How to Write a Dissertation? Tips

Tips On How to Write a Dissertation

A dissertation is an academic essay based on original research. You will be asked to provide this long piece of writing to get your master’s or Ph.D. degree. Some universities might even make it a requirement to get a bachelor’s degree.

It might be intimidating to complete this writing task after your research work. This happens to everybody because of the weight that a dissertation carries in your educational pursuit. Utilize the tips below to produce good graduate coursework.

Select Your Research Subject in A Cautious Manner

It is crucial to select a topic that is engaging, meaningful, and relevant to the academic community. Your research subject should fall in line with your career goals. Use your dissertation as an avenue to display your intellectual perspective and ideas towards an area of specialization.

Don’t choose a topic that won’t arouse your interest. If you need ideas, look into journals, publications, course documents, and online resources. Also, consult the help of online essay service if you need a lead on a research question.

Research On the Structure of The Dissertation

A thesis will likely have four, five, or six chapters depending on your field of interest. The popular structure of this academic document in the sciences and humanities is as follows.

  • The introductory section to your research subject.
  • The literature review on past experiments on the research topic.
  • Overview of your method or approach to solving the problem.
  • The results of your research.
  • Examination of the consequences of your results.
  • The conclusion that declares the contributions of your research.

Among this structure, you might also be required to include a table of content, reference list, title page, list of figures, and abstract.

Look Into the Requirements of a Dissertation

The importance of this tip cannot be emphasized. Find out the standard of grading an academic write-up in your field of interest. Look into your faculty’s referencing style guides, module handbooks, and ethics requirements. This step will help you stir away from unnecessary pitfalls.

Also, what word count is required from the dissertation?  Furthermore, find out about the submission deadline and criteria for academic writing.

Don’t Duplicate Another Person’s Work

Plagiarism involves the art of copying someone else’s work without giving the author sufficient credit. It is a solid crime in the academic world. Even though most students know that plagiarism isn’t right, they might commit it by mistake or carelessness.

Look thoroughly at the sources you used for your research. Utilize a reference list and in-text citation to acknowledge the author. An online plagiarism checker is also important. Your work should be 100% unique.


Don’t underestimate the time it will take to complete your dissertation. Set an outline plan in front of yourself. Reread and review every segment of your academic write-up.

Also, remember that it is easy to forget minute details while editing such a large academic document. Do the necessary spell checks and check your phrases. Once you do this, you are on your way to being a renowned academician.