Investment Banking Courses In Mumbai With Exposure To Global Financial Operations

Mumbai is a financial hub. You will find the best investment banking courses in Mumbai. You are guaranteed placement in big firms when you choose to do a course from these institutes. You will be placed in banking sectors, boutique financial firms, and other equity firms after this certification. You are likely to get high packaged salary and get placed in the top most global companies. Most of the training institutes are well-equipped with library, computer labs, cafeteria, and auditorium.

Lucrative finance courses that boost your career

Entrepreneurs and finance executives can opt for these courses to gain mastery and make sound business decisions related to finances. You will have a better understanding about the cash flow and know how to make  financial decisions for an organization. The credit analyst course is useful for banking and finance professionals. You will know about various stages of credit risk, principles, fundamentals, and the process of credit analysis.

  • You will learn about many aspects of the financial statement analysis such as liquidity ratio, turnover, profitability, and market ratios. There are case studies and models of financial analysis that you will study.
  • You will know a good deal of lending process, procedures, and the steps involved. You will develop a realistic approach towards money.
  • Loan documentation, pricing, and regulations are also a part of the course in credit analysis. You will be able to raise loans for a company and accurately calculate risks.
  • You will understand the financial frameworks for various industries and undergo the process of access management.
  • You will understand how loan is classified in different countries and help organizations in borrowing loans after calculated risks.
  • You will know a great deal about asset classification, methods of resolving loan problems, identifying non-performing loans, and methods to prevent them.
  • You will understand the concept of letter of credit, types of credit letters, loan commitments, and the potential risk when choosing a loan model.
  • Companies and individuals who apply for loans will get appropriate advice from a credit analyst about the same.

Professional benefited by these courses

Banking professionals are highly benefited from these courses. You will be able to take crucial steps and avoid mistakes that cost companies a lot of money. Your inputs and services after being a certified professional are crucial to a company. Not only will you invest time and money calculatively but also protect valuable assets of the company.


The decisions you make on behalf of the company will lay a significant impact on the growth of the organization. You can opt for the roles of credit managers, credit analysts, branch and relationship managers. You can as well start an independent financial and business consultancy after these certification. The duration of most of these courses is up to 6 months. It will prove to be a competitive advantage for you to understand banking and loan structures when you learn this course. You will drive businesses to make correct financial decisions.

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