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Why are Celebrities Deleting their Instagram Accounts?

There are many pros associated with social media platforms. It certainly does connect you with people afar and makes the world look smaller. You can get in touch with anyone you have not met in years with just a click. You can share your thoughts, ideas with the world.  It has an element of fun as well. However, on the other hand, it takes you away from the real side of ‘you’. You hardly have any time to reflect upon yourself, which is why many celebrities these days choose to be sworn off from social media. Some social media sensations are quite happy with their free existence, while some have severe issues with their unplugged lives. Award-winning actress Step Mom fame Susan Sarandon, Blake Lively, Pop Singer Taylor Swift, and more stars have wiped their Instagram account clean. It has also become a breeding ground of hatred for those who have a huge fan following. Twenty-one well-known personalities opted for social media cleanse and unplugged themselves from Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter in 2020 alone.

All the celebrities have a different approach towards life and have their reasons to delete Instagram posts, which is justified if you sneak into their lives:

  • Trolling, hate-speeches, and negativity
  • Tech Detox
  • Privacy Issues
  • Minimizing the hassle of managing interactions
  • Keeping the feed clutter-free
  • Temporary withdrawal for revamping the Insta feeds
  • Looking for new branding strategies
  • Lack of engagement
  • Protecting against hacking/cyber-attacks
  • To remove controversial content


Right from Kelly Marie Tran to Ariel Winter had sworn to stay away from social media and zeroed out on their online presence. Trolling is a new form of bullying on the internet. Social media is an open platform and provides easy accessibility to all the users, but it has a huge downside to it. It makes your content vulnerable to derogatory and inflammatory remarks. Justin Beiber had his own reasons for quitting Instagram inAugust 2016, he deleted his account for his then-girlfriend: Sophia Richie, netizens were constantly posting unpleasant comments for her to the extent that it pushed him to say “Instagram is for the devil”. He returned to Insta in Feb 2017 after he parted ways with his girlfriend.

While it’s not easy to ignore the haters, taking a break from social media helps the celebrities gather themselves. It’s their personal choice to take a short break or quit altogether.

Tech Detox

Taking time off from the virtual world to connect back to your inner being and spending quality time with your loved ones rather than on gadgets is what you call a tech detox. The most famous Hollywood director of this era: Steven Spielberg, isn’t always glued to his devices. In his opinion, creativity takes a back seat if you are constantly logged in. It impacts you negatively. Ed Sheeran, the famous singer, is also of the same opinion. He took a break from the Insta account in 2015 as he felt that he was looking at the world through his screen and not experiencing it through his eyes.  It’s easy to get carried away with the wave of social media and seeing life sleeping from our hands, but do we reckon we spend almost 1.72 hours a day on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. While Sheeran continues to stay true to his digital detox pact, let’s follow in his footsteps.

You’d be surprised to know Oscar-winning Julia Roberts isn’t on social media despite constant pressure because she believes that she would always look into it if she had Instagram on her phone.

Privacy Issues

Social Media sensation Meghan Markle deactivated all her social media accounts, including Instagram. Soon after, she engaged with Prince Harry and deleted her lifestyle blog in 2017, a clan-favorite. Singer John Mayer is also believed to have been taking breaks from social media from time to time to maintain his private life and reflect upon himself. Comedian and actor Louis CK didn’t enjoy interacting on social media and chose his privacy over anything else. Kendall Jenner, a renowned model, and the most talked about model on social media too retorted to quit this platform.

Minimizing the hassle of managing interactions

Pop singer Adele launched her Insta account in October 2015; however, she rarely posts on Insta and Twitter to minimize unwanted interactions despite a fan following of millions. She writes her post, but her account is controlled by her managing team and has to be approved before sharing it on social media.

Keeping the feed clutter-free

Users often bombard a good feed or a post with irrelevant comments that can take away the content’s beauty. Celebs take a break for a short while to maintain the sanctity of their content. Keeping away for an indefinite time may send a clear message to people to respect the artists and their work. 

