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What is a Seedbox?

seedbox providers

An Aseedbox is a remote server located in a high-speed data center where digital files can be uploaded and downloaded securely. These speeds range from 10Mbps (100KB/s) to 500Gbps (50GB/s). Seedboxes allow people to anonymously download files from them.

Seedboxes usually include other features like VPN, built-in file sync to your local machine, security remote desktop, and more.

High-end seedbox vendors offer a seedbox in the form of an unmanaged VPS with a dedicated Internet connection whereas other vendors offer a managed seedbox with a shared internet connection, the latter is usually less expensive but not necessarily faster.

Energetically Recommended Seedbox Providers

These seedboxes acquired a great deal of positive surveys and were enthusiastically suggested by numerous clients from various downpour gatherings.

  1. Evoseedbox-One of the most seasoned and most dependable merchants in the business A VPS with a committed IP for every Seedbox. Ensures 99.9% uptime, and nonstop continuous help.
  2. Iseedfast – A decent blend of speed and cost. Known to have high client maintenance due to their responsive, quick, and amicable client care.
  3. – A trying Seedbox merchant with extraordinary client assistance, strong paces, and a simple to-utilize client region to client your Seedbox.

Superboxes-Offers a wide blend of reasonable plans. From seedboxes streamlined for gushing with Plex, modest seedbox plans, and quick seedboxes with SSD.

Vultr – A cloud facilitating supplier that offers different virtual servers at extremely low costs. They likewise offer a free arrangement which incorporates 1TB capacity and limitless data transmission.

How do I choose a seedbox?

There are several factors you should consider when choosing a seedbox:

Speed – Speed is one of the most important factors to look at when selecting a seedbox. You want a seedbox that has a high upload speed and downloads as quickly as possible. The higher the speed, the better.

Bandwidth – If you’re planning on using your seedbox to stream video content or download large files, then it will need a lot of bandwidth. For example, if you’re going to use your seedbox to stream Netflix movies, then you’ll need a minimum of 50Mbps upload and 100Mbps download speed.

Uptime – Uptime is another factor to keep in mind. Ideally, you want a seedbox that never goes down. You don’t want to lose all of your work just because the seedbox was having issues.

Customer Support – Customer support is another thing to think about. Do they offer 24/7 live chat support? What kind of response time does their support team give you? How much downtime is acceptable?

Price – Price is always a major consideration when choosing a seedbox. It’s something that everyone wants to save money on, so make sure you find a seedbox that fits within your budget.

Features – Finally, what features do you want in a seedbox? Is there a feature that you really need? Are there any features that you can live without?

Best Free Torrent Sites List 2020

The Best Free Torrent Sites List 2020 is updated every month to help you get the latest list of free torrent sites available online. We update this post regularly to provide you with the latest list of free movie torrent websites that are working right now. This list contains popular torrent sites like KickassTorrents, ExtraTorrent, YTS, RARBG, etc.

Top 10 Best Free Torrent Sites List 2019

The Top 10 Best Free Torrent Sites list is updated monthly to help you get the newest list of free torrent sites that are currently working. We update this post frequently to provide you with the current list of free movie torrent sites that are working today. This list contains some of the most popular torrent sites like TuxRentals, BitSnoop, Putlocker, etc.

Free Movie Streaming Sites List

This list contains top movie streaming sites like Popcorn Time, Watch32, GoMoviesTube, etc. These sites allow users to watch movies and TV shows completely free of charge. Some of these sites even have an option where you can pay a small fee to access premium content.

List Of Free Torrent Sites

This list contains some of the best torrent sites like Mininova, EZTV, Pirate Bay, etc. These sites contain a huge amount of torrents and other related content. Most of these sites require registration but you can still enjoy the content without registering.

What are the benefits of a computer monitoring software

A computer monitoring software for employers is a tool that allows you to track employees’ activities on the computer. It can include everything from monitoring the time an employee spends working to keeping track of what software the employee uses. There are several benefits of computer monitoring software for employers, which we look at in this article.

What is computer monitoring of employees?

