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Why are Celebrities Deleting their Instagram Accounts?

There are many pros associated with social media platforms. It certainly does connect you with people afar and makes the world look smaller. You can get in touch with anyone you have not met in years with just a click. You can share your thoughts, ideas with the world.  It has an element of fun as well. However, on the other hand, it takes you away from the real side of ‘you’. You hardly have any time to reflect upon yourself, which is why many celebrities these days choose to be sworn off from social media. Some social media sensations are quite happy with their free existence, while some have severe issues with their unplugged lives. Award-winning actress Step Mom fame Susan Sarandon, Blake Lively, Pop Singer Taylor Swift, and more stars have wiped their Instagram account clean. It has also become a breeding ground of hatred for those who have a huge fan following. Twenty-one well-known personalities opted for social media cleanse and unplugged themselves from Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter in 2020 alone.

All the celebrities have a different approach towards life and have their reasons to delete Instagram posts, which is justified if you sneak into their lives:

  • Trolling, hate-speeches, and negativity
  • Tech Detox
  • Privacy Issues
  • Minimizing the hassle of managing interactions
  • Keeping the feed clutter-free
  • Temporary withdrawal for revamping the Insta feeds
  • Looking for new branding strategies
  • Lack of engagement
  • Protecting against hacking/cyber-attacks
  • To remove controversial content


Right from Kelly Marie Tran to Ariel Winter had sworn to stay away from social media and zeroed out on their online presence. Trolling is a new form of bullying on the internet. Social media is an open platform and provides easy accessibility to all the users, but it has a huge downside to it. It makes your content vulnerable to derogatory and inflammatory remarks. Justin Beiber had his own reasons for quitting Instagram inAugust 2016, he deleted his account for his then-girlfriend: Sophia Richie, netizens were constantly posting unpleasant comments for her to the extent that it pushed him to say “Instagram is for the devil”. He returned to Insta in Feb 2017 after he parted ways with his girlfriend.

While it’s not easy to ignore the haters, taking a break from social media helps the celebrities gather themselves. It’s their personal choice to take a short break or quit altogether.

Tech Detox

Taking time off from the virtual world to connect back to your inner being and spending quality time with your loved ones rather than on gadgets is what you call a tech detox. The most famous Hollywood director of this era: Steven Spielberg, isn’t always glued to his devices. In his opinion, creativity takes a back seat if you are constantly logged in. It impacts you negatively. Ed Sheeran, the famous singer, is also of the same opinion. He took a break from the Insta account in 2015 as he felt that he was looking at the world through his screen and not experiencing it through his eyes.  It’s easy to get carried away with the wave of social media and seeing life sleeping from our hands, but do we reckon we spend almost 1.72 hours a day on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. While Sheeran continues to stay true to his digital detox pact, let’s follow in his footsteps.

You’d be surprised to know Oscar-winning Julia Roberts isn’t on social media despite constant pressure because she believes that she would always look into it if she had Instagram on her phone.

Privacy Issues

Social Media sensation Meghan Markle deactivated all her social media accounts, including Instagram. Soon after, she engaged with Prince Harry and deleted her lifestyle blog in 2017, a clan-favorite. Singer John Mayer is also believed to have been taking breaks from social media from time to time to maintain his private life and reflect upon himself. Comedian and actor Louis CK didn’t enjoy interacting on social media and chose his privacy over anything else. Kendall Jenner, a renowned model, and the most talked about model on social media too retorted to quit this platform.

Minimizing the hassle of managing interactions

Pop singer Adele launched her Insta account in October 2015; however, she rarely posts on Insta and Twitter to minimize unwanted interactions despite a fan following of millions. She writes her post, but her account is controlled by her managing team and has to be approved before sharing it on social media.

Keeping the feed clutter-free

Users often bombard a good feed or a post with irrelevant comments that can take away the content’s beauty. Celebs take a break for a short while to maintain the sanctity of their content. Keeping away for an indefinite time may send a clear message to people to respect the artists and their work. 

Temporary withdrawal for revamping the Insta feeds

Taylor Swift and Zayn Malik did that to revamp the views on their insta account. Many say that this is a unique strategy to gain fan’s attention and retain them. Hard-core fans keenly wait for their fav celebs to come up with a new video, and their absence makes them jittery. In response to their emotional needs, the viewers watch old videos or pictures of these celebs, raising their numbers.

Looking for new branding strategies

Social media is like a gamble. Things may either work for you or fall apart.

