Environmental Impact of Auto Recycling


In Australia, usually when we think of recycling we think of plastic bottles and household rubbish. But did you know that one of the major items that can be recycled is your car?

Half a million cars are disposed of in Australia each year – but that doesn’t mean they are destined for the landfill or harming the environment.

Thanks to CarRemoval companies, more and more Australians are finding that they can recycle their unwanted car, and get Money for cars Sydney, in an eco-friendly way.

WhatCan Be Recycled from Your Car?


Your car is made up of a wealth of materials, especially metals including steel, aluminium, cobalt, zinc, platinum, palladium and more.

Thanks to these metals in cars, cars make for an infinitely recyclable source with millions of tons of steel being recycled each year.

One example is that up to 99% of car batteries are recycled, which is important because dumped car batteries can lead to highly toxic leaks of sulphuric acid and other harmful substances.

The metals in cars are separated magnetically, melted down and then reused as sheet metal.

The reuse of scrap metal is far more environmentally friendly than the production of new metals and not to mention, they don’t lose their strength.


17 million tyres are estimated to be dumped each year in Australia. A large proportion of those tyres are dumped in a landfill or burnt which creates significant air pollution as well as poisonous effects on the nearby environment.

Thanks to Auto Recycling businesses, tyres can be recycled or put to good use instead of leaving a harmful environmental impact.

Other Materials

A car’s metal framework isn’t the only thing that can be recycled.

Many cars contain a lot of plastics with the average car having up to 200 kg of plastic parts.

The recycling of these plastics is a key a reason why car wreckers and recyclers are paramount to eco-friendly recycling in Australia.

Other recyclable materials include your car’s oils, glass and other interior materials, and by recycling these you can reduce the overall quantity of materials going to waste at a landfill.


Why the Auto Recycling Industry Matters

Car removal companies are an important asset in the push for an eco-friendly Australia. By using acar recycling business, you can reduce any contribution to air pollution, chemical leaks and other harmful effects to the environment.

With a single car holding tonnes of recyclable materials, they can be equivalent to or more than the recyclable materials disposed of each year by a household.

Not only do they allow car owners to dispose of their car in an eco-friendly way, they can also be rewarded with a notable payment for their vehicle.

Thankfully, Australia is catching on – more cars being recycled each year than ever, which is all the more important due to Australia’s rapidly increasing population.

In conclusion, if you have an unwanted car, perhaps consider doing the environment a favour and dispose of your car in an eco-friendly manner.

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