Temporary withdrawal for revamping the Insta feeds

Taylor Swift and Zayn Malik did that to revamp the views on their insta account. Many say that this is a unique strategy to gain fan’s attention and retain them. Hard-core fans keenly wait for their fav celebs to come up with a new video, and their absence makes them jittery. In response to their emotional needs, the viewers watch old videos or pictures of these celebs, raising their numbers.

Looking for new branding strategies

Social media is like a gamble. Things may either work for you or fall apart.

The higher the number of views, the higher is celeb’s SEO ranking. However, for some celebrities, numbers don’t matter. They prefer to look for new branding strategies and techniques to promote their content, like VSCO and Tumblr Apps that don’t focus on the number of views or likes but emphasize what celebrities like to do content. This eventually scales up user engagement. 

Lack of engagement

Some celebs, given their vanity, think that their posts should get a high-response or at least an average engagement time to stay in the game. They factor in the number of likes, comments, and shares, and if the number doesn’t match the benchmark they have set in their head, they delete posts that received less than 100 likes within the first few minutes of sharing.

Protecting against hacking/cyber-attacks

Oscar-Winning actress Ema Stone made news for quitting social media in 2013 after a cyber attack on her account. The hijackers posted against her, shading Shailene Woodley. She was left locked out and couldn’t delete her account. She hasn’t returned to social media to date and that’s not all, there are many who have deleted their accounts for they have been a victim of cyber-crime at some point in time.

To remove controversial content

Often celebrities deactivate their social media account for removing the controversial content. They either delete the account permanently and create a new one or take a break for some time till the negativity around them gets diluted.




While we are frequently engaged in scrolling through Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Snapchat daily and kids have joined in our footsteps to do the same, many millennial stars are entirely out of the game and have deleted their social media accounts. Celebs decide to delete or deactivate their social media account for multiple reasons; it’s not about Instagram alone. Some stars are in the opinion that instead of reflecting upon themselves as to who they are, they are always engaged in looking up and weighing down themselves with social media demands. While some think of straightening up their priorities rather than focusing on the number of likes on Instagram, some give up their social presence falling prey to trolling, and some factor in new branding strategies. “Pirates of the Caribbean” fame actress Keira Knightley never enjoyed the online presence. She had once created a social media account with a pseudonym and deleted it within twelve hours. So many millennial celebrities have sworn off social media.

Which is better DBS by mail or DBS ONLINE?

When applying for a new job, depending on the field, the new employer may require you to complete the Disclosure and Inhibit Checks (DBS Check). Three types of DBS checks allow you to work in specific areas including (but not limited to) teaching, social care, childcare, universities, and even the charitable sector.

  • Basic DBS Check
  • Standard DBS Check
  • Extended DBS Check

If you wish to apply for a DBS inspection you will need to confirm whether it should be done using paper forms or if you can do it online. While applying for a DBS check online and on paper is a viable option, it is firmly believed that it is better to apply for a DBS check online. You should not disparage the traditional method of applying for DBS by mail as for some it is still an important and preferred choice. Online DBS checks have many advantages that save you money, time and stress.

DBS web application is fairly direct and very easy to understand. It takes minimum computing knowledge and it’s just like filling other forms online. You can do it by both your computer and also you’re mobile. The details are sometimes even auto filled, so all you need to do is give the necessary requirements, along with your mail and contact info and you will be notified if you have qualified for Enhanced DBS check.

Why online is the most efficient

  • There is less chance of error—DBS applications that contain any errors or mistakes can suffer from processing delays and the impact of inaccurate DBS certificate can be costly. If you send a DBS application form by mail and find that there is a mistake in the form, the form will be sent back to you for correction also by mail. Instead, online applications can be returned electronically and the revision process is simpler and would not require resending to your mailbox. Of course, eliminating bugs in any way is the best step, but any fixes can be easily repaired electronically.
  • You can track your application—when applying for a DBS check online; you can track the progress of your application to see where your check is at. DBS Online Tracking helps you judge how long you can wait for the certificate to be sent to you. You just don’t have this peace of mind applying for a DBS check by mail, with the Basic DBS check tracking, Standard DBS check tracking and Enhanced DBS check tracking.

