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How to Save Energy Using Natural Light In Your Home

Natural light makes a home feel warmer and inviting. Apart from that, natural light helps to reduce energy usage and save you on utility bills. With the rise of energy costs, it makes sense to rely on sunlight instead of using light fixtures. Although some homes are designed to receive more natural light than others, there are various ways you can increase natural light in your home.

Even though there are different types of properties in Dubai, apartments are the most common. Currently, there are numerous apartments for sale in Dubai even in prime locations. For instance, you will find various apartments for sale in Palm Jumeirah. Alternatively, you can choose the several off plan projects by Emaar Properties, which is one of the most popular developers in Dubai.

But before you dream of owning these hot properties, here are some ways to add a touch of light to your current home:

  1. Open the curtains

This is one of the easiest ways to allow more natural light in your house. Every morning when you wake up, make sure you have switched off the lights and open the curtains. Depending on the weather of the day, opening the curtains can offer sufficient natural light to brighten the whole house.

2. Hang mirrors on the walls

This is another simple way to increase natural light in your house. Normally, mirrors reflect light. Therefore, if you hang the mirrors strategically, the natural light will be amplified, which will brighten up the whole house. Hanging mirrors is a great way to maximize the natural light that streams through the windows.

3.Trim the fence

If you have a live fence, sometimes it may overgrow and block natural light from entering your house. Walk around the perimeter and trim the fence, especially near the windows. In fact, you should trim the fence regularly.

4. Rearrange furniture

The way you have arranged your furniture in your house can impact the penetration of natural light. For instance, tall furniture like the dresser or bookcases should not be placed in front of windows. Actually, they should be positioned perpendicular to the wall with windows. This way, they will not block natural light.

5. Paint the walls

If your home has dark-coloured walls, it may not reflect enough light. Normally, dark colours absorb light while bright colours reflect light. So, painting the walls in bright colours can amplify the natural light in your house. When painting the walls, keep in mind that glossy finish is more reflective than matte and satin finishes.



How to replace plexiglass windows with Clear Glass

When in search of materials to use for both commercial and residential windows, there are so many options available both in the online and offline market. However, a lot of commercial and residential building owners prefer opting for the clear Glass or plexiglass window inserts due to the advantages both glasses have to offer when used for windows.

What are Plexiglass windows?

Windows Plexiglass are windows made from acrylic materials; they are easy to use, transparent, and can be shaped into various forms. Plexiglass windows offer so many advantages, some of which includes:

  • Withstand severe storm conditions: Plexiglass can also withstand harsh weather conditions.
  • Coatings: Plexiglass windows can also be treated easily using UV coating for protection. It can also be tinted into various colors.
  • Cost savings: Plexiglass windows are cost-saving options for commercial and residential buildings because they have lower shipping cost and are lighter to transport.
  • Easy to work with: Plexiglass is easy to work with. It can be installed quickly, and it is less prone to damage.
  • Pliable: Plexiglass is more pliable than other material. It does not crack easily, which means that it requires less caution during the installation process. When under the high impact, it doesn’t shatter easily.
  • Comes in various colors: Plexiglass comes in various color options that can be used to suit your design needs.

What are clear glass windows?

Clear glass windows have a thin coating which helps to hold heat during the winter and keep the sun out in summer. Clear glass window does not scratch easily, and they block air from escaping the home more efficiently.

Paint Calculator helps user to calculate the home painting cost per square feet and choose the best painting option for home walls. Find the perfect colors for your walls with our paint Visualizer tool. You can virtually paint your home, or experiment with one of our rooms.Other advantages of clear glass windows include:

  • Increases the value of a home: Clear glass windows helps to increase your home value, and make people see your home differently.
  • Unique designs: Clear glass windows offer so many attractive and unique designs that add a personal touch to your home. They make the home look beautiful and outstanding.
  • Energy Efficiency: Clear glass window are eco-friendly and energy efficient; they help to incorporate natural light into your home.
  • Affordable: Clear glass windows are affordable when compared to other materials used for windows.

Plexiglass and clear glass windows; which is best for you?

Both plexiglass and clear glass windows offer so many advantages and disadvantages. In comparing the two, here are a few factors that must be put into considered:

  • Cost effective options: Clear Glass is generally less expensive, scratch resistant, and can be easily recycled them plexiglass windows. However, one of the biggest advantages of plexiglass is that they do not shatter easily even though they are more expensive than clear Glass. Working with Plexiglas is also very easy
  • Composition: Plexiglass windows are made of clear acrylic sheets; it is plastic and petroleum-based product. Clear Glass, on the other hand, is an inorganic, non-crystalline, and solid compound that was cooled from liquid to solid.
  • Light reflection: Clear Glass reflects light easily than plexiglass surface. However, plexiglass offers increased clarity and less glare.
  • Shattered Glass: Clear Glass gets shattered easily because they are made of amorphous materials while plexiglass, which is softer, does not shatter. The only problem with plexiglass is that it gets scratched easily, which makes cleaning a bit difficult unless you choose safe cleaners.
  • Cutting: Plexiglass made of acrylic materials can be cut easily into different types of shapes and sizes to meet the users need while clear Glass is sometimes quite difficult to cut into different sizes.
  • Recycling: Clear Glass can be recycled easily, which plexiglass, which involves the use of petrochemical, are difficult and more expensive to recycle.

