CCTV camera price in Bangladesh

In the modern day we are always concern about the digital security. Day by day it is becoming our headache and we are planning to resolve this problem. Now we are thinking that how we could solve this problem? One major solution for this project is CCTV camera. It can help you to look after your office, business, home and almost everything. From all over the world people are using CCTV for monitoring their daily work. Now, in this article we will discuss about how CCTV works and CCTV camera price in Bangladesh.


In the recent few years, in Bangladesh the technology has increased a lot at the same time there are some criminal activities occurring within the state. We need to ensure proper security for our home, office and every sectors of life. Through CCTV camera we can see the live feed. So it will be easy for us to monitor the whole scenario. If we think about your office like you are running a business and it is tough for you stay in office as you are running some other businesses. Now the facility you will have from the CCTV camera is you can monitor it from the outside by using a simple mobile or computer. Now if anyone make any mistake there is good chance to make a quick action. So, if we talk about the security CCTV camera will definitely play a vital role in our daily life.

Now let me tell you something about the popular categories & prices of CCTV camera in Bangladesh

The popular brands of CCTV camera in Bangladesh are

  1. Dahua
  2. Hikivison
  3. Jovision
  4. Avtech
  5. CP Plus

The common Types are

  1. Fixed
  2. TPZ
  3. 360 degree

Video Resolution

  1. VGA
  2. HD
  3. Full HD

The special features that you might have from these cameras are

  1. Water proof
  2. Two-way-talk
  3. cloud see

Let’s see the top rated cameras in Bangladesh and their prices

Dahua DH-HAC-HDW1200EM-A Water-proof Eyeball Camera


  • It has a camera resolution of 2 Mega Pixel
  • Lens-3.6mm fixed
  • IR distance-50m
  • water proof

Price: 3050 BDT

Dahua HAC-HDW1000R 1MP Dome Type Camera


  1. It has a resolution of 1 megapixel to 720 pixel
  2. Lens 3.6 mm fixed
  3. IR distance -20m

Price: 1950 BDT

Dahua HAC-T1A21 2MP HDCVI IR Eyeball Camera


  • Camera resolution is 2 megapixel
  • 6mm
  • IR distance-20mm

Price: 2450

HikVision DS-2CE16C0T-IRP HD IR bullet camera


  • Sensor: 1Mega pixel CMOS Image Sensor
  • Lens is 3.6mm
  • IR range: It could be up to 20m

Price: 1500 BDT

Jovision JVS-A830-XYC Dome AHD Camera


  1. 1/3’ CMOS image sensor
  2. IR range : It could be up to 25m

Price: 2500 BDT



  • Image Sensor is 1/3.5″ CMOS
  • Resolution could be 800TVL
  • Lens is 4/6/8/12/16/25.0mm

Price: 7500 BDT



  • 1/3″ Fulhan CMOS is available
  • 800TVL / 0.1Lux /
  • IR Cut Filter

Price: 3800 BDT

Final few words

I hope this article will help you a lot to get a basic CCTV camera price and so on. If you like to know more about us please give your opinion by commenting.

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