Also Online DBS checks take less time.

As previously mentioned, the turnaround time is significantly reduced if you apply for a DBS check online rather than a paper form. Paper applications depend on the postal service. Paper documents must be certified as genuine and belong to you before they are shipped, which can be significantly delayed if there is a backlog of paper applications. Whether you are applying for a DBS check online or submitting your application by mail, your documents will need to be verified. Applying online means you can upload your documents immediately and you don’t have to wait for them to come back to you by mail.

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Is MangaStream Dead? 20 Alternatives To Read Manga Instantly


MangaStream was one of the most favorite websites of Manga comic readers.

But it is no longer on the internet.

Don’t Worry, Just Keep On Reading We Are Also Mentioning Alternatives of Manga Stream.

In today’s time where everything is digital and people love watching series and watch movies on entertainment apps. Yet there are many people like you and me who love reading comics.

In this age where motion pictures are number one in the list of entertainment, there are comics that are very popular and have a huge fanbase.


What is MangaStream?

MangaStream was a website of manga comics online. Here users could read their favorite Japanese comics online for free.

The Fans ad users of Manga Comics were the ones who translated the comics in English, French, Italian, and many more different languages.

It was one of the most loved websites of manga comic readers because it charged nothing additional for your access to the complete website.

It was in service for nearly a decade and has a vast collection of manga comics.

MangaStream – Is It Down?

Yes, MangaStream is down. The service of the website was taken down for many reasons. One of the reasons is to promote legal content. The makers of original manga comics wanted the readers to read the content from the legal sources. The other reason to take down the site is a legal action by original manga owners.

What happened to the website Manga Stream?

MangaStream is no longer in service. The original website is completely down but there is a website “”, which is still active. It is said to be a clone site.

Why is MangaStream down?

MangaStream is down because It is said that original Manga comic’s owners have forced them to shut down.

Yet the reasons are not clear by the owners, but it is said that it was an illegal site of Manga comics.

List Of MangaStream Alternative Websites:

There many alternate sites like mangastream. We have brought for you top mangastream alternative websites that will keep you up-to-date and with high-quality content. Below we have mentioned the names for the websites. Keep reading to know what these websites have for you.

  1. MangaDex

  2. MangaFox

  3. MangaOwl

  4. MangaPark

  5. MangaTown

  6. MangaHere

  7. MangaReborn

  8. TenManga

  9. MangaReader

  10. MangaKakalot

  11. MangaPanda

  12. MangaEden

  13. Mangago

  14. Mangairo

  15. KissManga

  16. Manganelo

  17. MangaFreak

  18. Comixology

  19. ToonGet


Top 20 Alternative Websites Read Manga

Let’s read more about the above-mentioned websites and visit them

  1. MangaDex

MangaDex is one of the alternative websites that not only provide manga comics to its users, it also provides the same manga comic in different versions.  These versions include alternative fan-made endings, different colored versions, and even official crossovers.  This website has comics in more than 20 different languages. You can create your own group of a specific character or follow the existing groups. You can discuss your views and anything about manga comics in the forums on the website.

Visit Website MangaDex here

  1. MangaFox

Mangafox mangaStream Alternatives

MangaFox is one of the best alternatives to Manga Stream.  MangaFox will fulfill your hunger for Manga comics.  MangaFox has become so popular and loved by its users that there are many fake MangaFox websites also. The original MangaFox color theme is orange, black, and white. It is been operated via It is a very user-friendly website for your comics, the adaptive zoom feature gives a very good reading experience. You can also download the official app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Visit Website MangaFox here

  1. MangaOwl


MangaOwl is one of the most popular alternative websites. It has achieved this popularity because of its regular release of WSJ Sequence episodes, that too before they are officially released. You can say that this is one of the best alternatives for manga comics. It has an orange-colored theme and a vast database which is very well organized, due to which it is very user friendly.

