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NMIMS Executive MBA: An Ideal Course for Working Professionals

To survive and thrive in the highly competitive job market, today ambitious working professionals face the constant pressure of upgrading their skills and knowledge base. The only plausible way they can subside this pressure and propel their career forward is by enrolling into skill and careeroriented courses. While todaythe market is obviously flooded with many career oriented courses that makelofty promises, probably only few courses deserve theunwavering attention of working professionals. One such course is NMIMS Executive MBA, which is also popularly known as MBA WX course.

Over the years, NMIMS Executive MBA’s success can be attributed to several factors. Below we have briefly discussed these factors.

It must be noted that executive MBA or MBA WX course is exclusively meant for working professionals. Only working professionals with minimum 3-4 years of working experience can enroll for this course.
Awards and Recognition:Owing to its phenomenal contribution to distance education, NMIMS Distance University or NGA SCE has achieved many recognitions and awards over the years. It enjoys Grade A+ NAAC Rating and one of the few University’s that have been granted the status of Graded Autonomy by UGC. Today it also enjoys the status of being India’s largest edtech university.

NMIMS Brand name:Much of the awards and recognitions won over the years has greatly contributed in creating a brand name for NMIMS. After completion of the course, NMIMS MBA WX students can leverage the brand name of NMIMS. NMIMS enjoys a very positive brand image in the job market as well as the corporate corridor. The corporate world especially sees the NMIMS students with revered respect since this institute boosts a great track record of producing great corporate managers. This invariably opens endless career growthopportunities for NMIMS Executive MBA graduated students, brightening their prospect of promotion and salary hike.

Top Notch & highly experienced faculty: NMIMS can easily be the subject of envy for other distance MBA universities as far as boosting accomplished faculty is concerned.NMIMSor NGA SCE’s long armyof faculty constitutes over 90 PHDs and more than140 professors with IIT & IIMs experience. Besides, its faculty boosts more than 500 years of combined teaching experience. With such accomplishedfaculty at its helm,NMIMS Executive MBA students invariably stand the opportunity of enhancing their corporate knowledge and skills from some of the best faculties in the country.

Campus placement track record: NMIMS Distance Learning Program has firmly broken the myth that distance MBA programs do not provide goodcampus placement to their students.Over the years, NMIMS Distance Universityor NGA SCE has enjoyed unrelenting success in placing their students in some of the best companies in the Indian corporate world. NIMIMS’ unflinching success in campus placement can be attributed to the fact that it enjoys great clout as well as respect in the corporate world.

Certificate from Harvard: NIMIMS executive MBA is probably the only MBA Wx course in the market that provides its students withcertificate from Harvard. Actually NMIMS Executive MBA comes inbuilt with foundational course from Harvard. Once this short course is completed, students successfully earn certificate fromHarvard Business Publishing Education. With this short in-built course, NMIMS MBA WX students gettolearn the same business modules that are taught in the prestigious Harvard business school.

Want to achieve greater heights in your career? Go for this Engineering field

Aeronautical engineering is a field related to the testing, development, and creation of aircraft. It is one of the newest emerging engineering fields and has huge demand at present and will have in future as well. These courses are mostly taken by students who have a deep interest in aircraft and its mechanism. Most of the recruitment in this field is done by Defence and Aviation industries with good starting packages. Students need to have good mathematics and calculate the skills for this field.

Visiting Bangalore is the dream of every tourist. It’s famous for its nightlife, religious places, monuments, architecture, shopping, etc. Along with all this, Bangalore is famous for being a technology hub and has numerous Engineering Colleges that offer good quality education and knowledge. Pursuing Aeronautical Engineering from Bangalore opens up the door to massive opportunities for all those who wish to reach new heights in their career as most of the defense organizations as well as Aviation Industries could be found there. Bangalore has some of the best Aeronautical Engineering colleges in India. Some of the Best Aeronautical Private Engineering Colleges in Bangalore are mentioned here.

Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering (DSCE)

The campus of DSE is spread across 29 acres of land and has more than 400 faculties. The admissions for aeronautical engineering in this college are done through the Consortium of Medical, Engineering, and Dental Colleges of Karnataka (COMEDK) and the Karnataka Common Entrance Test (KCET). This college has collaborated with many organizations:

GE ITC Pvt Ltd, Wipro, GE Healthcare Pvt Ltd, Infosys, and Automation Anywhere.

NITTE Meenakshi Institute of Technology

It is one of the best Aeronautical Engineering Colleges in Bangalore. And husband 44th list for Private Engineering by India Today. Admission to this college is done through COMEDK and KCET. Over 90% Placement rate has been recorded for the college along with many international offers. Several facilities are also offered by the college for students such as ATM facility, library, shuttle service, canteen, seminar, hostels, and many more.

MVJ College of Engineering

MVJ College of Engineering offers an engineering course in Aeronautical Engineering. The College is affiliated with Visvesvaraya Technological University and is considered one of the best Aeronautical Engineering Colleges in Bangalore. Admissions to this college are made through KCET. It has an Entrepreneur Development Cell formed in collaboration with the National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN) and Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU) for the development of entrepreneur skills in students.

Acharya Institute of Technology

It is one of the renowned Aeronautical Engineering Colleges in Bangalore. Acharya Institute of Technology has the NAAC Accreditation of B++. Spread across 15 acres of land. Admission to the college is done through KCET followed by counseling. Various facilities for the development of students are offered in the college like Wi-Fi, library, gymnasium, medical facility, hostels, cafeteria, sports facility and many more.

AMC Engineering College

AMC Engineering College is affiliated with Bangalore University. To Cater to the needs of the students, the college offers various facilities such as a cafeteria, library, gymnasium, etc.

Admissions are done through the scores in JEE main and KCET.

The above-mentioned colleges are just a small fraction of the best aeronautical engineering colleges in Bangalore. Bangalore is a highly developed and progressive city providing huge employment opportunities in engineering fields. Also, it has a good number of opportunities particularly for scholars interested to pursue careers in Aeronautical Engineering.

Is pursuing Engineering from Bangalore a Good Idea? Let’s find out

Bangalore, better known as an IT hub, has numerous opportunities for those interested in making their career in the IT industry. Along with being an IT hub, Bangalore is students’ favorite destination for pursuing studies in engineering. There are numerous reasons why this place has so much craze among engineering students. MNCs and Startups in Bangalore have a huge demand for engineers. Since most of the working of these companies highly depends upon the technologies and machinery, it’s important to have an efficient and skilled person for these tasks. This is the reason why they offer huge salary packages to their engineers. Looking at these trends, the Engineering Colleges in Bangalore have made modifications in their courses, programs, and study approaches to stay at par with the demand of the companies. Bangalore has many government as well as private Engineering Colleges that are well known all over India for their education and placements. They have well qualified and experienced professors.

As already said that many startups and tech companies have their origin in this City and many MNCs operate from here, there is no second thought over the fact that doing engineering from Bangalore accelerates the growth opportunities for the youth.

These companies in search of the best engineering employees for their companies provide internship opportunities to the students of Engineering College in Bangalore. For those who want to pursue their career in engineering, Bangalore offers huge employment opportunities. Due to massive job opportunities available over here. Also, it’s home to the well-reputed engineering colleges in India.

Some of the famous Engineering Colleges in Bangalore are:

  • Indian Institute of Technology(IIT)
  • MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology(MSRIT)
  • University Visvesvaraya College of Engineering (UVCE)
  • Christ University (CU)
  • RV College of Engineering
  • Atria Institute of Technology
  • Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering (DSCE)
  • BMS College of Engineering
  • Jain University
  • PES University and many more.

These colleges either conduct their entrance examinations or rely upon the marks of JEE mains examination and Karnataka common entrance test (KCET).

Along with the job opportunities and good quality education, the students from the Engineering Colleges in Bangalore have the opportunity for hands-on experience in their respective engineering fields through various internships offered by the companies which range from two to six months. These internships give a New Horizons to the engineering students about the approach and work going on presently in the industry to keep themselves updated with the changing world.