Step by step replacement guide for plexiglass with Clear Glass

Here is a detailed process of plexiglass window replacement

Step 1: Put on your safety gloves and carefully remove your window sash.

Step 2: Carefully remove the plexiglass window

Step 3: Measure the pane to determine how large the clear class need to be, then deduct 1/8 inch from the length and width.

Step 4: Install your clear glass window using the manufacturer’s guide

Step 5: Adjust the clear glass until it fits perfectly well

Step 6:  Thin coat the window pane using a putty knife and carefully press down until you have a good seal

Step 7: Spray any gap surrounding the window frame then replace the trim, and casing

Factors to consider when choosing a glass material for your window

Some of the factors to consider when choosing a glass material for your window include the following:

  • Materials: Material quality plays a very important role in the life span of your window. Both plexiglass and clear Glass are made of high-quality materials; they are durable and can last their lifetime if handled properly.
  • Cleaning and maintenance: Keeping your window clean shouldn’t be a chore. Therefore, you must choose a material with assistive features which makes them easy to clean and handle.
  • Interior Appeal: You also need to pick glass materials that blend with the interior design of your home. You should be able to appreciate your window from inside, and the window must create a balance between your wall, ceilings, floors, and the entire room.
  • Energy Efficiency: If you plan to live in your home for years, then you need windows that are energy efficient and capable of lasting you a lifetime. This helps you save a lot of money from heating and cooling after installation.
  • Budget: Your budget also plays a huge role in the type of window you buy. Plexiglass windows are generally more expensive than the clear glass windows. However, the prices are justifiable when compared to all the features and advantages they have to offer to home and commercial property
  • Site and neighborhood: This is also a very important consideration. Your glass selections must also depend on where your home or commercial property is situated; For instance, if you reside in high-density areas, you need a noise reducing glass window. People who reside in areas where children play need a plexiglass window that cannot be shattered easily. Those who are posed to face privacy issues might consider a glass window that allows natural light to enter into the home while providing privacy at a short time. Also, if you reside in bushfire prone areas, then you need a glass material that is resistant to bush fire, which helps to protect the building by reducing the flow of radiated heat through the window.

How to make window well cover out of plexiglass

Window well covers help to protect the windows around your basement. Here are few steps on how to make your window well cover out of plexiglass

  • Step 1: Buy your plexiglass and metal grate from an online or offline store. Before making your purchase, ensure that you have the right measurement of your well. Also, ensure that your plexiglass is wide enough to fit into the grate so that the metal does not rust.
  • Step 2: Clear off the areas around the well
  • Step 3: Attach the plexiglass to the grate using the glue gun
  • Step 4: Once you have your plexiglass glued to the grate, you can install the grate to the well.
  • Step 5: After installing the grate, test the grate to ensure you did a good job.



Finally, both clear glass and window plexiglass offers so many advantages when used for residential and commercial windows. Clear Glass is cheaper, scratch resistant and can be easily recycled while plexiglass is shatter-resistant, stronger, and can withstand stormy weather. However, the type of Glass you choose for your window will largely depend on your privacy need, special effects, durability, purpose, and the decoration.

The Ultimate Bond Cleaning Checklist

We should address the obvious issue at hand by expressing that cleaning is the exact opposite thing anybody would need to worry about amid a move.

Yet, in the event that you need to get your full bond back, your land specialist or proprietor will anticipate that for you will restore the property to its underlying condition, regularly requiring a finish of rent clean.

As land operators, we’d exceptionally prescribe you to enlist experts to do your finish of rent cleaning. In any case, on the off chance that you are very sure about your capacities to do spotless work we’ve arranged the Ultimate End of Lease Cleaning Checklist.

Cleaning Preparation

Before you can begin cleaning your property, there will be a couple of things you’ll need to do to plan for the enormous main job.

Clear your timetable – The moving procedure can take up a significant measure of time. Locate an entire week in your logbook to move out, clean your property, and timetable an examination with your land operator.

Clean up your life – Use the move as a way to clean up your life. Consider giving unused things to a nearby philanthropy so you can begin new in your new home.

Move properties – You’ll need to move out totally before endeavouring your leave clean. For tips and exhortation, read through our article, “Time To Move. By what means Will You Handle It?”

