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Cleaning Without Chemicals- 5 Ways You Can Follow

Chemicals have undoubtedly proliferated virtually every aspect of our daily lives. That is especially so in cleaning, where we use several chemicals to make cleaning easier.

However, not all chemicals are suitable for people, as too many of them can be quite dangerous. Don’t get us started on how expensive they can be.Also you can take a look at for finding more cleaning tips and tricks.

Are you tired of cleaning with chemicals or want to try out new ways to clean? Well, we have here five fantastic ways you can follow in cleaning without chemicals.

1. Use Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits have acids that offer an all-natural way to clean up various messes. For instance, you can use a sliced lemon to clean dirty countertops. All you have to do is use the sliced lemon to scrub off stains on the laminate countertops.

A sliced lemon with a sprinkle of salt can clean up gunk and remove foul odors on cutting boards. After sprinkling some salt on the board, scrub it with the lemon, then rinse with clean water.

Lemon water also comes in handy cleaning microwaves or the garbage disposal bag. To spruce up a microwave, soak a wash sponge in a bowl of lemon water, then put it inside the microwave for about 5 minutes.

The lemon makes it easier to wipe away the stuck-on grime in the microwave. Simple, right? For garbage disposal, warm water and a sliced lemon are all you need to clean it.

Thought only lemons are useful? Oranges are as well! Orange peelings, when used to scrub off dirt on stainless steel, leave a fantastic shine.

2. Using Vinegar

Vinegar, by nature, is acidic. It, however, isn’t an overly harsh chemical. That’s why we are suggesting it as a natural home cleaning remedy.

A little vinegar mixed with water in a bowl can help wipe off stubborn stains on glass windows and mirrors. The mixture is especially useful when cleaning car windows and bathroom mirrors.

You can also use vinegar to clean your toilet so that it’s as white as new. Just pour some vinegar and scrub away the stains.

Vinegar can also prevent your clothes from fading from washing over time. Adding half a cup with the detergent will do it for you. The vinegar will soften the fabric, too, besides preventing fading.

Another innovative way vinegar can help you clean is in the removal of gum that is stuck on carpets. Vinegar has so many other uses apart from the few we have mentioned. Do try it.

3. Using Baking Soda

Thought baking soda is only useful when cooking? Then you haven’t heard of all the cleaning tasks baking soda can help you do.

Baking soda in combination with vinegar will help unblock a sink drain- that is, as long as the clogging isn’t excessive. Pour some baking soda into the drain followed by a half-full cup of vinegar, then add two cups of hot water.

You can also use it to remove the scum that forms in the bathroom from soap. All you have to do is rub baking soda over the stained area then use water to rinse it off.

Here is another one, coconut oil mixed with baking soda can help get rid of scuff off different types of floors.

Those are just a few of the ways you can use baking soda. If you’re adventurous enough, you might unearth more.

4.Table Salt

Yes. Table salt. There are a variety of ways you can use salt to clean. Ever tied scrubbing gunk off a pan? It was quite tricky. Well, a sprinkling of salt and baking soda on the pan would make it so easy you’d be surprised.

You have to let the pan sit for about ten minutes before washing it. The gunk comes right off.

5. With the Help of Castile Soap and Essential Oils

Castile soap is a soap that contains pure plant oils. It is excellent to remove grease off utensils and clothes.

A mix of castile soap and baking soda is enough to help you scrub off mildew and other offending stains in a bathtub. Vinegar can work as well, although it would be best if you don’t mix it with castile soap.

On the other hand, essential oils come in handy when you don’t like the smell vinegar has. A mixture of baking soda and essential oils can clean off your toilet with ease. Add vinegar to increase the potency further.

You can also mix essential oils with a little vinegar to get rid of soap scum in the bathroom. After spraying the area with the scum, let it sit for a while before scrubbing and rinsing with water.

Essential oils are quite aromatic and would leave a sweet scent wherever you clean with them.

In a Nutshell

It is entirely possible to clean without chemicals, especially if you try it the few ways we have discussed above. Do try them out for yourself and see.

Happy cleaning.

Affordable Blinds Buyers Guide Tips

Hey, are you intended to buy affordable blinds? In recent times, there are so many styles of blinds and shades are present in the market but choosing the right one for your lovely home can be a challenging task. In this article, we will discuss some affordable blinds buying tips that might help you to make a perfect decision.

