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The Impending New Normal in Education and The Post COVID-19 Teachers

The novel Coronavirus disease has had devastating consequences in various sectors of the economy around the world. Education is arguably the hardest hit sector with the pandemic rendering more than 1 billion learners across the world stranded. As a matter of fact, the last time that education was disrupted in such a global scale was during the Second World War, which goes to show just how destructive this respiratory illness is. The future of many people in the academic field seems rather bleak given that we only seem to be getting more questions than answers concerning the menacing disease. Still, this sudden disruption has also given major stakeholders in the educational realm a chance to review how they can efficiently educate future generations.

When it comes to Education and COVID-19, there are still many uncertainties to determine how things will eventually pan out. Having said that, it’s also important to note that one of the outcomes that’s most likely to happen is a drastic decline in revenue and increase in costs for many learning institutions. Since universities and colleges have the biggest budgets of all educational institutions, they’re required to act swiftly so as to ensure that they don’t resort to laying off staff. Even so, technology has stepped in to bridge the gap between teachers and students.

How The Education Sector Is Responding to COVID-19

We’ve been playing the waiting game for quite some time as medical experts seek for an appropriate way to eradicate the Coronavirus disease. Unless an amicable solution is found in the near future, we’ll have to find a way to get the ball rolling again in the educational front. Even as we look to resume learning activities in schools, the safety of every student is a matter that should be of high priority. In order for this to be successful, here are some important alterations that need to be put in place.

Emphasis on Digital Learning

Due to the regulations put in place to curb the spread of Coronavirus, most activities have been brought to a standstill. However, thanks to the leaps made in technology, students are still able to engage in learning activities. There are several ways in which students can use modern technology to receive schoolwork and interact with teachers even as many countries are still under lockdown. By utilizing platforms such as Zoom and Google Classroom, students can receive instructions from their teachers alongside fellow classmates just like it would’ve happened in a physical classroom. On top of making learning possible during these uncertain times, research has shown that online learning is also more time-efficient and can help improve knowledge retention. Owing to this, we’re likely to see many schools embracing online learning even after the pandemic has passed.

Apart from conferencing platforms, the internet also has a sea of recorded information that’s readily available for students to access. Albeit some of the platforms offering such services usually have a fee, most of them have discounts to allow more learners to access the vital resources they require. In addition, some schools in different districts have even merged forces to create educational broadcasts to cater for various learning groups. Famous media broadcasters such as the BBC have also contributed to virtual learning by providing curriculum-based education on their online platforms.

Reduced Classroom Capacity

COVID-19 is a highly infectious respiratory disease; therefore, in order to reduce the chances of widespread infections in schools, the total capacity of classrooms and lecture halls needs to be reduced to a minimum. Students will need to be spread across several classrooms in order to ensure that social distancing guidelines are followed. Alternatively, schools can also make use of multipurpose halls since they can hold multiple students at once. Moreover, the sitting arrangements in classrooms should also be altered in order to allow social distancing. With regards to lecture halls that have fixed sitting positions, clear markings ought to be placed to indicate the seats that can be occupied.

The Future of Education Post COVID-19

Inasmuch as the future of education is somewhat uncertain, we can be sure that technology will definitely be a big factor for the sector in the coming days. There have already been various ways in which technology has been integrated into education even before the onset of the virus; however, the pandemic has definitely accelerated the process. Nevertheless, there’s still a big divide between people who think that this is the right move and those who feel like it’s quite a drastic change. While some might argue that this move is unplanned and won’t lead to sustainable growth, others believe that we can make use of technology to create a hybrid education system that’s superior to the traditional model. For this reason, many institutions are exploring the possibility of adopting this new model of curriculum to complement classroom learning even after the pandemic.

Although online learning has been adopted in order to facilitate learning during these turbulent times, there’s no denying that it has proven to be superior in a number of ways. For instance, research has shown that online learning is faster compared to the traditional classroom setting. This can mainly be attributed to the fact that e-learning allows students to learn at their own pace, with the liberty to repeat, fast forward, or skip a lesson depending on their academic capabilities. Nevertheless, there are some challenges that hinder online education from going completely mainstream. One of the major challenges is the digital divide between students who have access to e-learning resources and those who don’t.

Redefining the Role of Tutors

Teachers have always been perceived as knowledge-holders since time immemorial; however, their role is being altered in order to better suit the changing times. Given that learners can access knowledge and skills on various subjects with just a few clicks or touches, teachers are left with the responsibility of molding students into valuable members of the community. On top of that, educators will still be required to provide the necessary guidance that’s needed in order for learners to become successful in their respective fields.


The Coronavirus pandemic has certainly brought the education sector to its knees. In order to safeguard their future, an ingenious plan needs to be formulated. All in all, the most important thing to look out for is the well-being of each student, regardless of what the future holds for education.


Short bios:
Francisca is a Professor of Computing and Director of Research and Innovations at Kampala International University.
Janice is a Professor of Education and Deputy Vice-Chancellor at Kampala International University.

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The Structure of Great Presentations

Lots of people will agree that giving great presentations is indeed a tough thing to do. Nerves get the best of many people even before they get on stage, which makes a sizable number of them back out without even trying. The ones who are bold enough to step into the spotlight will also attest that public speaking can be likened to an extreme sport. Besides calming their nerves, keeping the audience interested and engaged is yet another challenge many presenters face while giving their speech. Consequently, everyone should constantly sharpen their public speaking skills; after all, presentations are part and parcel of our daily lives.

