spells are, how they work, and the dangers of casting powerful love binding spell without the guidance of a professional spell caster like Spellcaster Maxim.

Having said that, let’s start by addressing the million-bucks question;

What are love binding love spells using pictures?

Contrary to popular misconceptions about love binding spells using photos, binding spells are intended to nurture and foster peace and love between couples or people who are genuinely happy with each other and wish to make the most of every second they spend together.

Love binding spells with pictures and candles are powerful and very effective if you cast them the right way. So the next question would be; how does one cast love binding spells using photos the right way? As the famous saying goes, it all that end well that is well. In this case, the best binding love spell is that which yields the desired results and does not put you in harm’s way.

Yes, not many people are aware that spells can turn around and hit the caster. But, according to Spellcaster Maxim, casting “powerful love spells with pictures and candles that work” without proper guidance or without consulting with a legitimate online spell caster like Spellcaster Maxim automatically puts you at risk of getting hit by dark forces. Dark forces retaliate by causing harm to the caster, and if they are not adequately managed, they can cause devastating damage.

What are the causes of binding love spells with pictures retaliations?

According to Spellcaster Maxim, there are a lot of reasons why love spells make a U-turn and harm the caster. Top on the list is casting spells without the guidance or supervision of a legit spell caster. Another common reason is casting spells with an impure mind; what does that mean?

You can think of “casting love binding spells with pictures” with an impure heart as casting spells for selfish reasons/purposes. Here is an example to help you understand how powerful voodoo love binding spells retaliate due to ill-intentions.

Here is how people use dark magic love binding spells for selfish purposes

For instance, you see a man or woman you like and go to strike up a conversation with them, just to find out that they are married, engaged, or in a serious relationship with another person. Then, instead of accepting fate and moving on, some people (those that are terrible at losing and don’t know how to take an L) take it as a motivation to cast a separation spell on the target to kill the love they have for their family.

When that happens, they will seize the opportunity to cast obsession spells to make the person fall in love with them. And as time goes on the person becomes engross about you and maybe decide to marry you. But, of course, while you are doing all of that, you are putting the actual wife and the other members of the man’s family in misery.

Now, you don’t need a saint to tell you that this action is selfish and a typical example of using love spells with pictures and binding love spells with pictures for the wrong purpose. However, some people will ask about the person that the spell — the spell caster.

As the famous saying goes, for every twelve, there must be a Judas. Likewise, in the magic community, there are spell casters who cast spells for evil purposes just to get money. You will be right to call such spell casters unprofessional.

Always research the spell caster before you allow them to handle your case

Sadly, there are lots of unprofessional and fake spell casters that dupe unsuspecting individuals who run into them while searching for spell casters that can help them cast powerful love binding spells using photos. When you come across such spell casters online, they won’t care to listen to your case and give you good advice. Instead, they simply ask you what you want them to do for you and then proceed to do exactly as you say.

Unlike legit online spell casters like Spellcaster Maxim, they won’t warn you against using dark magic love spells using pictures and the potential dangers that trail them.  In magic, there is such thing as the karmic law. It sets the rules for casting magic spells and serves as a constant reminder to spell casters that whatever you wish on others using magic spells will come back to you three folds.

So, if you are using spells to make someone fall in love with you and separate from their families, the karmic law says that you should expect the pain and harm that you caused to come back to you — A classic example of “what goes around comes back around.”

What are the consequences of casting voodoo picture spells for selfish reasons?

The consequences of casting voodoo love spells using pictures for selfish purposes are numerous and Spellcaster Maxim has seen it all. According to Spellcaster Maxim, common kickbacks from dark magic love binding spells using photos and other dark magic loves spells using pictures include insanity, loss of wealth, and failure in business.

However, these spells don’t stop after dealing with you. When they are done with you (the caster), they move on to those closest to you and continue to cause more havoc. Unless you discover them in time and take decisive action to curtail their effect, you could end up losing your entire family before it finally comes back to get you.

You would probably be wondering if there is a solution for such sad events? The answer is yes. Spellcaster Maxim can help you remove or eliminate the effects of dark magic spells. He is deeply rooted in the magic practice and is applauded for his ingenious methods in the magic community. It doesn’t matter the gravity of the spell or the type, Spellcaster Maxim will always find a lasting solution.

