How to Make Your Small Home Feel Spacious

Living in large cities often makes a truly spacious home unaffordable for many. In your small home, your space may be limited but the right tricks and tips from expert interior designers could get you thinking about how to make better use of your space. 

The right furnishings, layouts, tricks, and tips for organization can provide space for activities and storage that gives your home a sleek, clean appeal. Plan your furniture layout with larger pieces against the wall to create an open space layout. If choosing furniture, use smaller dimensions and stackable and expandable tables that can be converted when not in use.

Consider a Barn Door

One trick or tip that can actually provide your home with more space is changing your doors to sliding doors with low clearance barn door hardware rather than doors that swing out taking up valuable space. This practical change can add beauty and charm as well as maximize usable space. 

The space you regain can be used for functional furniture or decor that adds your personal aesthetic to your home. Install the low profile barn door using a hardware kit. These sliding doors can be used anywhere, including the laundry room, pantry, closets, kitchen, bathrooms, showers, or bedrooms. Depending on the door and your preferences, wood, glass, and many other stylish options are available. You can choose from rustic chic or modern contemporary for your personal style.

Organize and Declutter

When planning the layout of your living room furnishings, you may want to consider a love seat instead of a sofa, or a daybed or chaise. Organize your home and declutter as you create your more spacious appeal. Storage should be present in every room. Use shelves to maximize vertical space and give the illusion of spaciousness. 

Bookshelves and wall shelves also allow more organization and storage space. Bookshelves can also be used as room dividers to separate space or stacked to give more ceiling to floor spaciousness. Your organization system can include placing loose items taking up table space into decorative boxes and use those boxes as decoration for shelves. A dresser or chest of drawers can be used as a TV table and also provide storage.

Furnish Strategically

Storage should be in every room of your home. Think about the usefulness of all furnishing. Be strategic with your layout means selecting highly usable furniture rather than many different pieces. In each room of your home, you should figure out activities that are going to take place and provide the right furnishings to perform those activities. You want to add single items that serve multiple purposes. Foldable furniture may save space but the idea of transforming your living quarters every night into a bedroom and returning it to the place for activities during the day does not provide the hominess or ease of having dedicated space for all activities.

Create a Feeling of Spaciousness

Clutter-free living space can be achieved with the right storage and organization. Storage minimizes clutter by keeping it out of sight. Storage boxes can be placed under the bed, on shelves in closets, and on book and wall shelves. Furniture that features storage compartments can make it even easier to achieve the clean uncluttered look that makes your home appear more spacious. Other tips on creating a feeling of spaciousness include using a light color pallet for furniture to help it blend into the walls and rugs. Using clear and transparent décor, such as tables and shelves, gives your space an open airy feel and tables made of clear acrylic can double as seating.

Don’t Forget the Lighting

Lighting can also make your home look more spacious and mirrors reflect natural lighting as well as give the illusion of more space. Using wall and over-the-door hooks can allow you to keep clutter off tables and activity spaces. 

Although these simple tips and tricks have you thinking about fresh ideas, you may still want to talk to an interior design professional to get an in-home consultation or an interior designer who specializes in making the most of small homes. Your small home can save you money on rent per square foot and on the cost of utilities. Using the right tips and tricks, you can achieve a more spacious feel and appeal.

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