What’s more attractive about this city is its work environment and diverse culture. It has pleasant weather and greenery, which’s going to take away the heart of everyone. It acts as a stress buster for engineering professionals and students after a hard and long day of work and classes. Moreover, you can get to see students from every corner of India in Bangalore, giving it a feel of being a smaller version of India. Interaction with new people, new cultures, and new languages provides a lot of learning to the students. All these help to groom out their overall personality as an individual. You become more expressive, confident, presentable about your thoughts as you have an entirely different culture in Bangalore to deal with. These points are enough for any student to choose their college in Bangalore as an Engineering student.


How to Get Educated About CBD Seeds

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is a trend that has exploded in popularity in the last few years, thriving to the tune of $967 million in 2020. According to Global News Wire, the CBD industry will surpass $1.8 billion by 2025, creating jobs and boosting the US economy. However, like most people, you probably aren’t an expert on CBD and don’t know where to buy seeds or how to start a grow.

What’s more, some people are unaware of the numerous health benefits CBD provides. To get a good idea of why the CBD industry is flourishing so spectacularly, start with some research on everything CBD related, including where to buy seeds and the significant advantages it provides to both growers and consumers.

Where to Buy CBD Seeds

If you’re a beginner, the best way to start a grow is with auto-flowering seeds, which takes all the guesswork and risk out of the seeding process. Most seeds require a complex light cycle to mature and flower successfully. Auto-flowering seeds aren’t as finicky about light, making them a better choice for a novice grower. Start the grow process by finding seeds at Weed Seeds USA. They have a massive selection of premium auto-flowering CBD seeds for sale that will make growing a breeze, even for a newbie. Their seeds are resistant to diseases and pests and will produce higher yields with lower THC levels adjusted to fit any preference.

What is CBD, Exactly?

Anybody curious about the booming CBD industry can go online, which is obviously a great resource to find more general information about CBD and its uses. To start, CBD is derived from its sister plant, marijuana. Think of them as siblings, except marijuana contains high THC levels for that classic “stoned” feeling. CBD has lower THC levels, offering all the great health benefits without the dizzying high. Some of those benefits include increased calm and relaxation, reduced anxiety levels, and overall psychological and physical wellness. CBD seeds, compared to the typical marijuana seeds, do not have any psychoactive ingredients like THC. Though it has a slight sedative effect, CBD doesn’t produce the same high that marijuana does, although they both provide multiple benefits, particularly when used together for treatment.

CBD seeds, compared to the typical marijuana seeds, do not have any psychoactive ingredients like THC. Though it has a slight sedative effect, CBD doesn’t produce the same high that marijuana does, although they both provide multiple benefits, particularly when used together for treatment.

CBD Seeds Provide Unique Health Benefits

CBD seeds have numerous health and wellness benefits. CBD can be an astonishingly good pain reliever and also very effective at reducing depression and anxiety. Typically, patients with psychological disorders take pharmaceutical drugs that can cause physical and mental dependence or severe side effects. By using CBD, those same patients can get relief for a myriad of issues without fear of becoming addicted or suffering from nausea or headaches all the time.

CBD can even be a treatment method for schizophrenia. Patients using CBD benefit from the antipsychotic effects that can relieve some of the symptoms associated with such a debilitating disease. Cannabidiol can be an effective treatment for psychological disorders and is a much safer, healthier alternative than the antipsychotic drugs currently given to most patients. CBD is also proven to be a pain reliever, is effective at stress reduction, and is currently used to treat cancer, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, and even substance abuse. It is also a natural source of vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, nutrients, proteins, and other dietary aids.

Learn About CBD Seeds and How They Can Benefit You

If you’re a novice grower about to dive headfirst into the CBD or marijuana industry, start with some research and some auto-flowering CBD seeds before you jump off the deep end. Seeds that flower automatically have a much better chance of taking hold, maturing quickly, and giving an increased yield. Some people might think of CBD as a fad. Still, the plentiful health benefits it provides and its versatility as a treatment method say otherwise. Get some CBD seeds and start reaping the numerous benefits they provide to both the grower and the consumer.