How to remove the effects of dark magic love spells using pictures

The internet is awash by spellcasters to claim to be the best at what they do. However, upon close examination and background check, you will discover that they are gimmicks and have no knowledge whatsoever about casting spells.

If you come across such a group of spell casters while searching for a solution to the problem at hand, they simply take your money, perform rituals that will yield no results, and give you false hope that things will be fine. In other words, they would have succeeded in wasting your time, and you would still be under attack from dark forces.

To save yourself from such unfortunate circumstances, it would be best to reach out to Spellcaster Maxim for help; that way, you will be sure of dealing with a professional spell caster who knows his onion and can eliminate the effects of love binding spells cast using photos.

Spellcaster Maxim is always available to help you cast effective dark magic love spells with pictures?

Considering that not many spell casters can remove or eliminate the effects of dangerous voodoo love spells, it is expected that these services don’t come cheap. However, even though the process of casting protection spells is usually more demanding and takes powerful love spell casters to pull through, Spellcaster Maxim doesn’t charge like other spell casters.

He ( speaking of Spellcaster Maxim)  is passionate about helping people with his gift and would stop at nothing to ensure that you achieve your goal. As such, his services are affordable and available to virtually anybody seeking help with one problem or the other.

How to cast love binding spells using pictures

Love binding spells cast using pictures tend to be very effective and yield results faster than those cast without pictures.  How? Photos serve symbolic purposes when casting magic spells. If you can lay your hands on the photo of the target, you can use it to cast love binding spells that work faster and has higher chances of getting the intended results.

Usually, the photo of the target is put on a table or on the group with certain markings made on the surface you will be using. These markings are usually magical symbols or signs and are intended to set the mood for summoning spirits.

Depending on the type of spell you are casting, the spellcaster may ask you to recite incantations while drawing the symbols. If the ritual requires candles, Spellcaster Maxim will notify you and tell you what color and number of candles to buy. To be on a safer side and not incur the wrath of the dark forces or higher authorities, you must ensure that you follow every instruction to the latter.

Always allow Spellcaster Maxim to cast your voodoo picture spells

According to Spellcaster Maxim, most people that are familiar with casting love spells are quick to think that voodoo love spells are cast the same way as easy love spells. But, no, they are not, and casting such spells without protection spells or talismans is endangering your life and that of your family.

To drive this point home, it is always best to allow a professional spell caster like Spellcaster Maxim  to cast spells on your behalf. That way, you are rest assured of not falling prey to scam spell casters or casting spells that will come back to haunt you.


Eliminate Wasted Time Scrolling with this Free Launchpad

I have wasted hours sharing world edu posts on social media. No, it is not a waste of time to share your writing, but there is a tool to increase efficiency.

If you are going to dedicate time to writing, create a system to share your words with the world. My system has been a work in progress but with refinement, I am learning to quickly share articles on social media.

I began by identifying the main topics of my essay: writing, parenting, education, pets, and health. Since receptive audiences can be found on Facebook, I searched for groups on each topic and joined several.

After writing and publishing on Medium, the articles’ links are shared across appropriate sites. I found myself scrolling through MANY groups and wasting time because there exists no easy system on Facebook to assemble groups by common topics. Enter pinpoint.

At a launchpad can be created by category — for free. The site promotes itself as a means to “connect followers to your entire online world.”

“Use it anywhere. Take your pinpoint wherever your audience is, to help them to discover all your important content.”

“Link to everywhere. pinpoint is the launchpad to your latest video, article, recipe, tour, store, website, social post — everywhere you are online.”

“Easily managed. Creating a pinpoint takes seconds. Use our simple drag-and-drop editor to effortlessly manage your content.”

For my purpose, I created a header for each category . Then I entered all the sites where I post associated with that topic. I started with Facebook groups and then added LinkedIn, Twitter, Reddit, Vocal Media, Manystories and Quora. Now in just a few minutes I can post to multiple sites, simply by clicking on the title . This is a snapshot of what I see. Each blue box provides a link.