The higher the number of views, the higher is celeb’s SEO ranking. However, for some celebrities, numbers don’t matter. They prefer to look for new branding strategies and techniques to promote their content, like VSCO and Tumblr Apps that don’t focus on the number of views or likes but emphasize what celebrities like to do content. This eventually scales up user engagement. 

Lack of engagement

Some celebs, given their vanity, think that their posts should get a high-response or at least an average engagement time to stay in the game. They factor in the number of likes, comments, and shares, and if the number doesn’t match the benchmark they have set in their head, they delete posts that received less than 100 likes within the first few minutes of sharing.

Protecting against hacking/cyber-attacks

Oscar-Winning actress Ema Stone made news for quitting social media in 2013 after a cyber attack on her account. The hijackers posted against her, shading Shailene Woodley. She was left locked out and couldn’t delete her account. She hasn’t returned to social media to date and that’s not all, there are many who have deleted their accounts for they have been a victim of cyber-crime at some point in time.

To remove controversial content

Often celebrities deactivate their social media account for removing the controversial content. They either delete the account permanently and create a new one or take a break for some time till the negativity around them gets diluted.




While we are frequently engaged in scrolling through Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Snapchat daily and kids have joined in our footsteps to do the same, many millennial stars are entirely out of the game and have deleted their social media accounts. Celebs decide to delete or deactivate their social media account for multiple reasons; it’s not about Instagram alone. Some stars are in the opinion that instead of reflecting upon themselves as to who they are, they are always engaged in looking up and weighing down themselves with social media demands. While some think of straightening up their priorities rather than focusing on the number of likes on Instagram, some give up their social presence falling prey to trolling, and some factor in new branding strategies. “Pirates of the Caribbean” fame actress Keira Knightley never enjoyed the online presence. She had once created a social media account with a pseudonym and deleted it within twelve hours. So many millennial celebrities have sworn off social media.

Paper Plate Animal Crafts

Paper plate creatures make the ideal children make thought. Most are exceptionally simple and reasonable, and children can pick their #1 creature. You can make veils, inside decorations, creature mobiles and standing creature makes.

The incredible thing about creating creatures from straightforward paper plate holders. Here are only a few thoughts for your creature that your children can make.

3-D Paper Plate Elephant

Utilizing strong paper plates, you can give your creature a pleasant 3-D look. The provisions and directions underneath are for making an elephant.


8 Sturdy Dinner Size Plates 2 Flexible Dinner Sized Plates 4 Toilet Paper Cardboard Rolls Black and White Construction Paper Paint Black Marker Pipe Cleaner Scissors Glue


  • Paint your preferred strong plates the shade for the elephant’s body. Let these dry.
  • Paste two plates together at the edge (front to front) to shape one body segment. Rehash this with different plates until you have four body areas.
  • Paste every one of these segments together, consecutive, to frame the elephant’s body.
  • Utilizing white paper, cut out two huge circles for the eyes. Cut out two more modest circles with the dark paper for the understudies. Paste these to the front plate. Cut out some little strips with the dark paper for eyelashes and paste these over the eyes.

With the adaptable paper plates, paint these a similar tone as the body and let dry. Cut a huge circular segment on one side of the plates to make the ears. Paste these to the front plate (in the middle of the first and second segment of the body).

Utilize one of the cut out circular segments for the elephant’s trunk. Paste this under the eyes. Cut out a mouth utilizing dark paper and paste under the nose. You can give your elephant a great look by trimming out an adorable necktie (for a kid elephant) or hair strips (for a young lady elephant) and paste this one.

Next, paint or cover your cardboard moves with paper to coordinate the shading plan of your elephant. Paste these on at the lower part of the elephant’s body in the front and back, putting them in the middle of two of the segments. With the dark marker, give his feet some toenails.

Finally, take the line cleaner and shape it into a tail. Jab a little opening in the last plate (in the back) and stick the line cleaner in the space. You may require a smidgen of paste to help hold this set up.

This adorable paper plate creature will remain all alone and will look extraordinary on any table. You can even make more zoo creatures and devote an entire table for making your zoo.

Paper Plate Rocking Horse 

All of any age, love shaking ponies. These were exemplary toys for huge numbers of us. So get a portion of this wistfulness back by making this adorable creature make.


Two Flexible Dinner Sized Paper Plates Brown, Black and Tan Paint 2 Wiggle Eyes Yarn Scissors Glue Ruler


Paint the lower part of the paper plate with earthy coloured, dark and tan spots. Leave a portion of the white show also to make white spots for this pony. Allow the plate to dry.

Surrender the plate to the unpainted side and imprint the focal point of the plate. Utilizing the ruler, measure 1/2″ to 2″ from the middle on either side.

