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Top 10 Online business management courses

Business management courses are the ideal vehicles to help you achieve your career goals. However, with so many available, which one will you choose?

To help you make your decision, here are the top 10 business management courses that are either free or very affordable.

1.  Time Management 101

Created by Mike Vardy, Time Management 101 teaches you how to manage your time to increase your productivity. He provides strategies and tools that help you work more effectively, by eliminating distractions, setting priorities and delegating tasks.

    2. Modern Marketing with Seth Godin

Seth Godin is the creator of numerous successful business management courses. This particular course, Modern Marketing, is aimed at helping you understand how modern marketing works, so that you can apply it to your own business or career.

   3. Growth Hacking 101: Introduction to Growth Hacking

The name might put some people off, but Growth Hacking 101 is a legitimate course that teaches you how to expand your business. Basically, you learn how to make your business more visible online, attract more customers and increase your revenue.

   4. Facebook Marketing for Small Businesses

It’s amazing how many small businesses don’t fully understand how to leverage Facebook to help achieve their business goals. Facebook Marketing for Small Businesses does just that – it teaches you how to attract customers on Facebook and drive sales.

5. Certificate of Business Management

Successful business managers need strategies to motivate their team toward organisational goals. This essential knowledge is key to ensuring productive staff and a thriving business.

The Certificate of Business Management from Australian Online Courses will provide you with the skills and knowledge required to manage at a strategic level. You will learn how to manage quality customer service, budgets and financial plans, people and performance, operational planning and team effectiveness.

   6. Leadership Skills for New Managers

If you are transitioning into a management position, Leadership Skills for New Managers helps you to make this transition both successful and seamless. You will learn the habits of great managers and how to apply them to your own position, as well as how to manage employees, deal with high turnovers, etc.

   7.  Design a Great Customer Experience

Today, everything is about the customer experience, which is why Design a Great Customer Experience is one of the most topical business management courses available online. You will learn how to identify and create the steps that contributes to a positive customer experience and make strategic and smart choices to optimise these interactions.

   8. Create a Culture of Excellence

Helping employees to reach their full potential is one of the tasks of all good business managers, and Create a Culture of Excellence gives you the strategies and the tools to achieve this goal. You will learn how to improve workplace morale and engage your employees in achieving success at work.

   9. The Ultimate Guide to Funnel Optimization

If you are starting your own business and are concerned about attracting customers, The Ultimate Guide to Funnel Optimization helps you to acquire and retain customers. You will learn strategies and tactics to get your first 1000 customers, and how to leverage emails and social media effectively.

   10. Business Fundamentals: Corporate Strategy

If you want to understand what it takes to be successful in business, then Business Fundamentals: Corporate Strategy is the course for you. Learn how to perform an industry and competitor analysis, and understand both vertical and horizontal integration.

There are plenty more business management courses available online, it may just take a little exploration to match your business management goals.

Instant Sustainable Services in Newcastle to Make Your Life Better

Our generation has been spoilt for choice. We have been given so many options for everything that we are unaware of a life where there is a monopoly of a product or service in the market!

However, one attribute that has been loved the most is the speed of services. There are services that are specialised in providing you with instant service. In fact, companies, where did the only USP that they have, is delivering the exact same services another company in lesser time. most companies try to call themselves Express, even is use the word flash to accentuate their USP in their names.

What do you mean by a sustainable business?

If you want to talk about sustainability, we need to remember that any sustainable organisation needs to create a social impact to an extent. Sydney has been very forward in matters of creating a social and environmental impact in the past few years and even been the first mover for a lot of industries in Australia for sustainability.

To define a ‘sustainable business’:
Any business that creates minimum negative social or environmental impact. 

This could include having human resource policies that sure the each and every individual that works in the company receives a fair living wage for their services and has a complete sense of physical and mental security in the workplace.  Having said that being a sustainable business scenario is an area of constant improvement, and no business is perfectly sustainable. 

Here is a sustainable business that you think you don’t need, but you really need for yourself in Newcastle.