The process is effortless and focused. A plus is that with each click a new page opens keeping pinpoint available and bookmarking where I left off.

If you are looking for shortcuts, want to share posts with on multiple sites, and are tired of scrolling up and down looking for the appropriate place to add your story, try pinpoint.

I love it!

Brenda Mahler writes about writing. Follow her for inspiration and strategies that work.

Compare Forex with A Forex Pyramid Scheme


The forex market is an opportunity that is available to all investors worldwide. However, this lucrative industry can also be a pyramid scheme. Many people who get involved in the Forex market are not successful and end up losing a lot of money. The best way to avoid getting into a scam is to educate yourself about the Forex market before investing any money.

It is a legitimate investment that is open to anyone. It is not a Ponzi scheme. Instead, it is an open marketplace. It is also accessible to everyday individuals through online brokers. It was invented around other forms of legitimate investment, such as stocks and bonds. That’s why people are encouraged to join the forex market.

Compare Forex With Pyramid Scheme

There are no perks for joining a forex pyramid scheme. Traders don’t receive a commission, and they don’t sell anything. As far as the company that manages the Forex market goes, it’s not a pyramid scheme. It’s a global financial market that is open to the everyday person through online brokers. Despite the name, forex is not a pyramid scheme. But other types of investments are.

First, there’s no pyramid scheme. It’s a market where individuals exchange currencies, not products. There’s no way to recruit people without paying a commission. It’s not illegal to join a forex brokerage, and it doesn’t even involve sales representatives or affiliates. Traders don’t solicit other people to join, and they don’t receive commissions or sell products. Neither is a scam. It is a legitimate investment and is forex a pyramid scheme.

While FOREX trading is a highly liquid, competitive market, there are similarities between a forex scam and a pyramid scheme. A scam involves the use of products that are of little value. For instance, a pyramid scheme does not offer a product but uses them as a means to promote the scheme. Its real value is recruiting other individuals. This is a common practice in multi-level marketing.

Forex Scams Vs Forex Pyramid Scheme

One of the major differences between a forex scam and a pyramid scheme is its MLM structure. In a pyramid scheme, new investors pay a fee to join the company. In a Forex scam, new investors are required to invest in multiple accounts and are paid commissions to recruit new members. In a true Forex pyramid scheme, the person who recruits you gets paid for each forex transaction, while the people who recruit them get commissions for every referral.

The new investors will then be charged a monthly subscription fee for the privilege of selling the products. These fees will be used to promote the business, which will in turn earn the company revenue. A FOREX pyramid scheme is similar to a pyramid scheme, except that it has a different purpose. The profits from the FOREX trading market are not derived from selling products.

A forex pyramid is different than a pyramid scheme in that the income from a FOREX trade comes from recruiting new members, not from selling the products. The latter has the primary benefit of promoting itself by recruiting new people and earning a commission. By contrast, a Forex pyramid is completely different than a multi-level marketing plan, which is why it cannot be considered a legitimate multi-level marketing opportunity.

Taxpayers requesting an extension have been reminded of the Oct. 15 due date by the IRS

Pay refunds by requesting direct deposit. File and make an electronic payment.


Today, the IRS sends a reminder to taxpayers who request an extension about the arrival of the Oct. 15 due date. Taxpayers are expected to finalize their tax returns on or before the Oct. 15 due date.

cpa near me : Fajardo and Associates has been providing CPA services for over 25 years.  There specialty is Business tax preparation and Tax management.

Taxpayers can still make a request using the electronic option as well as the IRS Free File. Tax experts and taxpayers can employ social distancing and increase the speed of tax returns, payments, and refunds by using the electronic option.

Even though the deadline to file for most individuals is Oct. 15, some taxpayers that could have more time include:

Military officials or individuals in the combat zone are being offered about 180 days to file and make any tax return payment once they leave the combat zone.

Taxpayers residing in federally announced disaster regions with verified extensions. More information can be seen on

However, taxpayers without any verified extensions and who are yet to file the 2019 tax return should file the return earlier and pay any outstanding taxes in order to avoid penalties.

United Screening is the countries primary background screening companies .  Call these knowledgeable experts today.

