Mu Online Servers

Mu Online Servers

Hey, guys! How is your time going? Are you familiar with Mu online private servers? It is being used from all over the world and people are getting benefited every day. Today we will discuss with these topics.

Now let me tell you some popular Mu online private servers S13Ep1 NORESET

I think it will be a great news for the game lover. Its new version is already available in the market. Now, you can enjoy Great bosses and events every 1 hour. Take the thrill of gameplay. Real MU-Online style. S13 gaming project

Exciting S13 gaming skills are available. They are Rewarding Loot, Item market from players to players to web, Easy gameplay, starters gear, 24/7 Online, Players in the WEB and so many. Recently it is getting popularity and is one of the trusted private online server.

Arena Mu-Online S13

Arena Mu S1 Ep1 X500 is opening with an amazing configuration, exciting gameplay option, quite balanced PVP PVE 500+ online guaranteed. Now you can join this race and enjoy unlimited facilities.

Kill Mu High x500

It’s a premium servers with a lot of Website files. There is no more DC, Cash shop, auto party system. You will have grand reset system, referral system, Zen drop configured and a very good balance.

BalticMu –High x100

Here server is well equipped and developed. It has limited 2 Exc options no OP items, balanced PVP and PVM. There is an exclusive offer for referral system, reset and grand reset system, Zen drop configured and so many. You can save your money here.

Mu Mobile origin Europe

It is an exclusive Mu mobile Europe server. New class summoner. It’s an exclusive offer.

Old squad Mu Medium style

It’s main characteristics are no OFF attack/Off store, no Ees needed, low rate and maximum reset capabilities, Med economy system, professional support and a very big community.

It is one of the most trusted Mu online private server in recent times. Here servers are ranked by Votes IN.  It is developed in 2001 by company Webzen. Here you can play game with game client. Official Webzen server outside of Asia is naturally build on English protocol and maximum number of MU online private servers are built on that. Here you may find a lot of gaming version and directly you can play game with owner. Lots of gaming versions are available like 97v till the newest 13 version. Initially choose it from online private server, download the game client, extract and enjoy the game

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