Visit Website MangaOwl here

  1. MangaPark

mangapark read manga

MangaPark website of manga comics is said to be one of the best and most talked ones. It’s fan following is very good due to the reason that it provides the best quality of comics plus updated content also. It has a very simple and clean look, which makes its users very comfortable I reading. It also has an option to upload up to 10 images for one chapter. MangaPark is one of the most convenient websites for users.

Visit Website MangaPark here

  1. Manga Town

Manga Town Best Alternatives to read manga
Manga Town

MangaTown is one website with a database of manga comics that to town-sized.  MangaTown has a new look, unlike other manga comic websites that are still having older looked websites. It has a mind-blowing look and design that will give you a very unique experience. Finding the comics you want is very easy by browsing different categories on the homepage itself of the website. It also has an A to Z directory of manga comics.

Visit Website MangaTown here

  1. MangaHere

MangaHere Manga Stream Alternative

Your evergrowing hunger of manga comics can be fulfilled here with a collection of more than 10,000 mangas and you will be satisfied by reading them. The URL address keeps on changing of this website because the growing popularity of the site has made DMCA cases against this best alternative to mangastream. MangaHere is a manga alternative where you will not only find Japanese mangas you will also find some Koren, Hongkong, European, and even Chinese Manga, etc.

The look and navigation of the website are very cool and beautiful. The collection of Manga comics are classified in categories and genres to make it easy for you to navigate. They also have a separate section for Manga spoilers and news so that every manga lover can be up-to-date with the latest and upcoming manga news.

Visit Website MangaHere here

  1. MangaReborn

MangaReborn good mangastrem alternative

A community that is completely dedicated to the manga comics is MangaReborn. It is a massive community for manga lovers. All you need to do is create an account on the MangaReborn website then you can start reading your favorite manga comics here. It has a particular news section and a forum section for all the hardcore manga fans. So being up to date and a part of a discussion about manga comics is very easy.

The white and maroon theme of the website makes it look very decent and cool. You can also enjoy comics in different languages like German and Italian. You can also chat with any of the members about character data. MangaReborn alternative to mangastream is growing its popularity day by day.

Visit Website MangaReborn here

  1. TenManga

TenManga Mangastram Alternates

TenManga is one of the latest alternative websites to mangastream. And being the latest website for manga lovers  it has still 55+ genres database for you. You can find any manga very easily here with just the first letter of the name of manga comic. The look of the website is very good with every latest update that too on the homepage itself. There is one more section as completed where you can find the comics which are entirely available till the end.

Visit Website TenManga here

  1. MangaReader

MangaReader Top 10 alternatives Of mangaStream

Mangastream alternative MangaReader is one website that has a maximum resemblance of looks with the original mangastream website. The classic user interface with Manga Comics in English does not let you miss the manga stream website. If you want to read any random manga comic then you just need to click on “Surprise me” and a random comic will appear for you read. You can access the website on laptops, Pcs, and tablets.

You will find all the manga comics on this website that are high in quality and superb print. You can also navigate the comics in A to Z list by the first letters of the comics name.

Visit Website MangaReader here

  1. MangaKakalot

MangaKakalot One Piece Manga Stream

MangaKakalot mangastream alternative that is very user-friendly. Here you will be able to read many different manga comics online. If you are new to manga comics reading then you will surely need a guide and MangaKakalot is one place where you will find everything including completed mangas too. You can easily access the latest mangas on the site quickly. The site is easy to use and very attractive too.

Visit Website MangaKakalot here

  1. MangaPanda

MangaPanda Sites like Mangastream

Another website where you will find a max resemblance to MangraStream is an alternative manga website MangaPanda. If you loved the original mangastream websites look then you will surely love megaPanda too. You can go through 1000s of manga comics that to in high quality as soon as you open the website. The website is also available for your mobile, tablet, and laptops. There are various genres to surf like adventure, action, mystery, thriller, and many more. You can be surprised by a random comic picked for you by pressing a surprise me button. Its fun getting to read an alternative comic.

Visit Website MangaPanda here

  1. MangaEden

MangaEden Mangastream Website Alternative

Mangaeden is an alternative site like mangastream. It is a very simple website with manga comics in English and Italian. The website updates the comics regularly and Dragon Ball Super and One punch are the most frequently updated comics. Apart from only reading on this site it also enables you to add any manga comic you want to. You will love the best alternative manga stream website.