Free Car Removal of Your Vehicle: Surprise! It’s completely eco-friendly

When somebody in Newcastle is trying to sell their car, they start off by trying to sell the car in a private sale.  However, studies have shown that it takes about 60 to 90 days for an average Australian to get rid of the old unwanted vehicle in Newcastle.

The next part of the story becomes a little more interesting because when car owners in Newcastle are unable to sell a car,  theyresort to getting rid of it by dumping it on abandoned property.

However, the New South Wales government has made it very clear that it is illegal to dump old unwanted vehicles in the open.  You can be fined for illegally dumping your vehicle or abandoning it.

Now, what kind of a solution are owners left with when they are unable to sell a car in Newcastle no matter what they try?

Experts have found that anything that goes into the circular economy is better for the world.  But what is a circular economy?  It’s simple,  anything that goes out to the world can be consumed and then recycle to be consumed again and again eliminating any kind of waste production.

This means that when you buy your car,  you have to make sure that you do not dump it into a landfill.  The only way out is to get yourself to figure out a way reuse, recycle or reduce it.

Fortunately, someone has already thought about it so you wouldn’t have to!

Origin Cash for Cars is a car removal company in Newcastlewhich is a car buyer for old, unwanted vehicles. They are an essential element in the automobile industry’s Circular economy, as they buy and recycle all unwanted vehicles in Newcastle. The process of recycling they are going to use is eco-friendly in nature which makes sure that they are not going to pollute the environment.

It doesn’t matter what kind of a vehicle you have, because they buy cars and trucks, vans and buses, utes and SUVs. all you need to know is the make, model and condition of your vehicle and you will get a free quote for your car. This quote is given after a free car valuation of your vehicle is done online by their customer care executives. one of the major reasons that they have a lot of popularity as a car removal company is the fact that they activate all their services instantly!  Not only that but all of their services for car removal are also completely free of cost including their pickup and paperwork.

Origin Cash for Carsis a great example for companies that want to be effective, efficient as well as sustainable.

What To Expect On Servsafe Practice Tests

ServSafe is a coaching and certificate program on food and beverage security run by the National Restaurant Association. Most establishments require sanitation accreditation as their primary leadership credentials.

What is Certification With ServSafe?

Certification with ServSafe implies that you have enough food safety expertise to receive one of the licenses. The acquisition of a certificate is a method of two steps. You must first study the topic, then take the servsafe practice exam.

Many authorities in the states, counties, and cities need to have food service staff licensed. Some alcohol-serving facilities need a certification of alcohol. The demands differ considerably. Some counties involve certification from each worker, while others have no requirements.

You must also show that understanding by completing the certification examination of the ServSafe Food Protection Manager with a rating of 75% or higher. Your results may or may not satisfy their adherence requirements, depending on your county.

A Guide To The Servsafe Exam

● Safe Food Supply

This chapter comprises knowledge of foodborne diseases and the riskiest segments of the workforce.

● Microworld

You will need to know how foodborne infection, foodborne poisoning, bacteria, viruses, parasites, and mushrooms are defined and differentiated.

● Food Allergens, Contamination, And Foodborne Diseases

Understand how to safeguard against both chemical and physical decay. Know the signs and prevalent triggers of food allergies and the best methods to educate clients about their potential to be integrated into the meat.

● Food Handler

This chapter outlines hand wash methods, requirements on personal hygiene, handling, and how to deal with the diseases of employees.

● Food Flow

This chapter describes the significance and most excellent use of thermometers.

● Purchase And Receipt

This chapter covers the recognition and acceptance of the goods by the authorized providers.

● Preparation

This chapter contains instructions for meal preparation. Understand the three correct methods to prepare the chicken, egg mixtures and generate for the thawing of cold meat.

● Service

The section includes the length of food to be kept before you discard it. Also, it consists of the correct handling of glassware and dishes.

● Managing Systems For Food Safety

This is the Manager’s Exam part. The five most common foodborne disease risk factors identified by the Center for Disease Control must be understood here.

● Sanitary And Equipment Installations

This chapter describes washing and appropriate flooring, toilets, grade meat services, static installations, plumbing facilities, lights, ventilation, and waste containers.

