Best Methods of Products Photography Domination

Introduction In today’s world of millennials’ product photography is all over. Whenever you scan through a web or throw your eyes at the magazines, outdoor advertisements, and brochures, you will always come across various types of product’ photography advertising them. Photography is highly important’ when it comes to product selling. Professional images’ are highly important towards supporting the brand of a company and changing sales. In photography’ what really matters is how to shoot product photography.

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There are various’ methods of product photography’. They range from studio’ product’ images to the approach of product lifestyle, product packaging, a product group of photos and many others.

                                    Best Methods of Product’ Photography Domination

  1. Studio Products’ Shots

In the current world of online’ shopping, where various products are sold online. There is a huge necessity for clean and appealing product photography. Various product’ photography’ calls for varied approaches to demonstrate the product. For example, a perfume bottle’ will need a unique lighting mode compared to that of packaging.

For the online’ retailers that deal with wide varieties of products, efficiency and speed are highly important in the creation of product images. And this is where; e-commerce image editing service comes in. It helps it appeal to customers and make sure they fall in love with the line of product you are dealing with.

  1. Photos Shot From White Backgrounds.

This is a highly common background compared to any other. One reason is that; it helps in the creation of ‘knockout’ of your product as it looks as if it’s floating. And through the application of Photoshop apps or some other similar programs,’ you can comfortably identify the product and have it removed from the background. You can go ahead and have it set on a white background or float it multi-image’ layout.

  1. Product Grouping

The images of a group product’ is an amazing way to help towards demonstrating the buyer options. This could be a group’ of women’s’ make-up which may include several other product variations on the group or similar products provided in different variations. For example, a group of any given product will always demonstrate a variety of colors and styles. The grouping is the perfect way to tell of product size, variety and the shape of your products on a single’ product photo.

  1. Lifestyle and Products’ Action Shot

‘In context’ the product photographs mostly demonstrates that a product was used in the manner of their design. There are those designers who will come up with a webpage or catalog’ that displays the product and ‘in-context aspect of that particular product. Also, the lifestyle’ product images can be compared to the ‘in-context’ action of the product photo.

  1. The Studio Set Up

Most of the products are shot inside the studio and the reason behind all this is the total control. You can have your product positioned nicely to shoot the photo and maybe not care much about’ wind blowing anything over. Also, you can as well’ come up with a setup’ that won’t make any change as you move the product out and in, and photographing every arrangement.

Note that, it is highly important if you’re photographing’ volume products, to create a lighting set-up or very little change as you fine-tune’ the product to ensure they are very right.

Mostly, ‘Lay-downs’ is a very common’ method used towards staging the apparel. They are highly effective’ and one of the most common’ technique of photography because of its quick-setup. You need to ensure that the angle of the camera’ is facing down. This allows you’ to put every product’ as required or through overlapping.

You can make’ use of mannequins’ to display the apparel. This assures’ a 3- dimensional’ appearance of the product. Mannequins’ are available in a wide range of sizes and body shapes and gives room for a wide range of poses to demonstrate’ the apparel.

The small’ sets which are staged on studio’ is another amazing way of ensuring the product blends well with the specific environment and mostly the outdoors.

  1. Huge Products

Big products are likely to pose a huge challenge depending on their’ weight and size and of course the product image purpose. Following the state of the product, the lighting, location, and shooting’ strategy could be compared to smaller’ products although on a huge scale.

  1. Ghost Mannequin Photography

A mannequin’ is a highly attractive one-time investment’ which allows fitted appearance without necessarily a requirement for the model. The Ghost mannequin’ would perfectly work well, if you would’ wish to display apparel and not really’ the mannequin. Therefore, whether’ you want to joint, a neck, or whole mannequin, creating ghost mannequins will assure you the perfect apparel depth.

  1. Non-Traditional’ Product Images

Most of the time, there is always a necessity for the product photos’ which does not display the product. These may include’ the setup, stage, and lit, which is similar to the product’ photo that features a product, although there is no specific image of the product. These methods of product’ photography may not sell’ the product but it helps in selling the idea. For example, for the photos shot on gift wrapping, the idea behind the photo is not really to showcase the product but mostly to help in promotion’ of Holiday sales and gift-wrapping’ after-sales services.

  1. Hanging Products

Just like a mannequin is applied in apparel, you can take products photos for the hanged’ products to ensure their appearance is 3-dimensional. Through Photoshop, the graphic’ designer helps to get rid of fishing’ line and background for 3′-dimensional and the floating appearance.

  1. Using Size to Showcase The Product Size

The creation of a scale’ is another very crucial approach that helps the viewer to define’ the size of the product. This allows the shopper to view the appearance of the product and its use.


Generally, the clean, good and most effective product photography editingis highly important in the E-commerce business or business of your client. The highly essential idea in product photography is identifying the appropriate strategy’ for every product.

Each product calls for a better approach that will perfectly display the product. Therefore, depending’ on how and where the image of the product will be used, always remember to shoot sufficient photos for the right purpose.