Visit Website MangaEden here

  1. Mangago

Mangago the Best Site To Read Manga

Mangago alternative for mangastream is the best alternative to visit and enjoy mangas. The beta version of the website has some pretty good features. The website has the best manga comics and a vast collection of comics. The collection of comics includes Astro Boy, Dragon Ball, One-piece, and many more. The website is user-friendly and has a special section for your feeds and updates. You can even post your queries there. You will not be disturbed by any pop-up ads. It is the most recommended and loved mangastream replacement website

Visit Website Mangago here

  1. Mangairo


Mangairo is one of the best alternative websites for mangastream which you will always prefer for reading mangas. The website has a good collection of comics include the new ones. Mangario is always up to date with the regularity of comics updating. Searching your favorite comic is very easy via a search tab where you can sort the search under genres with ease. You can read comics in many different languages. The website is ad-free so you can enjoy reading without any disturbance.

Visit Website Mangaiaro here

  1. KissManga

KissManga Best Manga Reader
KissManga Best Manga Reader

KissManga alternative website of mangastream with more than one lakh comics so you can keep reading as long as you can. The quality of the comics is high and it has some exclusives comic for you. As soon as a chapter is officially launched you can read t on this website. You can also receive a notification of new chapters and updates of the list. Sharing your loved manga is easy from the website also you can have your own space in a group on the website. There is an option to send feedback on the website.

Visit Website KissManga here

  1. Manganelo


If you are looking for a mangastream alternative website that has a vast collection of manga comics then you must visit the website Manganelo alternative for mangastream once at least.  The collection of the comic is so extensive that many manga search engines use this website. There are more than 40+ genres and every comic is in high-quality. You can read comics from various different sections like the latest manga, Hot Manga, and newest manga. The website is simple and elegant. The navigation through the website is very easy. You can save data by loading the images at once and read them.

Visit Website Manganelo here

  1. MangaFreak

MangaFreak mangastreams site alternatives
MangaFreak mangastreams site alternatives

If you are looking for a website where you can download the comics and read later then you will love this alternative of mangastream. The website is so popular that you can find some copy websites of Mangafreak. The website has a decent collection of mangas with different genres. The look of the website is very simple and clear. The best feature we love about the website is that the history section. You can go through what you previously read in this section.

Visit Website MangaFreak here

  1. Comixology

Comixology mangastream alternative

Comixology is a cloud-based mangastream alternative. It has over one lakh comics for you to explore. You can also install the app in your Andriod Phone, Kindle, iOS, and even on windows. The website was found in 2007 and in 2014 took over the website. Now Amazon is the operator of the Comixology website. The website will give you a vast variety of comics including Chinese, American and Korean, etc mangas. The look of the website is premium but the content is paid.

Visit Website Comixology here

  1. ToonGet

ToonGet mangastream

If you are willing to read manga comics and enjoy your favorite cartoon and anime shows in one place then ToonGet is the perfect alternative mangastream website for you. The content on this website is always up-to-date. The website is user-friendly and easy to browse. You need not even signup to view and read the free content. It can be accessed from any device easily.

Visit Website ToonGet here

  1. one website that is a good alternative to mangastream. You can browse through a vast collection of mangas on this one website. The website is simple and has a section of genres that makes navigation easy. You can even bookmark your most loved manga to read it anytime you want. The interface is very good and easy to use.

Visit Website here

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What Is One-piece MangaStream?

One piece is one of the most popular series of Manga comics.

The writer of this series is Eiichiro Oda. The comic is also illustrated by himself.

MangaStream One piece has its series in Shueisha’s Weekly Magazine. It is being published since 22nd July 1997.

You can read one piece manga comics on their website, chapter-wise.

It is a story about a unique pirate named Monkey D. Luffy, who is in search of the treasure “one-piece” so that he can become the king of pirates.

MangaStream Social Accounts

  • Mangastream Twitter

You can follow them on Twitter and see what people are saying about manga comics.

