How Many Plants You Can Grow with an ACMPR License from Cannabis Growing Canada

Receiving an ACMPR license from the help of Cannabis Growing Canada means that you’ll be able to grow hundreds of cannabis plants from home. But exactly how many plants can you grow with an ACMPR license? That’s the real question, and the answer is not as simple as you might think.

There are a few things to factor in when trying to determine your legal number of homegrown cannabis plants. The answer is not cut-and-dry, but instead, the number of legal plants grown with an ACMPR license varies from patient to patient. Here’s everything you need to know about plant counts, Health Canada, and staying legal.

Your Healthcare Practitioner Has the First Say in Plant Counts

The very first step in receiving an ACMPR personal production license is to meet with a healthcare practitioner. In order to receive a legal medical grow license from the government, the government officials need to see that a doctor or NP recommends and prescribes medical marijuana as the best treatment method for you.

The amount of marijuana prescribed by a healthcare professional is always in a “grams per day” format. A prescription written for 5 grams per day means that the doctor suggests 5 grams of marijuana per day for treating your condition.

Prescription Size Determines Plant Counts

Prescriptions range dramatically, anywhere from 1 or 2 grams per day to 95 grams per day – it depends on the doctor you use as well as your current medical conditions. The higher the grams-per-day amount, the more plants you’ll be legally allowed to grow.

You can receive your medical RX face-to-face with a doctor who supports medical marijuana, but this is the most difficult way to do it. Every Canadian knows that it can take months before a doctor will see you. Even when that happens, there’s no way of knowing if a doctor will write an RX for medical marijuana or if it will be for the amount you’re hoping for.

The solution is to partner with an ACMPR consulting service that has compassionate doctors at its disposal. Take Cannabis Growing Canada as an example; the company has partnered with several healthcare professionals, all of whom are willing to prescribe high prescription amounts (up to 95 g/day) to their patients.

Grow Location is Another Determining Factor for Plant Counts

Once you’ve receieved your official medical marijuana prescription, the work is not yet done. The next step is to fill out an ACMPR application. On that application, you’ll see a section dedicated to the intended grow location. In other words, where do you plan on growing – inside, outside, or a combo of the two?

Think long and hard before completing this section, your answer is another determining factor to your legal plant count. Since outdoor plants are generally much larger in size, an ACMPR license for outdoor growing will allow a lesser number of plants than indoor growers. If you choose to take advantage of both indoor and outdoor cultivation, keep in mind that you won’t be able to grow in both locations at the same time.

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