Cleaning Your Gun: How to Maintain Your Firearm

If you’re a gun owner, you understand the importance of keeping your equipment clean. You are less likely to encounter problems with a clean, well-maintained firearm. Considering the dangers of firearms, you want to ensure you don’t have any problems with your weapon.

This guide will cover some basic tips you can apply to ensure your gun functions correctly and you don’t have any problems. We’ll cover how to clean your firearm using the tips shared by experts. Let’s dive into this post.

Make Sure It’s Cleaned Regularly

Many gun owners live by the rule that you need to clean your gun after using the equipment. This is good practice, and it’s something they teach you in the army. However, if you carry around your firearm on a day to day basis, you should clean your weapon more frequently.

A gun can get dirty even if you don’t use it because of the environment. As I’m sure you’ll have noticed, anything that is well oiled and is left outside quickly gets covered in a layer of grime. Dust and other forms of dirt will stick to and collect on your gun as you carry it around in your holster or in your vehicle. Moreover, in humid weather, metal will slowly corrode over time.

If you carry your gun around and don’t have it secured in a climate-controlled environment, you should regularly clean your equipment. It is recommended to clean your gun every week, even if it’s not being used. Ideally, if you are using your gun, you should strip and clean the weapon at the end of each training session.

Remove Direct The Right Way

It’s important to clean your gun thoroughly every time. The most efficient way to remove dirt from your firearm is by using ultrasonic cleaning equipment. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, ultrasonic cleaning is where you clean a piece of equipment using high-frequency vibrations. You place the object you want to clean in the ultrasonic tub, which is filled with an ultrasonic cleaning solution.

When turned on, vibrations pass through the liquid and hit against the object placed inside the solution. The vibrations impact against the surface, removing the layers of dirt. At the end of the cleaning cycle, the surface of the objects placed in the solution will be completely clean.

You should then lubricate your gun. It’s important to lubricate all of the moving parts in your weapon, so any actions occur smoothly and nothing catches.

After thoroughly cleaning and oiling your firearm, you should apply a protective coating to the surfaces. The protective coating will stop corrosion. You want to make sure the coating you apply is suitable for the place where you’re storing your weapon. For example, you would use a different coating for a gun that you carry in your holster to a gun that is placed in a sealed environment controlled location in your home.

Take Care Of Your Weapon

You must take good care of your weapons if you want them to work properly. Good weapons maintenance starts by making sure you clean your weapon regularly. You should clean your firearm after every time it’s used. You should also clean your firearm at regular intervals, even when it is not in use.

Make sure to use proper equipment to clean your weapon. We recommend using a suitable ultrasonic cleaner to clean your weapon. You should then oil the weapon before finally applying a protective coating to the surface.