Click Mangastream Twitter to follow them on Twitter

  • MangaStream FaceBook

They have a Facebook account, you can follow it and keep an update on the posts.

Click MangaStream Facebook to follow it.


Can You read Manga online?

Manga can be read online via various websites. There are many websites where you can read the comics for free and on some, you have to pay a subscription. Even you may find some Apps that can be installed in your smartphones to read manga comics.

What happened to MangaStream?

It was taken down of service after the owners of the original manga comics pressured them to do so.

Is MangaStream Illegal?

Yes, It was an illegal website.

Providing manga Comics without permission of the original owners of manga comics is the volition of privacy so this site was completely illegal.

Is registration necessary to access manga sites?

No, all websites do not need registration some can be accessed directly and some ask you to register

Which are the most popular manga genres?

There is a wide range of genres in Manga comics. The most popular genres are seinen, josei, shoujo, and shonen. 

What is Mangas Plus?

Manga Plus is the official Mangastream Reader by Shueisha. It is globally available for free. Here you can read manga online.

But it is not available in Japan, China, and South Korea the reason behind this is that these three countries have their own services for manga comics.

Is Mangastream Down?

Yes, Mangastrean when down because the owners of manga comics wanted the users to read their comics from legal content websites. 

Which are the 10 top alternative sites for MangaStream?

10 top alternative sites for MangaStream

  • MangaDex
  • MangaFox
  • MangaOwl
  • MangaPark
  • MangaTown
  • MangaHere
  • MangaReborn
  • TenManga
  • MangaReader
  • MangaKakalot

are some of the websites available to read manga comics online.

How much Money does MangaStream make?

It is estimated that made $36,433.

Is Manga Rock shut down?

Yes, manga Rock is down after its official announcement of shutting down.

The announcement was made in September 2019, the apps for smartphones are also taken out of service. 


Mangastream was a website for manga comic readers.

It translated the Japanese comics in many different languages, the main source of these were the fans and users of manga comics who read MangaStream on their website.

The reason for MangaStream is gone is that The owners of the original manga comic site asked them to do so.

It was an illegal site as it published the manga comics without the knowledge of manga comic owners.

There are some very good MangaStream replacement/alternative websites with many good features.

I hope the information provided by me helps you and you get the website of your choice to read manga comics.

5 Physics Online Learning Sites fromthe Comfort of Your Own Home

In the last few years, the concept of traditional education has changed drastically and with the onslaught of the COVID-19 epidemic—even more so. As schools, colleges, and other educational institutions are closed due to the lockdowns—it has become evident that being physically present in a classroom isn’t a requirement anymore. Thanks to the remarkable development of the internet and new technologies—you can access quality education anywhere and anytime as long as you have access to a computer. Enter the new era of online learning.

What Makes Online Learning Popular and Feasible?

Even though online learning has been increasing all over the world, there is plenty of skepticism surrounding the education delivered through the internet. Some educators are finding it hard to grasp the notion of teaching students outside the conventional classroom, but things are changing.

Here’s a stat: more than 30 percent of higher education students in the U.S. are taking at least one online course. Online education is sensible, and in some circumstances, has become a necessity whether you’re a teenager or an adult. For students, online learning is the perfect method to become more proficient in a difficult subject like secondary physics or learning a new skill.

If you’re struggling in physics, you can take secondary physics tuition from a private tutor or a tuition center. But, if going to a physical location or one-on-one tutoring isn’t an option, you can consider getting enrolled in online tuition centers like JC Physics Tuition.

Online learning is increasingly becoming more popular with students of this generation. There are several reasons, but the major one is they find it convenient. It gives them the liberty of studying and learning at their own time and pace. Furthermore, with online learning, they get to choose from a wide range of online courses, instructors, and web resources to learn from. If they find that they can’t understand or cope with the teaching method of one tutor, they can switch to another instructor easily that befits their learning style. This can’t be done in a traditional classroom setting. Besides, online education is a lot more affordable, unlike in-person education methods.

