Importance of Toddler Songs in Child Development and Learning

At the early stages of their life itself, children start to identify the rhythms and also move to bests of music. Music can touch the souls of all. Considering these, music also offers some cognitive benefits which support in early child development. In this article, we will discuss the significant benefits of getting new toddler’s songs for the growth and development of your toddlers.

Reasons why toddler songs can help in child development

  1. Good songs and music can help increase sensory development in kids

Sensory development is primarily done through taste, textures, and colors etc., and music also has the same impact. Exposing the kids to various types of music and songs will help create a connective pathway among the cells in their brain. This increases when you link the songs to various activates which the preschoolers need to know.

    2. Songs can help enhance numeracy and literacy

At an early age, babies can understand the difference between various types of words. It is noted that babies will be able to distinguish between their mother’s voice and other people’s voice in a few weeks. Exposure to songs and music will help enhance kids’ ability to decode words and sounds.

By singing meaningful nursery rhymes to kids, you may help them to identify sound patterns and learn it through repetitions. Adding to it, practicing music also helps kids to anticipate what next in a song and how to follows a sequential pattern. Mastering such skills will help them to build numeracy and literacy.

  3. Music as a mood booster

You have seen how mothers tuck their little ones in a lullaby to calm them down. Music has a mood-smoothening ability in elderly and kids alike. Just as how a good song can soothe a troubled child, new toddler songs can also help live their spirit to do things. You may try to use music to indicate their play time, food time, or sleep time, etc.

 4. Songs help build better coordination

Even when the kids aren’t able to understand the meaning of the lyrics of a song, they can follow the rhythm of it. You may have noticed how little children who haven’t even developed their baseline vocabulary dance for certain songs or shows interest in certain pieces of music than others.

 5. Song to help build the toddlers’ vocabulary

Even though the kids may not well understand words in a kid’s song, they tend to slowly develop a curiosity in knowing what the song is all about and what do the words mean. The storytelling types of kids’ song help ignite this curiosity and enhance their vocabulary. Take the example of the ABC song with which many kids think of the sequence as a word ‘elemenopee’ where it stands for “l-m-n-o-p.” Later, they identify it is not so, but the sequence of these sounds is better understood and remembered by them.

Teachers can help the kids to learn more words and identify the story of songs by explaining them. This also can be done more effectively by including their names also in the songs. This will further help to generate their interest in engaging more and thereby learning it much faster.