Take the subsequent paper plate and paint it for the pony’s head. We utilized the tan tone; however, you can utilize any of the tones to coordinate the body.

When this plate is dry, it removes a pony’s head and neck from the plate’s focal point. Make the neck around 1 ½ to 2″ wide.

Paste-on squirm eyes or use paper to make the eyes. Utilizing a marker attracts the subtleties of the pony’s face (for example, nose, mouth, ears).

Slice a 1 ½ to 2″ wide cut in the shaking paper plate (pony’s body). Make this cut a similar size as the neck. Slip the neck into this cut and overlap over to hold set up.

Ultimately, utilizing the yarn, cut a few strips and paste toward the back of the pony for the tail. Rehash this with more modest strips and paste to the ponies head to make the mane.

If you’re best paper plate holders horse is excessively weighty toward one side of the other, causing it not to shake appropriately, tape a paper cut within to the excessively light side. This will help balance out the rocker.

The thoughts are unending with regards to fun, and a simple paper plate creature makes. So get out the paper plates, make supplies and your creative mind and have a great time.


Is After School Activities Franchise Columbus OH Right for Me?

If you’ve always fancied being around kids or are a parent yourself, you’ll be surprised at the wide range of after school activities franchise Columbus OH. These franchises are all out to help build a business that will not only stand the test of time but also establish you as a trusted entity that people who need your services can rely on. By choosing the right kid’s franchise, your business will become so popular in your local community and in the online business world.

Promoting the Development of Kids

The kids of this modern age need more educational opportunities. This is because most students spend their time on irrelevant activities especially after school hours. The busy lifestyle of most parents makes it rather difficult for them to not just supervise their kid but also research the right after school option for them. Quality after-school activities franchise Columbus OH plays a key role in promoting the growth and development of school-aged kids.

More so, these programs are designed to the unique needs of the kids, parents, and schools. Start your business on the right note by purchasing an after school activity franchise in Columbus.

Why Own After School Activities Franchise

Starting an after school activities franchise Columbus OH is a step in the right direction. You have a ready market. No matter how long you stay in business, the business will never fold up so long as you have good management practice. People will never stop giving birth. More so, a parent will be willing and ready to invest heavily in their kids. Some of the amazing benefits of owning an after school activities franchises include the following:

Time Efficiency: If you’re looking for a profession with flexible timing, then owning after school activities franchise Columbus OH isn’t a bad idea. Most of the programs take place after school hours, on weekends, and during the summer holiday.

Steady Cashflow: It doesn’t matter how hard the economy might be, parents do not relent in giving their kids the best in life. They will keep spending money on their child’s education, even if it means cutting down on other budgetary expenses. Budgets on child-related activities often remain untouched when parents are looking to cut on family expenses.

Meeting New People: This brings you to meet new people and connecting with parents who share the same ideologies as you. Also, given the range of child-related businesses in Ohio area, it is easy to connect with other businesses. It’s a win-win situation for both businesses.

Owning a kids-related business can be rewarding and fun, especially for those who enjoy spending time around kids. If you are looking for a perfect alternative from the traditional 9 to 5 jobs after school activities franchise Columbus OH might be the right choice.

If you are looking for a career that is rewarding, fun, and fulfilling, invest in an after school activity program.

What is the benefit of selling car to car dealers?

Your car has been on the roads for many years and been through lots of ups and downs. Whether it’s an accident or breakdowns, it may be the time for a new car.

Regardless of the emotional bond to a car, you can’t keep it forever. There comes a day you’re ready to say goodbye and upgrade to a car more suitable to your changing lifestyle.If you are looking to sell your car in order to get a new one, you may consider selling car to car dealers. Let’s take a look at why.

Here are your options: PRIVATE SALE AND DEALERSHIP

Most people sell their car privately and head to Gumtree or Marketplace to place an ad. This is called a private sale,where you have more control over the price of your car. However, having control over the selling price of your car is not the only important factor.

Depending on your priorities, you might be better off selling your vehicle to a dealership. There are certain upsides of dealerships and you can expect them to be trustworthy – trusted retailers of cars, often both new and used. Private buyers don’t come certain standards and it is very likely that you will waste time and nerves by the time someone buys your car privately. With dealerships, you can expect a quick transaction without any hassles.


Dealerships are more reliable since they are registered companies and can be held responsible if anything goes wrong. Here are a few reasons why you should sell your car to a dealership.

