Bubble mailer- provide an added layer of protection to your product

bubble mailers

Whether you want to send gift to your loved ones or handle your business with care, you’d require a good packaging to deliver it to the recipient in the best condition. There are a few thing that you just can’t send in a regular envelope, they are too valuable to get damaged. This is where the bubble mailers come into role. Bubble mailers give your fragile and precious products a much needed safety and protection.

Bubble mailers have a bubble wrapper inside which give your product an added layer of protection. These mailers are best to send items like iPad, phones, jewelry, handcraft stuff; basically items which are fragile and delicate.  Bubble mailers come in all sizes, numerous styles and various colors.

Why you should use bubble mailers over a regular envelope?

Suppose you started off with a business that deliver very delicate items, and a customer places an order with you only to find broken items? It would definitely hamper the reputation of your brand.

So, the foremost benefit for using bubble mailers is safety. The second benefit of buying a bubble mailer is that these mailers are self-sealing eliminating the need for tapes. If a user buys these in bulk, these mailers turn out to be super cheap. They are lightweight and hence, saves you on postage.

Can bubble mailers be recycled?

The most common questions users ask regarding bubble mailers is- can they be recycled?

The bubble mailers that have paper outside cannot be recycled. The outer and inner layer of a bubble mailer cannot be separated neatly, that’s why bubble mailers are not recyclable. However, they are reusable, so one can use them for various purposes like keeping a valuable safe for a lifetime or carry a beautiful inside it while traveling.

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