Apart from incredible oratory skills, there are other factors that go into giving the perfect presentation. One of them is having relevant compelling slides that’ll help drive your points home. When they’re properly used, audiovisual slides can immensely enhance the quality of a presentation. However, there’s usually a lot of work that goes into putting together appropriate slides which can be quite detrimental for those who have limited preparation time. Fortunately, there are many ways of getting unique slide templates that are sure to impress your audience. Visit the link below to get great slide templates that’ll take your presentation to the next level.

The first step towards preparing a great presentation is understanding how they’re structured. Having knowledge or expertise concerning a certain subject matter is only one piece of the puzzle; you also have to find a way of conveying that information in a systematic way so that your audience can follow along and comprehend it as well.

Structure of Great Presentations

The most prevalent feature of exceptional presentations is that they’re informative and inspiring. Although the speaker’s eloquence plays a major role in this, perhaps what separates a good presentation from a great one is how well points have been organized. This is where your storytelling abilities come into play; you need to arrange all the points you may have gotten from brainstorming into a solid structure that your audience can easily follow and understand. Even though there isn’t a general structure that all presentations follow, here is an ideal arrangement you can use for the flow of your ideas.


Exceptional speakers don’t just get on stage and begin spitting out their arguments and ideas, they first take some time to greet the audience and introduce themselves. This enables a presenter to build a rapport with the audience that will set the overall pace of the whole speech.


The introduction is arguably the most important part since it dictates whether you’ll have the attention of the audience for the rest of your speech or not. It’s where you establish the topic of your presentation to the audience. In order to nail your introduction, you should use devices such as jokes and rhetorical questions so as to pique the interest of your listeners. An introductory statement or thesis should be presented in this section; it’ll give your audience a sneak peek of what you’re going to discuss in your talk. Also, it’s important that you keep your introduction brief so that it doesn’t eat up too much of your time, which in many cases is usually quite limited.


The body of your presentation is where you build on the statement you provided in the introduction. In order for your presentation to be deemed exceptional, your main points should be arranged in a systematic fashion and discussed one at a time with sufficient relevant evidence and facts to back it up. There are several criteria you can use to arrange your ideas in the body of your speech including by theme and importance. It’s also important that you provide summary statements for all your individual ideas and that you clearly point them out whenever you’re moving from one point to the next. Lastly, make sure to pause after every important point so as to allow your audience to absorb the information you’re availing.


Depending on the nature of your presentation, the conclusion can play a variety of roles including motivating your audience to share your sentiments, attracting potential clients, or instilling newfound knowledge to your listeners. All in all, it should provide a summary of the key points of your talk and portray the overall purpose of your talk.

Final Thoughts

No matter the type of presentation you’re giving, there should be a general structure in which your ideas are arranged. Following the method of arrangement provided above will ensure that you communicate your ideas effectively and capture the attention of your audience regardless of the type of speech you’re delivering.

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The 4 Benefits of Using Technology in the Classroom

Technology has changed the world, and nowhere is this clearer than in the modern classroom. Long gone are the days of the basic calculator. As the younger generation continues to have an interest in and a natural affinity for technology use, teachers and schools can benefit in a variety of ways from greater technology adoption. From making classes more interesting and engaging to ensuring that students of all ages get the personalised teaching strategies that promote learning, technology is transforming how educators design lessons and implement lesson plans. Classes with greater adoption of cutting-edge technologies have a wide range of benefits over traditional lessons. They are the key to the future of education in an increasingly digital world.


Improvements in Engagement

The traditional learning environment is impersonal and unengaging. By using the right technologies, teachers can ensure that their students can develop a more focused interest in studied subjects. That is because technology can vary the methods used to teach the same subjects, meaning that students can pick the learning options that they already have an interest in. The combination of gamified lessons and online learning resources have already influenced learning paths and will continue to do so as technology only grows more advanced.


Lessons that Land

Knowledge retention has always been one of the ongoing challenges for teachers, with standardised tests determining the effectiveness of lesson plans. A more personalised approach via adaptive technologies is improving the retention of knowledge because it encourages active participation and the delivery of real-time data. Teachers can make adjustments based on the right data so that students find it easier to learn maths and remember lessons learned. As teachers experiment more with the available tools and digital resources available, they are better able to ensure knowledge retention while having the necessary data sets to identify and adapt to ongoing issues and successes.


The Advantage of Individual Learning

As personalisation becomes more prevalent and essential in the learning space, teachers are shifting to a more online approach to lesson planning. That is because every student is different and will have their own learning styles. When classes are made up of students with different learning abilities, they will require different approaches to their education. Individual learning is effective because it allows students to work at their own speed. This allows for a more in-depth review of challenging new concepts, or the ability to advance faster if the standardised lesson is proving too slow. For those students with disabilities or learning difficulties, technology is making education more tailored and more effective.


Life Skills in the Classroom

There are very few employment options available that allow for no use or awareness of the technology. As every industry and profession faces technology disruption, those students who are taught using the latest tech will be far more adept when it comes to the workplace. The high-tech classroom is vital if students are to be able to compete in the job markets of the future. Different technologies can improve collaboration and leadership skills or make a significant difference in productivity rates. Those students that learn in a technology-based classroom will have a level of comfort in a high-tech workplace that other, more traditional learning environments are unable to match.


Technology in the classroom is no longer about ensuring that students can find the right answers quickly and easily. Instead, it is improving the ways that they learn. A more personalised approach to education is being delivered by increasingly advanced technologies that provide students with the skills they need to learn, for now, and for their futures.

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