What blinds are perfect for the living room?

  • Vertical Blinds- First, classic vertical blinds, which offer unrivaled privacy for your home.
  • Roman Blinds-Roman blinds are the ultimate in style and sophistication. It has tremendous popularity.
  • Curtains-Curtains are a natural option for living rooms, bringing warmth and sophistication in a range of colors and patterns.

Let’s talk about some necessary affordable blinds buyers guide tips


Blinds are generally the low-cost choice and are considered “hard” treatments as they’re made of metal or wood and arranged in slats. Stock vinyl and aluminum mini-blinds need a budget as little as $5 for a 2-by-4-foot window, making them a hot choice for rental apartments. But they don’t offer so many in the way of style.


Shades, or “soft” treatments, are a notch more luxurious or popular and made of fabric. Although they don’t permit for light-filtering adjustments like blinds, they come in different levels of opacity. There are three major types of shades: roller, which pulls down from a valance tube and it feels like wrapping paper; Roman, which cascade in elegant folds like drapery panels; and cellular or “honeycomb” shades, which are made of pleated chambers that trap air and provide insulation. The more layers, the more energy efficiency, Hamilton said, and solar cellular shades can save you up to almost 20 percent on your total energy bill.


Shutters are the luxurious option and lend the appearance of custom woodwork. They’re great for curb appeal. Kiner agrees, noting that buyers often get the extra benefit of the manufacturer’s lifetime limited warranty. It’s always perfect to have shutters fitted to your windows, but there are affordable stock options available for about $100 for a 3-by-3-foot square window. Allen + Roth shutters at Lowe’s range from about $40 to more than $200.


Let’s explore it: Curtain decisions need guts. Fabric and pattern options can feel endless, and custom drapery panels often cost almost thousands of dollars. Ready-made curtains will offer you more warmth (and a lower price point) than hard window treatments, and measurements are relatively simple because you aren’t confined to the inner part of the frame. Headings indicate how the top of the curtain is related to the rod; pencil pleat and eyelet suit almost any attractive style. Note that sunlight fades fabrics over time, so it’s smart to get rid of rich-colored curtains in a bright room.

Final few words | Affordable blinds buyers Guide

So, while going for buying you should consider these tips and tricks. Let us know your valuable opinion by commenting. Have a good day!

Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose a Water Distillation Machine

Many health-conscious families are concerned with the safety and purity of their drinking water. Luckily, installing a water distillation machine in the home is an inexpensive way to add some extra peace of mind.

Canada’s drinking water guidelines regulate the maximum acceptable level of water contaminants. This includes:

Radiological elements and
Microbiological contaminants.
Some people feel that these guidelines are insufficient and feel better knowing they have installed a second line of defense.

Is Canada’s Public Drinking Water Really Safe?
The public drinking water in Canada is generally considered safe for consumption. However, the infamous Walkerton incident is still fresh in some residents’ minds.

This compromise in the water system, which occurred in the year 2000, resulted in the largest E-Coli contamination in Canada’s history. The outbreak resulted in over 2,300 illnesses and 7 deaths.

It’s clear to see there’s value in taking extra precautions to ensure the health and safety of the water supply. A water distillation machine serves as a second line of defense. Many families believe it is well worth the small added expense. Get the perfect inline refrigerator water filters for your kitchen with our comprehensive guide.

Why use a Water Distillation Machine?
Your body depends on water consumption to survive. In fact, medical professionals generally recommend consuming eight to ten 8-ounce glasses of water per day.

Using distilled water for drinking and cooking brings many benefits including:

Increased energy
Improved digestion
Weight loss
Glowing skin
Body-wide detox
Tips for Choosing the Best Water Distillation Machine
There are many important facts to consider when determining which water distillation machine is best for your needs. Here are a few of the primary questions you should ask.

How Much Water Does My Family Consume?
Take an inventory of how much water your family is currently consuming. This will help you to decide how large of a system you may need. Remember that many people prefer the taste of distilled water, so consumption may increase once your system is in place.

What Level of Integration Do I Need?
The two primary options for water distillation machines are point-of-use or whole-house systems. Point-of-Use systems filter the water just prior to consumption. This includes water pitchers or bottles, faucet-mounted systems, under-sink systems, and refrigerator filters.

Whole-house systems filter the water as it enters the home.

This includes water softeners, UV microbiological systems, and whole-house chlorine filters.