Online learning also presents teachers with a lot of benefits. For example, they can teach from anywhere and anytime at the comfort of their homes or while traveling. Online learning makes being in a physical place irrelevant, and if you can earn money wherever you find yourself.

To recap, more people are getting involved in online education because:

  1. It’s flexible.
  2. It’s accessible.
  3. It offers a wide selection of courses and tutorials
  4. It provides learners the option to select their instructors and tutors.
  5. It allows for a customized learning experience.
  6. It is cost-effective than traditional education.

5 Top Tutorials Sites for Learning Physics Online

In the days of yore, science subjects like physics were best studied in a laboratory, but students today have started studying Physics through online classrooms. The reason is that students can access popular physics courses from the best universities and best instructors all over the globe in the comfort of their own homes. Thousands of websites offer physics courses online, but not all provide standardized quality education. Therefore, it is imperative students know which sites offer the best online education in Physics.

Here are the top five websites to study physics online:

  1. eDX

Founded by Harvard University and MIT, this website is one of the best online learning destinations today. It offers various courses for all kinds of subjects from some of the best institutions in the world. The website has more than 90 global partners, including the world’s leading universities and educational and research institutes.

  1. Khan Academy

If you’re looking for a reliable website to study almost every subject possible, Khan Academy is the place to be. This online learning website offers practice exercises, tests, and instructional videos. The students are provided with a personalized dashboard that allows them to study at their own pace. Additionally, Khan Academy also offers various study materials and video lectures for every subject at every level. Overall, a very popular online learning website that caters to all students.

  1. The Physics Café

The Physics Café is a website for all things physics. Highly sought after by students from reputable schools in Singapore, The Physics Café is a tuition center with all facilities of a top tutoring center such as lecture theatre, digital library, in-house cafe, well-equipped study rooms, scholarship programs, and more. And most importantly, they have the best physics teachers in the country with years of experience teaching school and college-level physics. 80% of the students who studied in these institutions have consistently scored “A” in their GCE A-level exams, and 90% of students regularly scored “A” in their final IP Exams and GCE O-level exams. If you’re looking for premium physics tuition school in Singapore that specializes in JC, IP, secondary physics tuition—this is the place to be!


This website (as the name suggests) focuses on improving the learning capabilities of students by demonstrating the application of knowledge in the real world. The site has various real-world applications of physics, and different levels of physics are divided into sections, making it easy for students to study at their own levels. The website covers high school physics, secondary school physics, university and college physics, physics projects, physics questions, and many more.

  1. org is a website for all things physics. The website provides learners to search for physics concepts on its own database of more than 4,000 physics sites. The website has a section for a physics Q&A forum as well. Visitors can also browse through various physics-based games and activities. Apart from these, there is a section about physics-related careers, information on studying physics, the latest physics news, best institutions & universities for physics courses, and many more. Overall, one of the best sites for physics aficionados from around the globe.


Author Bio

Calvin P. Floydhas over six years of experience in the field of Education. He specializes writing articles on Education-related topics on his blog. He is presently working at physics cafe, a reputable presence in the education industry.

In COVID-19 Crisis, Localization is More Crucial than Ever for Auto industry

Let’s be candid. Q2 2020 will not be a time when people will be rushing to showrooms and springing for that sporty convertible or comfy sedan. Gas prices may be plunging, but few in the coronavirus pandemic crisis are thinking much about travel or even commuting. During the outbreak, most are not thinking of breaking out new wheels. The last thing they are longing for is that new-car smell.

That said, this is a time when the US auto industry, in both retail and manufacturing, should be preparing for, the day after. Sooner or later, there will come a recovery period when pent-up demand for new wheels will be released. One idea is to seek out translation services to localize websites and social media for target markets that can help businesses recover at that time. When it comes to cars, timing is everything.

The Future Growth of the Auto Industry Is With Multilingual Markets

Cars purchased by Spanish-speakers in the U.S have doubled in the past decade since 2010, according to Dealer Marketing, increasing 116%. Moreover, according to Univision, new car purchases by Hispanics are expected to increase by 8% in the next 5 years, compared to a decline of 2% in the overall market. Driving this trend is the growing income levels of the Hispanic population and the relatively young demographic of that group. Not only that, but 50% of Hispanic youth also buy a luxury vehicle as their first car.

