FAQs about Dominica citizenship

Dominica citizenship can be availed easily if you hire an agent who has been licensed by the Dominica government. There are two ways for getting the citizenship- one is to invest in the real estate and other is to donate in any Dominica government programs. The process is very simple and you will have to provide all the required documents and within a span of 2 to 3 months your Dominica citizenship will be provided. You can use this citizenship for Dominica passport for visiting 130 + countries and the citizenship will remain with you for generation after generation.

This investment program for availing Dominica Citizenship has grown very popular and most of the people are availing it. If you have any confusion related to the process or any other thing then here are some frequently asked questions that might solve your query.

  1. What is the investment program of Dominica citizenship?

Ans: Dominica citizenship is an investment program where a person will have to make an investment either as a single applicant or provide a family application in order to get citizenship. They will have to invest in any real estate project or make a donation for qualifying for the process of Dominica citizenship.

  1. Can one send the application for citizenship directly to the Dominica government?

Ans: One will not have the liberty of sending the application of citizenship directly to the Dominica government. They will need to hire any authorized agent who has been licensed by the government. They are the ones who are going to submit this citizenship application to the Dominica government.

  1. Can one visit Dominica when the citizenship by investment application is still under processing? 

Ans: There are no boundaries when it comes to visiting Dominica even if your citizenship application is under process. Any tourists can visit this place for encountering the beauty of the island and you will definitely enjoy a pleasant stay here.

  1. Why people are suggesting to invest in the Sanctuary Rainforest Eco Resort And Spa?

Ans:Sanctuary Rainforest Eco Resort and Spa is a real estate project that has been constructed and developed by the government and is currently under the investment program of Dominica citizenship. This is one of the major reasons why people are suggesting to invest in this real estate and at the same time, it will also provide you with numerous benefits.

  1. How to avail the second passport quickly?

Ans: Availing the second passport is very easy because it won’t take more than two to three months for you to obtain the Dominican passport. You will get the passport in 2-3 weeks after being naturalized as the Dominican citizen.

  1. Will the information remain confidential?

Ans: Yes, all the information that you are providing will be confidential and will not be shared by any government. It is the duty of the licensed agent to keep all the information related to the applicant confidential.

These Dominica citizenship faqs are going to answer all your basic queries related to the process.


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