Computer monitoring of employees is a form of electronic surveillance that you can use for business purposes. It acts as a computer spy and involves software to monitor an employee’s computer activity to detect any misuse or abuse of your resources.

The monitoring may include logging keystrokes, tracking mouse movements, recording web browsing history, and capturing screenshots. The information collected through this process will help you determine what sites an employee visited and how much time they spent on each. You can use this data to evaluate performance and determine whether an employee uses company resources appropriately.

Benefits of computer monitoring of employees?

Here are the various benefits you can expect by monitoring the computers of your employees.

  • Improves productivity

Computer monitoring is a great way to improve the productivity of your employees. You can ensure they work on the right things and not play games or surf Facebook when you track their activities. You also get a lot of data about their work habits, like how long it takes them to respond to emails or start their programs. That way, you can give them feedback that will help them be more productive in the future.

  • Promotes effective project management

One of the benefits of computer monitoring is that it helps you be sure that your employees are doing their work correctly. If an employee is working on a project and making several mistakes, you’ll know about it immediately. It will allow you to correct any problems before they become too big or expensive to fix.

  • Improves communication

When employees know their computer activity is getting monitored, it encourages them to be more careful about how they communicate with each other. It makes them less likely to use inappropriate language or send unsolicited messages.

Managers need to confirm that everyone knows how computer monitoring works at your company before implementing the policy because this can help ensure better compliance with the rules.

  • Leads to better resource planning

One of the biggest challenges with businesses today is to plan resources efficiently while ensuring employees work on critical projects. If you spend too much time on a project that has little chance of success, you’re wasting valuable time and money. On the other hand, if you’re not paying attention to projects that need your attention, you may lose revenue or even have one of your clients take their business elsewhere.

Personal computer monitoring software can help solve this problem by giving you real-time insight into what’s happening across the organization. You can see which projects are moving forward and which need more attention.

Bottom line

Computer monitoring software can help monitor your employees by tracking their keystroke activities and internet usage. In this manner, it is possible to identify the time spent by your employees on productive work and tasks that distract them from their job.

You will be in a better position to address those issues and improve everyone’s productivity. If you are looking for a trustworthy computer monitoring software, you can book a free trial here. Understand all the details thoroughly to make an informed decision.

Global Trends in Solar Energy Usage


In order to reduce the carbon footprint and be more environmentally friendly, several countries have started switching to solar energy in a big way. According to the latest figures, wind and solar energy accounted for 10% of total electricity produced globally in 2021. This figure in 2017 was only around 3%. So, the adoption is taking place steadily, but we are still not quite there.

How much solar energy is produced globally?

By the end of 2021, a cumulative of 849 GW of solar power was installed worldwide. The top 3 solar energy producers are China, the EU, and the US, with a total of 306 GW, 178 GW, and 95 GW of solar PV capacity, respectively. According to the latest available figures, the top installers of solar energy in the last 3 years are China, the United States, and India.

Is the use of solar energy increasing?

In 2017, the production of solar energy across the world was 401 GW which has more than doubled to 849 GW by the end of 2021. So, yes, the production and usage of Solar energy is increasing rapidly. The demand for solar power continues to grow across various sectors. Major power companies across the globe are expanding their renewable energy portfolios by moving to solar energy.

What are future trends for solar energy?

Solar energy is cheaper, cleaner, and the most popular form of renewable energy. Government policies and solar incentives across the world have made solar energy an attractive choice, and the same is expected to continue for the next few decades, making it even more affordable.

Energy companies are expected to diversify more to increase the percentage of solar energy production in their portfolios. The focus in the US is expected to be on clean energy and sustainability. In the next few years, one can expect increased regulation and reduced incentives on fossil energy sources like coal, gas, and oil.

Being a Landlord and Doing It Right

Every landlord hopes that their tenant will want to live in the rental property, stay for the entire lease term, and take good care of it. This article will give you some helpful tips on being an effective landlord. It also explores the best ways to avoid conflict with renters and how you can resolve a dispute when it becomes necessary.