This tendency has attracted the attention of leading automakers, MediaPost reports. Many car manufacturers have dedicated marketing departments targeting this demographic with TV spots and social media tailored to Hispanic tastes. Toyota, Honda, and Mazda have been pacesetters – but Ford is learning too, as exemplified by its successful video campaign for F-150 pickups celebrating “everyday heroes in Hispanic communities.”  A study confirms that Hispanic consumers respond overwhelmingly to campaigns recognizing their cultural distinctiveness.

The question arises as to whether now when so much is shut down, could be a clutch time to localize auto websites and social media to better serve Spanish consumers. Localization, after all, is an online activity that can be managed from home, requiring no face-to-face meetings. It can be carried out with a translation company, a dedicated localization agency, with freelancers and even – with caution and within limits – by machine translation. Here’s how to get started. ¡Vamonos!

Distinguishing Localization and Translation Services

Before delving into the how-to of a localization process, it’s important to distinguish localization from translation. Translating a website or marketing content is a core activity from one language to another focuses only on the need to translate English to Spanish, but localizing the site involves a broader set of adaptions, such as adjusting currency and measurement units but also cultural sensitivity to content preferences. For marketing within the borders of the US, currency and measurement units are not relevant, but awareness of the nuances of Spanish most certainly is.

A successful localization process involves marketing translation but also adaptation of the content to a Hispanic audience. There is a famous story, now considered something of an urban legend, in which Chevrolet allegedly failed in launching the Nova in Mexico because “No va” in Spanish means “doesn’t go.” Whether true or false or somewhere in between, the tale points to the importance of linguistic sensitivity in naming, branding and marketing content generally.

Many translation agencies provide localization as well as interpretation services. This is a natural extension, of course, since translating from one language to the other is an essential part of the localizing process. Interpreting usually applies to spoken language in a live setting. Website localization is in part a technical challenge of adapting the site code to accommodate one or more additional languages. Often one company will do the coding while another will supply the linguistic adaptation.

Choosing a Translation and Localization Services Provider

Universal translation services and localization agencies are less affected by the current health crisis than others. Their industry is largely virtualized, operated remotely and outsourced to worldwide teams via the internet. Therefore, you can expect that the availability of services in this sector will be largely unaffected by local shutdowns. As in most things, you can start your search for localization partners by using those keywords together with others like “automotive” or “Spanish”. This will ensure that candidates have expertise in the language and the industry.

If it’s website localization you are seeking, you should merely indicate the website address and a brief description of the mission. Typically you can expect a response within a few hours, even in these disruptive days. The response will typically include a price-quote and a timetable. See out 5-7 initial candidates and then narrow that to 2-3 finalists. Follow up with clarifications about the process, personnel, and delivery. Rates in this industry are typically pegged to a per-word rate: while this is straightforward enough when translating documents, localizing a website is more complex. You should also clarify whether there is a guarantee included: reputable providers will fix any error found in their work, even after delivery and nominal approval. The period of this warranty ranges from a month to a year, the longer the better.

Considering Freelance and Machine Translation Options

If your budgets are tight – and whose isn’t these days – you may also wish to consider turning to freelance services or even free software translators. The former can find a freelance marketplace like Upwork and The latter you can find online at Google Translate, Microsoft Translator or DeepL.

While a Spanish translator can be had for a fraction of the rate of a translation agency – a rule of thumb might be one-half to one-third the price –this option will take more direct management on your part. And you may have no assurance of quality assurance for the translation. One option is to hire two translators – one to assure the quality of the other and provide a backup in case of sickness or unavailability, a concern in these uncertain days. Technical localization can be outsourced to a web services company.

Resist the temptation to rely too heavily on machine translation. While the quality of these AI-driven software bots has improved in recent years, they are still no match for expert human translation. The risk of embarrassing and culturally insensitive translations is just too high to risk. As GM may (or may not) have learned with the Chevy Nova, that just doesn’t go!

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