● Sanitizing And Cleaning

Know how cleaning and sanitizing are different. This section describes the correct techniques for the purification and sanitation of food contact surfaces, dishwasher, sinks, and cleaning tools.

● Regulations On Food Safety

This chapter describes the capacity of the government to monitor your hotel and how representatives should have an audit on the premises.

● Integrated Management Of Pesticides

Deny entry to pests. If they still occur, working with an authorized provider to regulate the pests.

● Training Of The Staff For Food Safety

It is up to your team to guarantee they know all the food security methods outlined in the ServSafe Essential textbook once you are in management condition.


The ServSafe program seeks to inform food industry employees about the cause and impact of foodborne illness. The accreditation of ServSafe helps avoid death, disease, and restaurant notoriety.

Top Yoga Places Studios in Bali Indonesia


One thing that is common and deeply rooted in both Hindu religion as well as Balinese culture is that they highly believe in spirituality. If you know even little about Bali, then also you would know that Bali is a naturally gorgeous place with a mindful atmosphere. The lush green surroundings, tropical forests and sprawling blue oceans, not only add on to the charm of the place but also provide you the right kind of atmosphere for acting as an oasis of peace for the mind, body and soul. Hence, it is no surprise that several world-class yoga studios have blossomed on this beautiful island.

These yoga studios not only offer different kinds of yoga options but also offer disciples great options for soaking in the art of yoga as well as the golden chance of exchanging the knowledge with many like – minded yogis from across the globe. Moreover, there are some studios which make a remarkable use of natural setting, thus providing a secluded area away from the hustle bustle of people.

While there are also some studios which are in the middle of the busy hubs yet provide a lot of relief just like an oasis in the desert. So, if you are one who cares about their health and want to go on a rejuvenating vacation then you must seriously consider going to Bali because over the years Bali has turned into quite a popular destination in terms of health of body and mind. If you want to stretch, unwind your stress, and are looking for the best yoga Bali retreat, then continue reading!

  1. Intuitive Flow, Indonesia

Located on the Penestanan Kaja hill, Intuitive Flow is blessed with naturally gorgeous surroundings. Other than that, the place can be well described as an airy and intimate shala which gives a mesmerising view of the lush green Balinese jungle and its majestic volcanic peaks. True to its name, as soon as you enter the place you can literally intuitively sense the high energy flow in the air.

Moreover, the teachers here are highly experienced and are very warm and friendly too. When here you can even give Yoga Pranala a try, which is a unique and exceptional blend of ancient Balinese teaching and traditional yoga. If you want to practice yoga at the dawn when the sun rises then you must know that this spot with its remarkable view and the sunrays bathing your skin, will be going to be a wonderful choice.

Timings: Monday to Saturday- 7:00 am – 7:00 pm; Sunday- 7:00 am – 1:00 pm

Location: Jl. Raya Tjampuhan, Ubud, Indonesia

  1. The Yoga Barn

Founded by the people who took the initiative for the annual Bali Spirit Festival, The Yoga Barn is considered as one of the most prominent yoga centres in Bali. This yoga retreat offers its visitors a number of variety of classes as well as levels to choose from according to their comfort. Also, The Yoga Barn serves as a full – service yoga studio, combines yoga with retreats, a café and a guesthouse, promoting healthy behaviour as well as healthy food.

The retreat has 5 open air studies on total which allow you to practice yoga while having the view of Ubud Rice Paddies. Not only are guest instructors from all over the world invited from time to time, but the studio is known to host around 100 classes per week with a capacity of approximately 80 and 35 students. The Yoga Barn is also known to host a number of workshops on a range of topics such as traditional yoga styles of classical Hatha, Iyengar, Vinyasa flow, power yoga and even some meditation sessions.

Timings: Monday to Sunday- 7:00 am – 9:00 pm

Location: Jalan Hanoman, Pengosekan, Ubud, Indonesia

  1. Morning Light Yoga

If you are a surf lover as well as a yoga lover and are therefore searching for a place where you can practice both, then surely your search will end at Morning Light Yoga Bali. This yoga studio at Uluwatu Surf Villas is a place which you must not miss when in Bali.