  1. You know who you’re trading with

There is no guarantee for the trustworthiness of a random private buyer – especially when you advertise online. It will be up to you to judge and you can’t be right everytime. Without knowing them, you are allowing strangers come to your address:

  • Giving someone too much information about your home and making it possible for them to steal your car.
  • Allowing a test drive which the potential buyer never returns from.
  • Aggressive buyers who might escalate things out of pure anger.

Of course, the chances of something ill happening when selling your car privately is very slim but it is there. As long as you are cautious, everything will be fine but hopefully you will sell your car very quickly. A Sydney car buyer will help you to get to your goals.

  1. Sell your car quicker

Selling a car to a dealership won’t take more than a few hours

There will be paperwork involved as ever type of sale, but there’s a lot more involved in a private sale than with a dealership. Reason for that is dealerships have everything handy unlike private buyers who may have forgotten to bring an important paperwork.

For a private sale, you’ll need to address your car’s state of repair, list it online or advertise it on the roadside, wait for buyers to approach you, screen buyers, arrange test drives, deal with buyers falling through, rinse and repeat until you’ve completed the sale. There’s a lot of messing around with a private sale that you might not have time for.

When selling to a dealer, the inspection won’t take long and once two parties come to an agreement on the price, the transaction will go ahead.

  1. Trade your car in

When you sell your car to a dealer, you can get a trade-in deal This is one of the greatest benefits of selling to a dealership – the value of your car will be deducted from your new car. This way, you won’t be left without a car.

You can complete your sale and get back home in your new car. Team members will guide you in choosing on your new car. Then, the value of your old car can be put towards the purchase of its replacement. You may also receive special insurance deals from the dealer.

A Sydney car buyer is what you are looking for when you are selling your car.



A Complete Guide to Water Adventures in Sydney

Sydney is the capital of South Wales Province of Australia. Sydney is a beautiful port city that attracts millions of tourists every year. Sydney has some amazing architectural sights to visit and many tourist attractions for kids and all age groups of people. One of the most important attractions is water based adventures in Sydney. Sydney has many spectacular white sand beaches and offers plenty of water based adventures such as surfing, snorkeling, kayaking, sea diving etc. The numerous bay fronts also offer boat hire sydney, cruise ships, pontoons, catamarans etc. Boating and fishing are very common water activities in Sydney and attracts both natives and tourists.


Water Sports Activities in Sydney

Sydney has many water based sports and adventure activities. Water based tourism employs thousands of people each year. There are many beaches in Sydney and some of them are world famous for their beach clubs, water sports and sailing clubs. The Bondi Beach, Manly Beach, Shelly Beach, Watson Beach etc form the most important hubs for water sports and adventure activities.

  1. Snorkeling and Sea Diving

Australia has one of the biggest marine reef ecology and houses thousands of species of fishes and marine creatures. Indulge in snorkeling and scuba diving off a private boat hired from one of these beaches and take a guided tour through the sea bed and explore the reef and its rich biodiversity. The Cabbage Tree Aquatic reserve offers a beautiful nature walk through its sea bed and gives you memories of a lifetime.

     2. Ocean Adventures

You can indulge in a slow peaceful ocean ride thanks to the many boat hire Sydney agents. You can hire a boat or a catamaran based on the number of people and go whale-watching or dolphin watching through the sea. Boats can be hired for private parties and BBQ’s as well and tourist families celebrating a life event or just some family time together can make some amazing memories on these boat rides. 

    3. Kayaking and Paddling

You can indulge in paddling and hire kayaks to unwind and relax on the beach. The equipment can be rented on the beach and trained lifeguards are deployed everywhere to keep you safe. Paddle through the canals and coastlines and witness the beautiful houses and sights along the beach. Kayaking on boats is done on rivers and often includes sunrise watching and discovering caves and ports on a kayak.

     4. Flyboard experience 

Flyboard is a jetpack board that is propelled to around 40feet high above water. This experience is unique to Sydney and is a major attraction for tourists. It does not need any prior experience to try this water sport which makes it even more preferred among tourists.


Other Mainland Attraction

Apart from this, Sydney also has some beautiful sights to see in relation to the water attractions such as the Sea Life Sydney Aquarium, the Aboriginal Caves off the Northern Shore, The Ku Ring Gai National Park etc. The Tour of Port Stephens is also one of the most important adventures where you can glide through the bright sand dunes and watch the dolphins. 


There is a world of water based adventure to try out once you are in Sydney. Sydney is a captivating destination for all water sport enthusiasts. The beaches of Sydney are safe for swimming and have mandatory regulations in place to keep all tourists safe. So don’t think twice before booking a holiday to Sydney and you are assured to go back home with lots of memories.

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