Paper Plate Animal Crafts

Paper plate creatures make the ideal children make thought. Most are exceptionally simple and reasonable, and children can pick their #1 creature. You can make veils, inside decorations, creature mobiles and standing creature makes.

The incredible thing about creating creatures from straightforward paper plate holders. Here are only a few thoughts for your creature that your children can make.

3-D Paper Plate Elephant

Utilizing strong paper plates, you can give your creature a pleasant 3-D look. The provisions and directions underneath are for making an elephant.


8 Sturdy Dinner Size Plates 2 Flexible Dinner Sized Plates 4 Toilet Paper Cardboard Rolls Black and White Construction Paper Paint Black Marker Pipe Cleaner Scissors Glue


  • Paint your preferred strong plates the shade for the elephant’s body. Let these dry.
  • Paste two plates together at the edge (front to front) to shape one body segment. Rehash this with different plates until you have four body areas.
  • Paste every one of these segments together, consecutive, to frame the elephant’s body.
  • Utilizing white paper, cut out two huge circles for the eyes. Cut out two more modest circles with the dark paper for the understudies. Paste these to the front plate. Cut out some little strips with the dark paper for eyelashes and paste these over the eyes.

With the adaptable paper plates, paint these a similar tone as the body and let dry. Cut a huge circular segment on one side of the plates to make the ears. Paste these to the front plate (in the middle of the first and second segment of the body).

Utilize one of the cut out circular segments for the elephant’s trunk. Paste this under the eyes. Cut out a mouth utilizing dark paper and paste under the nose. You can give your elephant a great look by trimming out an adorable necktie (for a kid elephant) or hair strips (for a young lady elephant) and paste this one.

Next, paint or cover your cardboard moves with paper to coordinate the shading plan of your elephant. Paste these on at the lower part of the elephant’s body in the front and back, putting them in the middle of two of the segments. With the dark marker, give his feet some toenails.

Finally, take the line cleaner and shape it into a tail. Jab a little opening in the last plate (in the back) and stick the line cleaner in the space. You may require a smidgen of paste to help hold this set up.

This adorable paper plate creature will remain all alone and will look extraordinary on any table. You can even make more zoo creatures and devote an entire table for making your zoo.

Paper Plate Rocking Horse 

All of any age, love shaking ponies. These were exemplary toys for huge numbers of us. So get a portion of this wistfulness back by making this adorable creature make.


Two Flexible Dinner Sized Paper Plates Brown, Black and Tan Paint 2 Wiggle Eyes Yarn Scissors Glue Ruler


Paint the lower part of the paper plate with earthy coloured, dark and tan spots. Leave a portion of the white show also to make white spots for this pony. Allow the plate to dry.

Surrender the plate to the unpainted side and imprint the focal point of the plate. Utilizing the ruler, measure 1/2″ to 2″ from the middle on either side.

Take the subsequent paper plate and paint it for the pony’s head. We utilized the tan tone; however, you can utilize any of the tones to coordinate the body.

When this plate is dry, it removes a pony’s head and neck from the plate’s focal point. Make the neck around 1 ½ to 2″ wide.

Paste-on squirm eyes or use paper to make the eyes. Utilizing a marker attracts the subtleties of the pony’s face (for example, nose, mouth, ears).

Slice a 1 ½ to 2″ wide cut in the shaking paper plate (pony’s body). Make this cut a similar size as the neck. Slip the neck into this cut and overlap over to hold set up.

Ultimately, utilizing the yarn, cut a few strips and paste toward the back of the pony for the tail. Rehash this with more modest strips and paste to the ponies head to make the mane.

If you’re best paper plate holders horse is excessively weighty toward one side of the other, causing it not to shake appropriately, tape a paper cut within to the excessively light side. This will help balance out the rocker.

The thoughts are unending with regards to fun, and a simple paper plate creature makes. So get out the paper plates, make supplies and your creative mind and have a great time.