Furnishing your modern apartment with affordable Interior designing by FCI London


With all the political and economic uncertainty that has been occasioned by BREXIT, it’s interesting to note that the property market continues to blossom and boom. London’s prime residential market slowed down after the BREXIT vote in 2016.

This, however, didn’t slow down the demand for modern apartments. Spurred by demand from the so-called generation rent, high end and luxury modern apartments have sprung up from Chelsea to Kensington, Knightsbridge, and basically all over the city.

Over the last 10 years or so, we’ve noted an increase in the number of young families, professionals, students, who can’t afford to purchase a property in London. Consequently, a thriving build-to-rent sector has emerged and is thriving.

According to estimates and projections by Price Waterhouse Coopers, about 60% of Londoners are expected to be living in rental accommodation by the year 2025. Getting a good modern apartment that’s within your budget is the easy thing. Once you’ve paid the deposit and rent, you’ll need to furnish it.

Unlike in the past when original designer furniture had to be imported at exorbitant prices, things have really changed! Nowadays, there are many reputable dealers selling high-quality, affordable contemporary furniture to furnish your apartment.

FCI London is one such example. It’s arguably one of the best contemporary furniture suppliers in London. Here, they combine style, durability, affordability, and a bit of luxury in their products.

Affordable Interior Furniture Design – Don’t Limit Yourself!

So, you’ve just bought your first house or rented an apartment within the city. You’re excited, you love the interior design, the amenities and facilities are just what you’ve always dreamt of. But at the back of your mind, you aren’t fully settled. You yearn to deck out your new space with your style of choice; you can visualize what you want and exactly where you want it.

Well, the good thing is that the furniture market in London is friendlier than the property market, at least in terms of cost and flexibility of payment methods. For those of us that grew up in London in the 80s, 90s and early 2000s, our parents would visit a furniture dealer and shop for all the furniture pieces needed in a new home. Often, such furniture would be ready-made. But today things are being done quite differently. Furniture dealers can design custom-made furniture, based on the customer’s preferences and specifications.

Here’s a Guide on Furnishing Your Modern Apartment with Affordable Interior Furniture

  1. Know your apartment: most modern apartments in London come complete with developments like electricity, gas, Wi-Fi, fitness centers, and so on. Only a few are fully furnished, and such apartments will cost you an arm and a leg. Most professionals and average salary earners prefer buying their own furniture to furnish their apartments. By doing so, they are at liberty to pick an interior design style of their choice and preference.
  2. Short term rentals vs. long term rentals: if you’re planning to rent your modern apartment for the short-term, say six months or less, then clearly you want to be very careful with the furniture design and size you go for. Loading bulky furniture to a van after every few months can be quite a task. However, if you’re in it for the long term, if you plan to stay for years or even purchase the rental unit in the long run, you have no limitations whatsoever on your choice.  At FCI London, we have something for everyone. A cool three-seater sofa with removable cushions ideal for short-term tenants who often move from one property to the other. A whole set of sofas, durable and with a matching coffee table, recommendable for a long-term tenant with a small family or who doesn’t plan to move anytime soon. Get the drift?
  3. Contemporary design never disappoints: the beauty of contemporary design is that it is dynamic, easier to customize and doesn’t shy away from trying out new ideas.  Regardless of whether you’re a student whose main preoccupation is studying in your room, a bachelor still stocking his digs with household items, or a young family with kids; contemporary furniture design always looks great. Contemporary TV units, contemporary beds, contemporary kitchens, contemporary lighting: FCI London is your top dealer for all these and more in London. Point to note: often contemporary design plays around with black, white, and neutrals.
  4. Get your measurements right: before you step into that furniture dealer looking for affordable furniture for your modern apartment, ensure that you have your measurements right. A survey done by The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) some years back found out that about 47% of respondents felt they didn’t have sufficient space for all the furniture they owned! See, you can avoid such a situation by getting your measurement right.  Before you order that majestic 6X6 bed, make sure your bedroom is spacious enough to accommodate it. Here at FCI London, we encourage you to bring along measurements or photos of your apartment. Our professional interior designers can estimate and advice you accordingly. Alternatively, we can arrange FREE on-site visits where our designers come over and inspect your space before recommending the ideal type and design of furniture that would look great therein.

FCI London – who are we?

FCI London is a family-owned contemporary furniture showroom that has been serving residents of London and larger parts of the UK since 1985. Anytime you’re looking to furnish your modern apartment or flat with original, affordable furniture, we’re just a phone call away. Our team includes professional interior designers and a super talented installation team. We’ll help you fit and arrange the new furniture, advise you on planning and the best space utilization practices.  Visit FCI London furniture showroom today and pick your favourite contemporary furniture from over 700 different brands sourced from across the world.


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