Contract experts – If cleaning appears to be excessively overwhelming for you, employ end of rent cleaners right on time to secure the most accessible date.

Stock up on Cleaning Supplies

A finish of end of lease cleaning melbourne can be overwhelming without the correct supplies. You’ll need to stock up on all the fundamental gear in advance to spare yourself from some shaky circumstances. Envision cleaning toilets with your uncovered hands or piggybacking a companion to tidy the spider webs off the roof. Here’s a far-reaching rundown of provisions that will spare you from circumstances like these.

Cleaning can be a dull procedure, particularly when you have an enormous space to cover. Regardless of whether you wish to keep your private or business space shines, a great deal of exertion and time will be required. With occupied current ways of life, a great many people infrequently have sufficient energy to extra to do some careful cleaning. Fortunately, organizations have made it simple for people and organizations to keep up clean spaces by offering a wide range of cleaning administrations. Utilizing these administrations, you can appreciate a flawless home or office without the requirement for you to do all the dreary work and without putting such a large amount of your time in it.

Rug cleaning administrations – The floor covering is a basic thing in a home or even office, aside from keeping the home engaging, it additionally adds to the solace. It is anyway likewise one of the things most presented to earth, allergens and residue. Normal cleaning of the rug is significant, yet it tends to be a serious test. Cleaning organizations offer a wide range of floor covering cleaning administrations including steam cleaning to keep this comfortable mat in top condition.

End of tenure cleaning administrations – This sort of administration is accessible to property administrators and proprietors just as people who wish to clean after them when they move house. Cleaning a property in the wake of moving out guarantees it is in great condition for the following intrigued occupant and it keeps up the estimation of the home. Cleaning experts offer careful cleaning administrations that incorporate cleaning of windows and dividers just as every single other surface to have the house looking all around great.

After developers cleaning – Building undertakings can leave a significant wreckage that can take unsurpassed and exertion to clear. Cleaning organizations have all gear, instruments and items to clean after manufacturers so your home or office can have a lovely generally look free from all the chaos that accompanies the structure procedure. On account of the degree of this sort of employment, you might be relegated a group of cleaners to hurry it and accomplish the ideal outcomes.

Household cleaning – It addresses everything that your home may require. Utilizing the expert residential cleaning administrations, you can even have your machines cleaned, your washroom scoured and purified and even your windows and floor coverings cleaned. Upholstery cleaning administrations likewise fall in this class. The experts will change each territory in your home with their aptitude. The administrations are bundled relying upon what administration needs you have meaning the charges contrast contingent upon the degree of work.

Office cleaning – The tidiness around your office can go far in keeping a positive picture of your business. High traffic workplaces require normal tidying and cleaning and the organizations offer every one of these administrations. You can plan the administration relying upon the definite needs you have inside the workplace to keep each segment looking sorted out and clean. A portion of the cleaning specialists will even offer office de-jumbling administrations when required.

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Furnishing your modern apartment with affordable Interior designing by FCI London


With all the political and economic uncertainty that has been occasioned by BREXIT, it’s interesting to note that the property market continues to blossom and boom. London’s prime residential market slowed down after the BREXIT vote in 2016.

This, however, didn’t slow down the demand for modern apartments. Spurred by demand from the so-called generation rent, high end and luxury modern apartments have sprung up from Chelsea to Kensington, Knightsbridge, and basically all over the city.

Over the last 10 years or so, we’ve noted an increase in the number of young families, professionals, students, who can’t afford to purchase a property in London. Consequently, a thriving build-to-rent sector has emerged and is thriving.

According to estimates and projections by Price Waterhouse Coopers, about 60% of Londoners are expected to be living in rental accommodation by the year 2025. Getting a good modern apartment that’s within your budget is the easy thing. Once you’ve paid the deposit and rent, you’ll need to furnish it.

Unlike in the past when original designer furniture had to be imported at exorbitant prices, things have really changed! Nowadays, there are many reputable dealers selling high-quality, affordable contemporary furniture to furnish your apartment.

FCI London is one such example. It’s arguably one of the best contemporary furniture suppliers in London. Here, they combine style, durability, affordability, and a bit of luxury in their products.

Affordable Interior Furniture Design – Don’t Limit Yourself!

So, you’ve just bought your first house or rented an apartment within the city. You’re excited, you love the interior design, the amenities and facilities are just what you’ve always dreamt of. But at the back of your mind, you aren’t fully settled. You yearn to deck out your new space with your style of choice; you can visualize what you want and exactly where you want it.

Well, the good thing is that the furniture market in London is friendlier than the property market, at least in terms of cost and flexibility of payment methods. For those of us that grew up in London in the 80s, 90s and early 2000s, our parents would visit a furniture dealer and shop for all the furniture pieces needed in a new home. Often, such furniture would be ready-made. But today things are being done quite differently. Furniture dealers can design custom-made furniture, based on the customer’s preferences and specifications.

