Easy Ways To Turn A House Into A Sweet Home



Ever wondered what is the difference between a house and a home? Let me tell you. A house is made up of walls built out of bricks while the home is made up of people, their sentiments, their existence, their rituals, how they decorate it and everything related to them. The biggest irony is that we easily get caught up in the world full of materialism where visible beauty is more valuable than the sentiments and feelings.

The house is a house until there is someone who enjoys their life being there. A house, be it an apartment, palace, bungalow, or cottage cannot become a home until the people belonging there are happy and content.

If you too want your house to turn into a lovely home, so stay tuned and keep scrolling to find the easy ways of bringing up your own home sweet home.

1. Eat together

I remember my Grand MA setting this rule of eating together, be it the breakfast, much or dinner or supper everyone must be present at the dining table no matter how full or bloated they feel. I, a kid never understood the reason behind but as the time passed, I realized what it was for. Today, I see our generation being drifted apart from their family despite living in the same house because of the modernization where everyone is busy with their own schedules and they could barely spare time for one another. Which results in communication gaps ending up in creating misunderstandings among all and leading towards an unhealthy home environment.

If we bring back this ritual of eating together, (Ok, I agree we have different timings because of different jobs and studying patterns) at least once in a day, we would be able to love and understand each other by talking to them and understanding what a family feels like. Sit and decide what time is suitable for every member of the family to be there on the dining table and set your eating together routine accordingly.

2. Own everything in the house

The furniture, walls, curtains and the other details are non-living, right? But you can give them a life by owing them completely. Keep the check and balance of what needs to be renovated and what requires a repair or fix. The Ashley furniture coupons may help you to find some best solutions in case you feel your furniture needs to be replaced.

Taking care of every little detail of the things in your house keeps it livelier and trust me, even the walls start breathing when loved by heart! Wow so fascinating. I know, right?

3. Plants

If you live in a home and don’t own any of the plants, I seriously doubt you being alive or pretending to be the one. Be it the smallest pot having some fresh colorful flowers or the entire garden itself depending upon the space in your home, you need to keep the green life alive!

Plants are the best friends when it comes to giving the positive vibes and creating the peaceful, calmer and fresh environment in your surroundings. They are an absolute pleasure for the sight and soul. Take very good care of the plants you own and if you don’t have any, it’s the best time to grab and pamper some of the babies (Plants, lol) and treat your eyes and soul with the pinch of nature’s love.


Life is a gift which is granted once, make sure you are doing it right and you make the most of it and try to impact the people in your surroundings in a positive way, start from your home, make it a better place to live where people have their values and are respected by everyone. Plant more trees and keep the freshness alive by letting the fresh flowers having beautiful fragrances in your house.

Love your home as you love your family, own it and show that it is being loved by you. Maintain the tidiness and keep everything up to date by following the home décor trends and keeping the soul of the home rather house alive.

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