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Top 5 reasons to live in Jersey

We have received almost thousands of email regarding the topics “Top 5 reasons to live in Jersy”. From our long time of experience now are sharing our thoughts. Have a close look!!

Long Beach Island

It’s an Island. In short, you could say it is Long Beach Island. The length of that Island is 18 miles long and the travelers can walk from one side to another. You do not want to be on Route 72B heading on LBI on a typical summer weekend. There are no other alternatives for having a boat.

Old School amusement parks

In the world of adventure, New Jersy old school amusement park is really amazing. The park has been open since 1954. Another interesting thing here is Storybook Land in Egg Harbor Township which is built around Nursery rhyme characters and opened in 1955 the one year after.

Liberty science center and Amish market

It is one of the largest planetariums which is located in the Western Hemisphere is located in New Jersy. It has increased the internal beauty of this city. A lighting system is capable of producing almost 300 trillion colors and speakers that can certainly blast 30,000 thousands of watts of digital sounds which will definitely create a mind-blowing atmosphere.

Amish market is especially known for food. People love to take some delicious food and the city is providing that beautifully. There is a renowned bakery for amazing bread and sticky buns. From this market also you could get meat and seafood vendors, candy and lovely cheese counters and so many. Among all of the people love to take barbecue chickens at Yoder. The rest of the Amish or Pennsylvania market includes Dutch country farmers market in Raritan Township.


What is the difference between South Jersy and north central south Jersy? Without any debate, we would like to say Cheesesteaks. It is delicious food and it contains the culture of New Jersy. The late Anthony Bourdain declared that the best Philly Cheesesteaks are made from New Jersy. Donkey has also ranked among the 20 best Cheese Steaks in Jersy.

Amazing scenic roads

We cannot compare New Jersey with Vermont or not even Colorado. It has one of the most stunning road facilities and the beauty is like a stunt. It is started from the rolling hills of Sussex and Warren Countries where you can see the empty space of Gloucester and Cumberland. If you run a motorbike or driving here by an open car could help you to enjoy the mesmerizing beauty.

These are the most charming scenery that I have found from my experiences. Let us know your opinion by commenting below. 

Best Activities To Do While In Africa For An Unforgettable Experience

Wildlife Safari

The word Safari means to journey. When one thinks of Africa, the first thought that comes to their mind is going on a wildlife safari. One may have seen a couple of animals in a zoo, but may not have ever been on a trip where they spot groups of animals at every instant.

The safari includes lion safari, elephant safari, and a leopard safari. It is a life-changing experience to see a wild one up close. Some of the best wildlife safaris are in Uganda, Kenya, Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania, Mozambique, Botswana, and South Africa.

Bask In The Beach

Surprising to see the word beach and Africa in a sentence, is it not? Well, travel to the North of Africa to experience a good relaxing day at a beach. East-coast offers beach-lovers from shacks in Zanzibar to yachts to private islands in Seychelles. The west coast is full of palm trees that stretch up to thousands of miles. Best case scenario, one might even spot some penguins.

Adventure Sports

Well, for a person who loves the adrenaline, Cosmos tours and travels in Dubai offers adventure sports. Swim to the edge of the largest waterfalls on the planet, Victoria Falls, and bungee jump, or white water raft.

The Atlas mountains provide skiing and snowboarding facilities. Indulge in 4×4 or sandboarding in Namibia. There is wreck scuba diving and snorkeling in Madagascar. Go on a river raft in Ethiopia and Uganda.

Mountain Hiking

It is difficult to find a hill in the busy cities, let alone a mountain. Have a whole other experience by going on a hike in the mountains of Africa and be on top of the world. Few of the most famous mountains you can go hiking are the Atlas Mountains, Mount Kilimanjaro, and Mount Kenya.

Cycling In The Fields of Africa

Discover the villages and towns on a bicycle and get in direct touch with the landscapes, people, animals, and take in the fresh air. Cosmos holiday packages from Dubai include motorcycle tours and safaris in Tanzania in their itinerary.

Volunteer and Make A Difference

Many organizations in the world offer volunteering services in the rural countries of Africa. Do the best you can to make a difference by providing the services that are there in your capacity. Show a token of gratitude by offering your services to the great continent that gave you beautiful, life-changing experiences.

Learn The History

One of the most famous historical landmarks are the Pyramids of Egypt or often called The Great Pyramids of Giza that many may have on their travel bucket list. Other historical landmarks include Thebes, Great Zimbabwe, and Leptis Magna.

Collect Sovereigns

Visit the local markets and buy native ornaments, garments, and other collectibles that you can take back with you. Learn about the local culture by taking an evening stroll in the night markets and expand your knowledge. Indulge in the local delicacies in the food stalls and possibly learn new recipes. There are culinary tours available that one can add to their Cosmos holiday packages from Dubai. Morocco and South Africa offer some of the finest cuisines in the world.