Here’s a Guide on Furnishing Your Modern Apartment with Affordable Interior Furniture

  1. Know your apartment: most modern apartments in London come complete with developments like electricity, gas, Wi-Fi, fitness centers, and so on. Only a few are fully furnished, and such apartments will cost you an arm and a leg. Most professionals and average salary earners prefer buying their own furniture to furnish their apartments. By doing so, they are at liberty to pick an interior design style of their choice and preference.
  2. Short term rentals vs. long term rentals: if you’re planning to rent your modern apartment for the short-term, say six months or less, then clearly you want to be very careful with the furniture design and size you go for. Loading bulky furniture to a van after every few months can be quite a task. However, if you’re in it for the long term, if you plan to stay for years or even purchase the rental unit in the long run, you have no limitations whatsoever on your choice.  At FCI London, we have something for everyone. A cool three-seater sofa with removable cushions ideal for short-term tenants who often move from one property to the other. A whole set of sofas, durable and with a matching coffee table, recommendable for a long-term tenant with a small family or who doesn’t plan to move anytime soon. Get the drift?
  3. Contemporary design never disappoints: the beauty of contemporary design is that it is dynamic, easier to customize and doesn’t shy away from trying out new ideas.  Regardless of whether you’re a student whose main preoccupation is studying in your room, a bachelor still stocking his digs with household items, or a young family with kids; contemporary furniture design always looks great. Contemporary TV units, contemporary beds, contemporary kitchens, contemporary lighting: FCI London is your top dealer for all these and more in London. Point to note: often contemporary design plays around with black, white, and neutrals.
  4. Get your measurements right: before you step into that furniture dealer looking for affordable furniture for your modern apartment, ensure that you have your measurements right. A survey done by The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) some years back found out that about 47% of respondents felt they didn’t have sufficient space for all the furniture they owned! See, you can avoid such a situation by getting your measurement right.  Before you order that majestic 6X6 bed, make sure your bedroom is spacious enough to accommodate it. Here at FCI London, we encourage you to bring along measurements or photos of your apartment. Our professional interior designers can estimate and advice you accordingly. Alternatively, we can arrange FREE on-site visits where our designers come over and inspect your space before recommending the ideal type and design of furniture that would look great therein.

FCI London – who are we?

FCI London is a family-owned contemporary furniture showroom that has been serving residents of London and larger parts of the UK since 1985. Anytime you’re looking to furnish your modern apartment or flat with original, affordable furniture, we’re just a phone call away. Our team includes professional interior designers and a super talented installation team. We’ll help you fit and arrange the new furniture, advise you on planning and the best space utilization practices.  Visit FCI London furniture showroom today and pick your favourite contemporary furniture from over 700 different brands sourced from across the world.


Keep Best Espresso Machine on your Kitchen to Make Bold Taste of Flavor

Do you love to drink coffee or espresso with your family at home? Please don’t take a tension for little bit. Many espresso lover and coffee lover makes their best cup at home easily with real awesome taste for their family member. With family a coffee party is more enjoyable for the real life. Buy a Powerful Home Espresso Maker and make easily your favorite coffee and espresso. But you need to buy the right machine otherwise you can’t get real taste.

So, do you take tension for the better taste at home coffee? Or have you confusion for making the better coffee or espresso? Or you don’t know how to make best coffee and espresso? No problem! I am going to solve your all problem and remove confusion. This DeLonghi ESAM3500.N Espresso/Coffee Maker automatically adjust right flavor for coffee and espresso. So, you don’t need to do nothings any more.

I have promise you this model will be your life changing and perfect model for your home use and official use. Now prepare espresso, coffee, cappuccino, and latte drinks, with this Best Espresso Machine. This espresso maker is super-automatic that comes with digitally programmable menu settings. This patent has a cappuccino system that makes every drink perfect.


This variant from DeLonghi has digital programmable menu setting that allows you to adjust the timing, auto-shutoff, clock and temperature of the coffee. Now make five variable choices for brewing with the three cup choices of ristretto, cappuccino, and latte. It is easy to get consistent fresh and aromatic coffee and espresso with an integrated burr grinder. With 120 voltages, this espresso maker allows you to brew 12 ounces of cups at one time.


  • It has an adjustable water reservoir that can refill easy.
  • This package includes illy whole bean espresso can for tasty coffee.
  • All parts of this patent are easily washable.
  • 1 to 3-hour adjustable timing, it has automatic shutoff button.
  • Automatic indicator for cleaning of the machine


  • Sometimes the coffee tastes like plastic or odd.
  • The hot water spout most of the times get hotter sometimes.

To get more powerful and energy efficient coffee maker, espresso maker, Grind and Brew Coffee Maker and others Please visit


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