In-Home Consultation vs. Interior Designer: How to Get the Design Guidance You Need

You can get professional home design guidance from in-home-consultation or an interior designer. Any option is a good way to turn your home into a space you have always wanted. Nowadays, the internet has made the interior design industry very competitive. It is therefore important to learn about the different options to make an informed decision.

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In-home consultation

Retailers are nowadays hiring in-house consultants to make product recommendations to their clients. The consultant may not be necessarily an interior designer but have solid grasp of the products and how to use them.

The in-home consultant will take the measurements and try to match your needs with the store’s inventory. In most cases, in-home consultancy is project-oriented. So, if you want a complete overhaul of your house, you should expect to have more than one consults.

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The store will send you a list of suggestions, samples and other active information you may need. In other cases, the consultant may also act as a concierge to make purchases on your behalf.


  • If you need a specific product such as a sofa or love a certain brand, in-home consultation may be a great option for you.


  • Since in-home consultation is project-based, you will need to have your own strategy in place.


  • The cost of in-home consultation depends on the store selling the products. Some stores offer free consultation services while others charge a la carte.

Interior design

An interior designer usually needs a degree or diploma with a focus on interior design or interior architecture. In some countries, an individual has to be licensed to use the title. A professional interior designer creates functional and beautiful spaces with a selection of decorative items.

Depending on the type of the project, the interior designer may have to read blueprints or just stay in touch with the latest technology.


  • An interior designer will take care of all your decoration needs from the minutia to the bigger picture. If you are on the same page, the results can be impressive.


  • Interior designers are expensive compared to an in-home consultation.


  • Most interior designers charge on cost-plus, fixed rate, hourly rate or the square foot.

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