Incredibly underused SEO strategy


Have you tried a bunch of SEO strategies but have had no luck ranking? Well in this post,  I’m going to be revealing one simple SEO strategy that is incredibly underused.

Hi there, my name is Zukais and I’m an SEO consultant. I rank pages on Google for a living.

The strategy I am talking about here is LSI keywords.

So what are LSI keywords?

LSI simply stands for latent semantic indexing. It’s basically a fancy word of saying synonym. A synonym is just another way to say the same word. For example,  you could say another word for “ cold” is “ freezing” or “Low temperature” .

And that’s all you need to do,  add some LSI keywords into your post. But there’s a special way to find the best type of LSI keywords.

You see, Google recognises certain types of LSI keywords and they’re more valuable than others.

Here are some simple ways to find them:

Look at the bottom of the search results –  so all you’re doing here is typing into Google the keyword you want to rank for and click search. After you hit the search function, you want to scroll all the way down to where it says searches related to and there you will find a bunch of keywords which are considered LSI keywords.

Look at the bolded terms –  so what you’re going to do here is type your keyword into Google and click search. After you click search, look at the bolded terms in the meta descriptions. These bolded terms, Google considers to be LSI keywords and related to the topic.

Use the LSI graph tool –  this is a simple tool that I can use to get a bunch of LSI keywords. Simply go to the website and plug in your keyword into the search box. Hit search and you’ll get a bunch of LSI keywords.

So that’s literally it. That’s exactly how you find LSI keywords. It’s a simple but powerful strategy. Things like keyword stuffing and trying to get to the right keyword density doesn’t work at all.  You need to change your strategy, Google is simply too clever these days.

And a great strategy to help you rank on Google is to add LSI keywords into your articles. LSI keywords can be headings like H2 and H3 tags.  They can also be entire posts which you will internally link to your main post in order to rank better by creating relevancy.

If you’re looking to rank higher in the Google search engine, I would recommend checking out this post on ClickDo.

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