Hidden meaning in logos

How can you clearly and concisely transform thoughts into an image, create a certain associative array in the viewer and transfer the meaning of a trademark into an easy and memorable form? Many creative professionals are fighting for the title of who will come up with and design the most appropriate and correct design solution in the field of logo creation. The first thing that a client or consumer sees is stored in his memory.

Why is it so important and what function does it perform

The logo acts as the first point of contact between business and the outside world. It is an integral part in the implementation and promotion of a brand, as it is designed to create a certain associative array among customers. In the world of information technology, it is very important for a business to have its own unique, branded features in order to be noticeable against the background of its competitors.

Top logos with hidden meaning

It takes a lot of creativity, design work, hidden meaning, and a little courage to create a logo. Which companies have succeeded in making it happen?

  1. Apple

The first line contains the logo of the most famous company. The original version was not at all what we are used to seeing it. The image contained not only the apple, but also Isaac Newton himself, but in further layouts it was decided to remove his portrait. Although some talk about the logo as something mysterious, comparing it to the apple of the Garden of Eden, this is not confirmed by anything. Steve Jobs himself just liked the sound of “apple”. And the famous bite “is made so that no one confuses the fruit with the cherry.

  1. McDonald’s logo

Who is not familiar with the branded products of this restaurant chain? But few people know the history of the logo. The famous golden arches were part of the restaurant chain’s design, and the “M” shape has a very interesting meaning as it represents a pair of breasts that are feeding mammals.

  1. Starbucks

This chain is famous not only for the delicious coffee, but also for the image of the Sietlov siren on the logo. The original picture is of a naked woman with two tails, but the decision was made to slightly modify this image by cutting off the most piquant parts.

  1. Walt Disney

Miracles happen in everyday life – the first association that unwittingly breaks out at one glance at this logo. The famous castle belongs to one of the heroines of Disney fairy tales – Cinderella. And the font in which the logo of the same name is written was not made by Walt himself, but by an employee of his company. In a word, Walt Disney himself is not directly related to the creation of this logo, it turned out by chance, but many people remember it for its uniqueness.

  1. YouTube

This site has been popular since 2005. And together with the creation of the brand, the company created its logo. It is clearly labeled with a red gradient. Minimalism is at the heart of this logo. One of the few logos that have undergone not colossal, but frequent changes in their design. Initially, it had a conditional division into a black inscription “You” and a white word “Tube” on a red rectangle. Only in 2017, with a sharp jump in the popularity of this video hosting among users, there was a fundamental update of the logo, and now the red play button is in front of the word. This decision is due not only to the fact that such a design has become more complete and understandable for viewers, but also to the fact that the button was a direct association, because YouTube is a platform in which the “Play” button is the main one, which means that it should show off on company logo.