Celebrate Local Festivals

Dress up like the locals, dance and celebrate their festivals. Indulge in unique music and eat the local food to your heart’s content. Dance around the fire during the evenings. There are various types of festivals from poetry to culinary or food, drama and music, and film festivals that take place annually.

Lensball Photography

There’s a golden rule with Lensball Photography and the best advice is to begin by shooting landscapes. With landscape photography, there is another golden rule – or make that TWO golden rules.

1 – Shoot at Dawn

2 – Shoot at Dusk

Lensball photography is all about getting a sharp, in focus shot within the lensball itself. And the background is a hazy blurred but still able to be made out landscape image.

Shooting at Dawn means you can shoot for about 30 mins before sunrise and 30 ins afterwards. For Lensball Australia we shoot at this time. The water is calmer, there is no breeze and the crowds are absent. PLUS, most importantly, these are the only times of day that you get the soft warm light and forgiving shadows that allow perfection in your lensball photography.

Shooting at Dusk means you arrive 30 mins before and can shoot until around 30 mins afterwards. It means you get better lensball reviews and when people ask “what is a lensball?” you’ll be able to show them exactly.

Buy Lensball Australia

In Australia, our particularly harsh light is a challenge for professional lensball photography. The most important reminder I can offer is to be mindful of how your lensball concentrates the light. It really burns if you are not paying attention!

As a lensball photographer, I am constantly mindful of handling the glassball in shadow. This means do not let the sun directly go through the ball. It only takes moments for you to feel a burning sensation like an ant has bitten you or something.

Lensball Tricks

Go for contrast number one. Choose a subject that has deep contrast so you can get some real definition within your lensball photography. Things like dark objects in the forground against a bright setting sun, or light objects in the foreground against the darkness of the city skyline work well.

Getting your contrast awareness raised so that you can really see what happens inside your lensball is where the action takes place. Give your viewer a stark contrast that is easy to define, and the little world you create inside your lensball will be so inviting.

Look out for patterns and repetition in your urban and natural environment. Stairs, tall buildings, streetlights, poles, things like this are good to build a micro-frame inside the lensball and then extrapolate out into the exteriro frame.

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Holding your lensball is important, as we learned the hard way when we dropped our onto the rocks at the beach. It meant our first lensball was chipped and scratched and we weren’t able to just point and shoot anymore – without expecting some blemishes in the resulting image. When you read enough lensball reviews you will appreciate that handling your lensball is very important and takes some skill to master.

Lensball Reviews.

Keep your fingers and hands and your skin generally away from the Lensball. Your skin is layered with a natural oil and this blurs your images or adds a high likelihood that your lensball will fog up. This means your lensball doesn’t act like a natural lens – allowing maximum flow of light through it – and instead acts as a barrier to light and creates ugly distortions.

Ideally, carry your lensball in one of our handy carry pouches. These act as a protective barrier as well as polish the lensball as the ball moves around within it. Additionally, we advise placing the lensball carry pouch into a large sock, like a football sock or a hiking sock, so that it has an extra layer of protection as well as some physical barrier to lessen damage should you drop it.

Lensball Price.

Using a glass ball sphere can be as simple as that! Remember to shoot at dawn or dusk, and don’t hold the lensball in sunlight. Your photography lens sphere works just like that.

Three different types of Lensball Images

1 – Super wide shots – where you take in a large outer frame and fill the frame with mostly the outer frame, in focus and the lensball is a detail in the centre of the whole picture frame. This shot works effectively to translate the outer landscape frame and almost hints at the possibilities of the lensball as a minor detail or focal point.

2 – Medium focus shots – where the lensball takes up around a third of the width of the frame. The medium shot as another favourite – as there is so much more detail to reveal inside the ball. Plus you get the contrast between the outside frame and the internal frame. With some playing around with depth and focal length you can really get a lensball to look much larger and visually absorbing so that it really takes centre stage.

3 – Macro Shots – Where the lensball takes up around 50% or more of the width of the frame and the viewer’s eye is drawn into the lensball world. The outer frame is blurred abut still able to be made out, like hazy smoke in the distance and your eye is invited into the lensball, like going into a secret innner world. Love macro shots using a lensball!

Using a Lensball Stand.

Using a Lensball Stand means you get flawless, sharp, in focus images. It may sound like another layer of equipment to carry along with you, but it makes a big difference. Steady shots mean your camera has time to actually process the data and present a crisp image for editing or publication. Lensball Australia recommends this technique for the best lensball reviews.

Debunked – 8 Common Skincare Myths!

Skin Care

If you’ve been reading a lot about skincare on and off the web, you probably find it difficult to distinguish fact from fiction. Fortunately, we have studied all that’s going around in the name of skincare and present here eight of the most common myths on skincare that most people believe.

