India VS Pakistan Rivalry in ICC Cricket World Cup 2019

Cricket World Cup 2019 is just three months away from happening and this year it will be hosted by India. Though, there is a lot of heat going on about CWC 2019 among the cricket nations, but India vs Pakistan is a whole new level. The long going rivalry between these two Asian nations dates back to the 1947. 70 years have past now, but the tensions on the bilateral borders remain constant.

The recent developments in this long going war between two countries are that 44 CRPF Jawans of Indian armed forces were killed by the Kashmiri Youth attack. The Incident happened on the road at which the Convoy carrying 2500 CRPF Jawanswere movingWatch ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Live Streaming Free Online with Live TV Channels Broadcast List. CWC 2019 Live Cricket Streaming starting from 30th May 2019 in England and Wales.

This news fell like an atomic bomb over the Indian citizens. They started blaming Pakistan as usual for this terrorist attack. But, what happened was a Kashmiri Youngsters who blasted himself in a suicide attack after getting abused and beat by CRPF jawans three years earlier.

After the attack, Indian media started blaming Pakistan for this tragic incident. Apart from it, the hatred among Indian citizens and public compelled Cricbuzz to remove all PSL data from their website. This was not it, the IMG Reliance who was providing equipment and facilities for PSL Live coverage, also backed off as a protest.

However, PSL is still Live Streaming all over the world and also on some Indian media platforms such as Airtel and Jio TV app. Following this, was a complete removal of cricket’s historical monuments from Indian Cricket clubs such as removal of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s photosPtv Sports can be accessed in multiple ways. If you own a tv then you can watch it live on your tv set but if you don’t have a TV in your home or office and you still want to get access to the live coverage of Ptv Sports then it is also possible by virtue of Ptv Sports Live Cricket streaming.

The ICC Cricket World Cup is to be hosted in India from 30th May 2019. And, just like old traditions these two nations will come across once again. So, this is going to be an epic cricket match in this season of world Cup, as the citizens of two countries all already talking about wiping each other from earths face.

The mega cricket match of the year is expected to be hosted on 22th May. This will be early to say that who will win this match, but the alarming situations across the borders have already created a hype.

Let’s take a look on the India vs Pakistan Cricket World Cup Stats.

After the eleven world Cups, India is yet to be beaten by Pakistan in a world cup match. But the overall, stats tell us otherwise. Pakistan has won more ODI matches against India then that of Men in Blue. Still, there are no clear predictions about the winning team of this match, as Pakistan defeated India in ICC Champions Trophy 2017 Final and lifted the trophy. Whereas, India took back the revenge, beating Pakistan two Asia Cup 2018 matches. Crictime – Watch Crictime Live Cricketstreaming. Crictimecom, Crictimes or crictimeme servers

Peace is inevitable between these two nations who thrive to provide better livelihood to their citizens. Unless then, a Nuclear War will happen. The winner will have nothing to celebrate while loser will not be there to see its defeat.