Understand Your Tenant’s Needs

The first step is to think about what your tenant’s needs are. Some people are looking for a cheap place after losing their job. Others are just looking for a place to live that accepts pets. If your tenant wants to rent for a short term, at least 14 days, you can avoid short term rental taxes. If you’re going to lease out your house, you want to ensure it’s a good fit for your tenant. Good communication with your tenant is the key to achieving this goal, and it will help build a good relationship with them.

Careful Selecting Tenants

You never know who’s going to walk through the door when you rent out your property, so being careful about who you select is essential. Ask around your neighborhood to see if there are any previous problems with a tenant living in that particular area or if a neighbor has complaints against them. It might also be good to know the tenant’s credit history. In the end, it’s best to do some research ahead of time so the selection process will be smooth.

Charge a Deposit

One of the most complex parts about being a landlord is dealing with issues from tenants, whether it’s an issue with property damage or unpaid rent. One of the ways to help protect yourself is to ask for a deposit. It can be a one-time thing or a monthly payment as part of their rent. This gives you money that you can use to protect your property—whether it’s paint, cleaning, safety equipment, etc.

Be Available

One of the best things a landlord can do to help their tenants is to be available whenever there are any issues. Knowing that you are available and care about your tenants will go a long way toward building trust. If there is ever an issue, it makes sense for the tenant to speak with their landlord rather than a random person. This way, they can avoid an awkward situation, and the landlord becomes more comfortable with them by answering questions and solving problems.

Make Sure the Property Is Safe

A property that is not properly maintained and safe can be a huge issue with any tenant. To avoid this, ensure the property is well equipped with fire extinguishers, smoke alarms, secure locks on all windows and doors, and more. If you have a rental property manager handle all of it, you can focus on watching your other properties as well.

Be Available for Meetings

Another vital thing to remember is to make sure your tenants can get in touch with you, if necessary. If they have questions about the property or issues that come up, a quick phone call or email is one of the best ways to get help. You can provide the contact information for your rental property manager if you are working with one. Just make sure you’re available for questions about repairs and other problems that come up.

Make Sure the Property Is in Great Shape Before You Move Them In

New landlords often overlook this one! If you are not happy with the property before moving your tenant in, don’t rent it out. When a tenant moves in, they become your biggest advocate. They can help sell it to others and ensure that the property stays well maintained. Seek assistance from reliable sources if you need repairs done as it can be such a headache to deal with a property in poor shape.

Get to Know Them

In the end, you want to get to know your tenants. It’s crucial for their protection and security, but it’s also a great way to make sure they are staying on your property in the first place. If you get to know them and help them out (as long as it’s within reason), they will trust you and be more willing to let you solve problems if they arise.


Communication is key to a good landlord-tenant relationship. A big part of this is setting rules before the tenant moves in. There are several ways to do this, but it’s essential to talk about noise levels, house rules, payment of rent, and anything that you want your tenant to feel comfortable requesting (or not) from you. It will make for a better relationship with your tenant. Becoming a landlord is a lot of hard work. Good tenants are the difference between making money and losing money. It’s essential to keep these points in mind. After all, you want to treat your tenants well and make sure they stay on your property for as long as possible.

Background Ideas for Streamers

If you do not want to use a green screen while streaming, you can do a few things to make your streaming background look immaculate. Follow or tips below and impress your audience without using a green screen as your streaming background:

  1. Organise your furniture

Ensure that the place or room you are streaming from is neat and tidy and that the furniture is organised properly at all times. You can decide to have shelves in the background where you can put figurines and other interesting items to make the background look cool and cosy.

  1. Use background lightning

Having decorative lightning in your background can make it look interesting, and you will stand out from most streamers. Apart from adding additional background lighting, you should ensure that the overall lighting is not low; otherwise, your stream may look a little dull.

  1. Decorate the walls

Here you can let your creative side shine out. You can use neon lights, posters, frames, etc., to make your walls look amazing and attractive to your audience.

We hope you like the above streaming background ideas. If you want to keep your background simple or don’t have enough space, you can always go for a green screen, but not everyone knows or enjoys using a green screen, and some streamers want to keep it as natural as possible. The possibilities here are endless, and it’s up to you how you want to have it.