Use the direct deposit option when making refunds

The electronic option directly deposited in the bank or any other financial account is still the easiest and safest method for taxpayers to pay refunds. The direct deposit option can also be used by taxpayers to deposit a refund into a few accounts. This option is quicker than waiting for the arrival of a check via mail.

The Where is My Refund? Tool available on the website or mobile app can be accessed or downloaded for tracking the status of a refund once a filing has been made.

Schedule an electronic payment for paying federal tax

Taxpayers requesting an extension can file and schedule an electronic payment for their federal tax before the Oct. 15 deadline. This payment can be made online or through their IRS2Go app. However, important things federal taxpayers making electronic payments need to keep in mind are:

The best method for making tax payments is still the electronic option.

Payment can be made online after filing electronically through the tax software. Taxpayers using a tax Preparer should inform the tax Preparer that payment should be made using an electronic fund withdrawal option from an account in the bank.

Taxpayers can pay online for free using IRS Direct Pay from a savings or checking account and payment can be scheduled one year in advance.

Taxpayers are also allowed to make payments through the IRS payment processor equipped to handle the debit card, credit card, or digital wallet options for free.

The IRS2Go mobile application also offers a mobile-enabled payment alternative that can handle Direct Pay and other mobile Payment Providers.

Taxpayers can apply in the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System where they can make online payments or through the EFTPS Voice Response System.

Taxpayers can securely access their federal tax account information at They can view outstanding amounts, tax records, payment history, and other vital tax return information for the current tax return information when filed originally.

Economic impact Payments Option for Non-Filers – Payment must be made before Oct. 15

Even though over 160 million Americans have received their Economic Impact Payments, individuals with very little or no source of income and ineligible to file for a tax return might be qualified for an Economic Impact Payment.

The website or Non-Filers tool is available in English and Spanish and is more beneficial for married couples with income below $24,400 and singles with income below $12,200. This is also beneficial for individuals and couples who don’t have a home. This information must be provided on or before Oct. 15 to receive a payment before the end of the year.

Individuals without a hob or income can also be eligible for payment. However, individuals with low or moderate-income that qualify for special tax benefits like Child Tax Credit or Earned Income Tax Credit won’t be able to use this tool. These individuals are required to file a standard tax return without delay. Their tax return information will be used by the IRS to determine if they qualify for any EIP.

What mouse is good for drag clicking?

When choosing a drag clicking mouse, there are a few things you should consider. First, what type of activities will you be using the mouse for? If you will mainly be using it for gaming, you may want to consider a mouse with more buttons and features. If you will be using it for general browsing and office work, a simple two-button mouse may be all you need.

You should also consider the size and shape of the mouse. If you have small hands, you may want to choose a smaller mouse. If you have large hands, you may want to choose a larger mouse. The shape of the mouse is also important. Some people prefer a curved mouse, while others prefer a more straight, angular shape.

Finally, the drag clicking mouse you choose must have good build quality. If it is built cheap it will likely break quickly, especially if you are using it frequently. This is one of the most important things to consider when choosing a drag clicking mouse.

What is drag clicking?

A mouse is a good device for drag clicking when you want to select something on the screen. The cursor will change to a hand when you hold down the left button and move the mouse over the object you want to select. When you release the button, the object will be “dragged” and highlighted. You can then release the button to drop the object somewhere else on the screen.

To drag click on a file, hold down the left mouse button over the thumbnail of the image and move it to another column in your folder. Once there, release the button to drop it inside that column. The original file will have been relocated.

In this example, we chose an image from our desktop called “Golden Gate Bridge.” We dragged it to our downloads folder.

Now if we wanted to move it back to our desktop, we would simply hold down the left mouse button on top of the image and drag it back up to the “Pictures” folder on our desktop. When we got there, we would release the mouse button and the file would be placed back in its original location.


There are a few things you should consider when choosing your drag clicking mouse. The first is what type of activities will it be used for? If gaming or general browsing and office work mostly make up the days, then maybe look into something with more buttons rather than just two on this one device!

You will want a best drag clicking mouse if you plan on using it frequently. A cheap one won’t last and can be dangerous as well since they may snap or break easily under pressure while in use, especially because of their low build quality!