Five ways to intelligently fill the space under the bathtub to increase the usable area of ​​the room

The Bathroom is very rarely a large premise. Therefore, the main task of any owner is to rationally use every square foot so that it is possible to place all the necessary things. If it seems to you that you have already used all imaginable angles and placement, and half of the items did not work out compactly, then you have not thought about the space under the Bathroom. Here are some helpful ideas on how to use this area wisely.

  1. Equip the laundry box

Consider an alternative if your Bathroom does not fit the laundry basket, and you have to place it in your bedroom or kitchen. A container with a hinged door and a metal mesh located under the Bathroom will solve all your problems and help save precious meters in the Bathroom.

  1. Make a vertical box.

There is usually a lot of free space between the Bathroom and the wall, and it would be an absolute crime not to find a use for it. The best option is to place a small vertical storage box there. Depending on its size, you can put shampoos, balms, shower gels, household chemicals, cosmetics, small towels there, thereby freeing up space on the wall shelves for other things. Such a box can be easily made to ordering vanity store. If you do not have the financial ability to buy this product, make it yourself from plywood. Put the finished box on the wheels. It will look like a bottle holder for the kitchen.

By the way, if suddenly you are lucky, and after the repair, there is a lot of space left between the wall and the Bathroom, you can easily equip a convenient niche there for a full-fledged cabinet.

  1. Place shelves and drawers under the Bathroom

Buy shelves in any desperate situation! These small interior details can save any, even the smallest, room. They take up little space, but at the same time, they can accommodate many jars, bottles, tubes, and other things. The modern floating vanity can also help you hide a lot of things.

To have functional shelves under the Bathroom, you will need to buy a screen equipped with compartments with doors. It will be closed with furniture fittings or with a hidden mechanism. The second option will be better, since you can open the door, behind which the shelves are invisible, with one touch of your hand. Closing is even easier – it is snapped into place by door closers. Unfortunately, this option will not be cheap, since these drawers and shelves are made to order, like those of a chest of drawers. But there is also a positive side – you will not regret this purchase for a second.

  1. Place a screen under the bathtub.

The easiest and most popular way to hide stuff under the bathtub is to put a screen. It comes in different types. But if you want to use the space wisely, you need to purchase a sliding or swing structure, not a stationary one. This way, you can get an extensive storage system to use. There it will be possible to have household chemicals, hygiene supplies, towels, and many other things, without which you will not be able to take water procedures. In addition, sliding screens allow space under the Bathroom to be kept accessible. In the event of pipe breakage, the plumber will be able to carry out repair work without delay.

  1. Place containers for small items on the wall

The space between the wall and the Bathroom can be used in another way. Beautiful containers will help you with this. Since we agreed to put the washing machine on the floor, placing the baskets on the wall is better. The best option is to place them on metal tubes. Thus, there will be no chaos in the room, and all storage systems will be at hand. These containers can store towels, washcloths, hygiene items, even clothes, and bedding if you don’t have enough room in your bedroom. All in your hands.

So that you can always find the item you need in the basket, hang a small lamp over it. It will play a functional role and an aesthetic one, adding coziness to the Bathroom. When choosing a sconce, please pay attention that it is moisture resistant. Also, try to position it as far as possible from the shower stall or bathtub so that it does not get splashed.