How to Save Energy Using Natural Light In Your Home

Natural light makes a home feel warmer and inviting. Apart from that, natural light helps to reduce energy usage and save you on utility bills. With the rise of energy costs, it makes sense to rely on sunlight instead of using light fixtures. Although some homes are designed to receive more natural light than others, there are various ways you can increase natural light in your home.

Even though there are different types of properties in Dubai, apartments are the most common. Currently, there are numerous apartments for sale in Dubai even in prime locations. For instance, you will find various apartments for sale in Palm Jumeirah. Alternatively, you can choose the several off plan projects by Emaar Properties, which is one of the most popular developers in Dubai.

But before you dream of owning these hot properties, here are some ways to add a touch of light to your current home:

  1. Open the curtains

This is one of the easiest ways to allow more natural light in your house. Every morning when you wake up, make sure you have switched off the lights and open the curtains. Depending on the weather of the day, opening the curtains can offer sufficient natural light to brighten the whole house.

2. Hang mirrors on the walls

This is another simple way to increase natural light in your house. Normally, mirrors reflect light. Therefore, if you hang the mirrors strategically, the natural light will be amplified, which will brighten up the whole house. Hanging mirrors is a great way to maximize the natural light that streams through the windows.

3.Trim the fence

If you have a live fence, sometimes it may overgrow and block natural light from entering your house. Walk around the perimeter and trim the fence, especially near the windows. In fact, you should trim the fence regularly.

4. Rearrange furniture

The way you have arranged your furniture in your house can impact the penetration of natural light. For instance, tall furniture like the dresser or bookcases should not be placed in front of windows. Actually, they should be positioned perpendicular to the wall with windows. This way, they will not block natural light.

5. Paint the walls

If your home has dark-coloured walls, it may not reflect enough light. Normally, dark colours absorb light while bright colours reflect light. So, painting the walls in bright colours can amplify the natural light in your house. When painting the walls, keep in mind that glossy finish is more reflective than matte and satin finishes.



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