After all, practicing yoga with the reenergising scent of seaside in the air while witnessing the blissful view of the sprawling ocean waves crashing, is not a sight that you get to see every day. No matter whether you are a beginner or an experienced yoga practitioner, you will be welcomed here. For having a magical experience, make sure that you join their morning classes.

Location: Jl. Pantai Suluban, Uluwatu, Indonesia

  1. Radiantly Alive

Located in the monkey forest village of Ubud which is known by the name Padangtegal, Radiantly Alive boasts of presenting an eco – hip facility. Comprising of 2 well built yoga shalas, yoga styles come here in a number of choices varying according to regular schedules including Ashtanga, acroyoga and Vinyasa. Apart from regular classes, training and workshops for yoga teaches is also organised here. The place also has a café on the site which offers healthy food and beverages to their visitors.

Timings: Monday to Sunday- 7:00 am – 9:00 pm

Location: Jalan Jembawan 3, Padantegal, Ubud, Indonesia

If you are a yoga person who is looking for the perfect place for vacation then you must book a Bali Indonesia package tour with airfare soon!


When is the Right Time to Sell Your Car? Experts Talk to Us


Selling a car might not be the easiest task in the world, but it is definitely not the most difficult either. When you are a Sydney resident, time is a resource that you do not want to spend on unnecessary activities, especially when it is something as low-involvement as selling your car.

A low involvement decision is one where you do not think too much about the differentiation between competitors because according to you, there is no differentiation!

Here’s why you should consider the differentiation because that makes a lot of difference once you have considered all the benefits of a car removal company. Let’s have a look at what experts from Scrap Car Removals have to say about selling your car to the right buyer:

  1. You will get the cash offer that you deserve

Car removals companies and car wreckers in Sydney will offer you the best car removal services for free, and in return for your car, pay you cash. Some car removal services are willing to pay you top cash for cars, sometimes you can also get cash for cars up to $8999.

  1. Your car will be handled responsibly

Car removal companies recycle your car and reuse, without dumping it into landfills. A lot of car owners dump their vehicles in landfills or abandon these vehicles. The only responsible and environmentally friendly way to deal with your unwanted vehicle is by recycling it, which is done at scrap car yards.

  1. You will no have to put in any effort

Convenience is the key to all services that exist in the world. All services, including car wrecking companies, are designed to be convenient. They come to you, pick your car up, give you the cash amount and then leave with your vehicle. Sydney scrap car removal companies will do it within 24 hours, without any delays. Some even offer bookings and appointments in case you want to get rid of your vehicle after a few days, based on your convenience!

Now that you know where you need to sell your car, or who you need to sell your car to in Sydney, let’s talk about the correct time to sell your car!

Your Depreciating Asset

You can sell your car whenever you want. But, that’s probably not what you should think about it. You should think of your car as a depreciating asset (which it is) the price of which is falling as you read this.

But what does that mean? Does it mean that you should sell your car right now? Maybe not! An average Sydney-sider sells a car after 5 years of buying it. Why? Because that is when a  car starts to get old, and that’s also when a car owner starts getting a little bored of driving the same vehicle.

Now is the Time

This is exactly when you should plan on selling your old vehicle to a car wrecker or a professional car buyer in Sydney. There is a reason why most people prefer selling their vehicles to a car buyer! The reason is that car buyers will offer you the cash payment for your second-hand vehicle on the spot, and by your car instantly. It’s not just a car or a hatchback you can sell, you can also sell a truck, van, ute, SUV, 4WD or even a bus! It completely depends on which vehicle you own, and by when you want it to be sold.

Gone in 60 Seconds!

Once you have made the decision to sell your car, the sooner you do it, the betterit is for the cash quote that you will be offered. When you wait for a private buyer to make an offer that you can’t refuse, it takes about 60-90 days on an average. Not only that, but it also takes a lot of effort for a car owner to sell their cars privately, where there are numerous car buyers coming in for inspection. Skip the queue, skip the inspections, and skip the unnecessary hassle! Sell your car to a reliable scrap car removal companyand get paid instantly, within 24 hours!

Selling is not an option, but remember, you get to decide who to sell it to! 

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