But that’s where you all go wrong. So, here we are with facts that will not just make you smile but also make your skin feel happy.

Myth #1:Change your skincare routine often because your skin adapts to the products you’ve been using.

Reality: You needn’t change your skincare products if they agree with your skin. By continuing with them in the long-term, they won’t lose their effectiveness. This is particularly true of those products that are backed by clinical research and have been tested over a long period of time. If you do want to bring in some changes to your routine, you can adapt your routine to your skin needs, depending on the seasons or any hormonal changes you see in yourself.

Myth #2: If you wear makeup with SPF protection that’s about enough sun protection for you.

Reality: If you’ve chosen to go with makeup that comes with SPF, that’s not just a good choice but also a bonus for you. If the amount of sunscreen you use is adequate, you may not be using sufficient foundation. Besides, on rainy days, the UV rays of the sun reach the Earth but not you. So, to be in a safe spot, use a product which has broad-spectrum protection below your makeup so that it blocks UVA and UVB rays.

Myth #3: Is your under-eye skin dry? If so, you need rich moisturizer to eliminate your wrinkles.

Reality: On the contrary, rich and oily eye creams usually have for ingredients petrolatum, mineral oil and other oils with large molecules. However, owing do their large molecular structure, they are not easily absorbed and remain on the skin surface and enter your eyes while you’re asleep. This can puff up your eyes next morning.

For better absorption of under eye creams, you need moisturizers that penetrate into the deepest recesses of the skin and keep it feeling supple and moist. Ideally, your moisturizer should also contain skin firming ingredients such as peptides that communicate with other healthy cells.

Myth #4: My pores can open and close too.

Reality: This isn’t true as pores lack any muscles. So, they cannot open and close at will. If you cleanse your skin twice a day, your pores will be clean and lack impurities, which will seem like they are really small.

Myth #5: Your skin can continue to look young for longer if you use the right skin cream.

Reality: If you want to reduce facial wrinkles, it’s best to use a cream that contains retinoic acid. Though there may be many over-the-counter products that contain this ingredient, yet it would be difficult to say which one is best to go with. However, you can prevent wrinkles from developing by not smoking and using sunscreen generously and regularly.

Myth #6: Wrinkle creams or other anti-aging products can quickly eliminate wrinkles.

Reality: Usually, wrinkle creams or anti-aging products only moisturize the skin, giving it a fleshed out look and making it look good for the moment. So, don’t go in for them, but instead opt for topical retinoids that enter the skin and increase skin cell production. Not only do they treat acne and so improve skin quality, but also erase wrinkles and fine lines and reverse the signs of premature aging or sun damage.

Myth #7: It’s better to go with products with natural ingredients than those with synthetic ones.

Reality: There’s no proof that natural ingredients give better results on the skin than synthetic. While some synthetic ingredients have been tests and are considered safe to use, there are some natural ingredients that, when used excessively, only give you a rash.

Myth #8: Once there are visible signs of aging on your face, you should begin using anti-aging skin care products.

Reality: Ideally, you should begin a skincare regimen early in life. For example, by not overexposing yourself to the sun, you can prevent your skin from being tanned and the harmful sun’s rays. You should also follow a skin care routine that includes the use of a cleanser, toner, eye cream, serum and day and night creams. Alter these with the seasons. This will help you look younger longer and give you a good quality of skin.

Concluding Remarks

If these and other such myths have kept you away from taking appropriate care of your skin, you can still make up for lost time by starting a daily skin care regimen and reaping its rich rewards for your skin.


Shrimps in spicy sauce recipe

shrimps recipe

We tried these healthy shrimps recipes in one of the Samara beer restaurants. We liked them so much that we took the recipe from the waitress. And now, when my husband and I want to pamper myself with shrimp beer, we do it that way.

Previously, I could not find one ingredient and did without it. But finally I found this ingredient, and now I present to you this sauce in all its glory.

Ingredients for Shrimps in spicy sauce

Shrimp – 1 kg
Garlic – 6-8 pc
Ketchup – 4 tbsp
Soy sauce – 2 tbsp
Tabasco – 1 tsp
Sugar – 1 Tsp

How to cook Shrimps in spicy sauce

@Step 1 – Chop garlic in a blender or finely cut (not through a press )

@Step 2 – Heat pan, throws garlic on it and fry for a few seconds without oil.

@Step 3 – Add sauces, salt, sugar, and mix.

@Step 4 – Attention! It is better to take fresh shrimp than frozen (or pre-thaw them, so that the glass has excess liquid). If they are frozen, a lot of liquid is formed.

And you have to wait for it to evaporate, that’s how I have it this time (usually we buy fresh shrimp). It is too long.

@Step 5 – When all the sauce boils and “sticks” to the shrimp recipe, they can be reached and served.
Enjoy your meal!

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