The filtration system is typically located near the pressurized water tank or the water meter. This depends on whether the home is on the municipal water system uses well water.

How Difficult Is It to Install the System?
Filtration pitchers and water bottles obviously have no installation requirements. Other system installations may require extensive professional knowledge. Systems that require a drain hook-up are commonly more difficult to install.

What are the Maintenance Requirements?
Determine how often the filtration system needs to be cleaned and how difficult the process will be. Look for convenient features like a removable boiling chamber or easily accessible reservoir. This will make cleaning your system much easier and more convenient.

When considering the cost of the system, be sure to include the time required to complete basic maintenance. You should also add in the expense of necessary parts and filters.

Is Culligan WSH-C125 the best filtered showerhead


Can you’ve got water that’s bothersome for you once you have a shower? Additionally, it is priced at only $25 on websites like Amazon.

The Characteristics of this Culligan Filtered Showerhead

The main aspect of this showerhead, out of its capacity to filter out chlorine and a few hard water minerals, is that it is remarkably simple to install. The filter goes within the showerhead and you twist everything! No tools are required unless your current showerhead occurs to be stuck onto your fixture.

The Benefits of this Culligan Filtered Showerhead

The main benefit we discovered with this particular unit, out the fact that it fits to the worth high quality class, is the simple fact it will also decrease sulphur fumes out of the own water. Many filtered showerheads these days are specifically targeted on chlorine or particular minerals and also to locate a multi-faceted filter that’s so powerful at this cost is equally unusual and very welcoming.

These other benefits are worth considering also:

  • 5 exceptional spray configurations are offered on the showerhead, such as a rather effective massage setting;
  • The spray encounter is almost 5 inches round too, permitting you to get a complete body experience using this showerhead although it’s a unit that is filtered; and
  • The timeless styling of this fixture makes it to operate within several baths from a visual perspective. 

For More Information Visit

Some Other Features of Culligan Filtered Shower head

Five Spray Preferences

Using different spray settings, you can find the different stream of water flow through the very best  high pressure Shower Head that gives comfort for you.

  • Complete Body Spray: If you need maximum water protection whilst taking a bath it is possible to use Total Body Spray setting. This setting offers you a high quantity of water flow whilst bathing.
  • Soft Rain Spray: In the event you are feeling water flow level is extremely forcible for your entire body, and you receive harsh with the circulation controller it is possible to place Soft Rain Spray. Soft Rain Spray setting gives smooth water stream from greatest Shower Head.
  • Invigorating Pulse: You receive texture massage with a single sort of flow water flow which gives comfort and fresh energy into your system. 

Taking a bath signifies cleaning our own body to make us clean and trendy. Assessing our health also very significant with all the bathing. You’re taking a bath usually means a whole lot of stone are eliminating from your own body. However, the most of the water includes chlorine bleach that pollute the human entire body and hair. Therefore, to prevent that difficulty Culligan Shower Head Filter comes together with Filtration system. The filtration system eliminates chlorine in the water also protects us from various ramifications of baldness and dry skin. 99 percent of the chlorine eliminate from the water flow that’s coming from the ideal shower head. Therefore, it is simple to think Culligan Water Softener Shower Head on your toilet to take a bathroom.

Easy Setup

It is simple to set up your Culligan Filtered Showerhead in less quantity of time. Teflon cassette comes together with the very best Shower Head making you simple install of your own Shower Head with another contacts. You get fresh and clean water following completion of setup. The Culligan WSH-C125 Shower Head treated among the greatest shower heads since the setup simple with high specifications.

Safe and Long-lasting

Since the Culligan Greatest Showerheads includes long guarantee period, it remains long decades in your property. So, you no longer need to alter constantly a fresh Shower Head each moment. The Culligan WSH-C125 Shower Head additionally include filtration system that protects you from various health difficulties. Additionally it is certified by NFC that’s safer certificate to utilize Culligan Wsh C125 shower Head.


You’ve got five years limited guarantee on the Culligan WSH-C125 Shower Head that’s a lengthy period guarantee. At the guarantee period, should you receive any harm you’ll be able to return back to the first purchaser for free fix with free charge. When the Shower Head understands any harm as you’re misusing the business doesn’t take any responsibility. Thus, please follow the directions and Assess the Manual for proper setup. The installment of Culligan Handheld Filtered Shower Head simple you do not receive any annoyance like installing additional Big Shower Heads.


