How long does it take to have results with SEO?

Because digital marketing is a growing area, it’s common that people ask themselves some questions. One of them is: “how long does it take to have results with SEO?”.

Well, this is actually a natural question for entrepreneurs and professionals who are putting efforts and money into a marketing campaign.

This happens because the objective of any of these people will be to have the best results possible with the actions.

In this sense, we will cover the most important aspects that will influence the time a SEO result will take to be seen.

Something important to keep in mind is that Google and other search engines are based on several ranking aspects. Therefore, the answer for this burning question, unfortunately, isn’t very easy.

What is necessary to have good SEO results

There are many aspects to be considered when determining the requirements for a good SEO result for a company.

While working at Upsites Agência de Criação de Sites/SEO, it was possible to determine some of the most important variables to have good SEO results. They are:

  1. Website traffic compared to competitors;
  2. How the website is designed
  3. How does the company has this domain;
  4. The quality of the produced content;
  5. What is the target market;
  6. Among others.

So it’s possible to see that good SEO results isn’t so simple. However, if qualified professionals work in the company’s SEO project, it’s possible to see a great difference in the speed and quality of SEO results.

Are there strategies to make SEO to work faster?

In digital marketing, there is always a new product or strategy available in the market. And it’s the same for SEO.

And even though new opportunities and challenges arise every day, some strategies are already known for helping companies have faster results with SEO.

1. Use SEO Local

Google is the most used search engine worldwide, and so they have created a new and very interesting tool for companies.

This is called SEO local, and it’s a tool provided by Google to further improve the results presented by it.

If a store, hair salon, clinic or any other locally-based establishment has all the important information about the business online, it’s more likely that people will buy directly from the website or even arrive to the company with a clear objective.

It’s possible because SEO local works according to Google Maps’ localization of the person, showing the closest attractions or establishments to this public.

2. Optimize the website of the company

As part of the strategies to have SEO results faster, it’s important to optimize the website so that the search engines are able to find it.

This optimization includes:

  1. To have a beautifully and clearly organized website;
  2. To make the company’s target market know about the website existence;
  3. To attract better leads for landing pages and therefore have better results.

3. Constantly publish content on the blog

Finally, something that is very basic and essential for any SEO result to be faster, is to publish good quality texts for the target market.

This communication must have a defined periodicity, and especially answer for the questions of the target market.

Use Google as your lab for experiments

As it was possible to realize during the text, it is very hard to measure how long does it take to have results with SEO.

In order to do so, however, it’s necessary to constantly use Google as a lab for experiments.

Only by knowing in depth the target market, it will be possible to achieve better and faster results related to SEO.

So the use of the available tools and strategies, added to tests and analysis on Google, will result in faster SEO results for the companies.

Count on professional help to make your SEO results even better

Because having good results with SEO is not an easy task, it’s important to use experienced professionals to make it happen.

When a company or individual entrepreneur hires an SEO Consultancy, all of it becomes more fluid, agile and easy to manage.

So don’t think it’s going to be an expense, but an important investment for the future of your business.

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