  • Easy Setup is possible with All the Culligan WSH C125 Wall Mount Shower Head.
  • Cheap for all with reduced price Top Rated Shower Heads.
  • Elimination of chlorine is easy with the Culligan WSH C125 Filtered best Showerheads while bathing.
  • Clog Free Nozzle available in the Very Best Shower Heads.
  • You can also replace filters if you would like a replacement of filters in Shower Heads.
  • You can easily attach the shower filter with the finest Handheld Shower Head Culligan. 



  • Not a Long-term solution for eliminating tough water.
  • Tools Are Needed to install a Shower Head.
  • No Finest Handheld Shower Head attachment comes along with the Culligan shower head.


It is cheap — Sometimes once you get a cheap item you compensate for this by having to purchase expensive replacement parts (believe printers and ink refills).

It’s simple to match — Adding the brand new shower-head is simplicity itself. Just unscrew the old shower-head, wrap the provided Teflon tape around the thread of this bathtub outlet pipe and twist the head tight. That is all. When it’s time to replace the filter, then simply drizzle, match the filter, re-apply new Teflon tape and then twist the head back on.

Clog free nozzles — Does the filtration system lower the quantity of scale departure throughout your shower-head, if there be any clogs, but the elastic nozzles are readily cleaned by rubbing your hands over them.


Occasionally tools are required — Sometimes when seeking to eliminating the outdated shower-head it’s likely it has been over tightened. In this circumstance it’s likely that you might want to use a wrench to remove the older one. If adequate Teflon tape is utilized hand tightening ought to be enough to make sure there are no escapes from the joint.

Effectiveness may be impacted by hardness of water — Just remember — this isn’t a water softener option, its a water filter, so in the event that you have really hard water, then this isn’t a long-term alternative for you (it must just be utilized as a’bandaid alternative’ as it is so affordabl


The main issue we can see growing for this showerhead is its own weight. The filter inside the showerhead itself generates a burden discrepancy that some toilet plumbing fittings just were not designed to withstand. Some users might have to reinforce their pipes as time passes, particularly if this unit has been installed at a house built before 1990.

This investment is backed up with a 5 year guarantee and you also get to personalize your showering experience. With routine shifting of the filter, even individuals with hard water may enjoy a much better shower each and every single day! That is the reason why this showerhead is worth contemplating.

In-Home Consultation vs. Interior Designer: How to Get the Design Guidance You Need

You can get professional home design guidance from in-home-consultation or an interior designer. Any option is a good way to turn your home into a space you have always wanted. Nowadays, the internet has made the interior design industry very competitive. It is therefore important to learn about the different options to make an informed decision.

Some of the common types of properties in Dubai include apartments, villas and townhouses. If you want to invest, you will find numerous townhouses for sale in Dubai as well as several new off plan projects by Emaar. On the other hand, if you want to rent there are several apartments for rent in Downtown Dubai.

In-home consultation

Retailers are nowadays hiring in-house consultants to make product recommendations to their clients. The consultant may not be necessarily an interior designer but have solid grasp of the products and how to use them.

The in-home consultant will take the measurements and try to match your needs with the store’s inventory. In most cases, in-home consultancy is project-oriented. So, if you want a complete overhaul of your house, you should expect to have more than one consults.

NRIWAY is one among the best professional End to End Property Management Services for NRI in India.

The store will send you a list of suggestions, samples and other active information you may need. In other cases, the consultant may also act as a concierge to make purchases on your behalf.


  • If you need a specific product such as a sofa or love a certain brand, in-home consultation may be a great option for you.


  • Since in-home consultation is project-based, you will need to have your own strategy in place.


  • The cost of in-home consultation depends on the store selling the products. Some stores offer free consultation services while others charge a la carte.

Interior design

An interior designer usually needs a degree or diploma with a focus on interior design or interior architecture. In some countries, an individual has to be licensed to use the title. A professional interior designer creates functional and beautiful spaces with a selection of decorative items.

Depending on the type of the project, the interior designer may have to read blueprints or just stay in touch with the latest technology.


  • An interior designer will take care of all your decoration needs from the minutia to the bigger picture. If you are on the same page, the results can be impressive.


  • Interior designers are expensive compared to an in-home consultation.


  • Most interior designers charge on cost-plus, fixed rate, hourly rate or the square foot.

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