New International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) Standard Updates


IEC 61897 2020 RLV contains the International Standard as well as its Redline version. This shows all the changes to the technical content in comparison to the previous edition. IEC 61897 – 2020 applies to aeolian vibrations dampers for single conductors, earth wires or conductor packages where dampers are attached directly to each subconductor. When specifying cables that are not listed above, the purchaser can adopt a portion of this document (e.g. All dielectric self-supporting optical cables, (ADSS), and optical ground wires. Some cases leave the decision of the buyer and supplier to agree on test procedures and values. These details are set out in the contract. Annexe A lists the minimal technical details that must be agreed upon between supplier and purchaser. When the test is for earth wires or conductors, the term “conductor” will be used throughout this document. The second edition replaces and cancels the 1998 edition. This edition is a technical revision. This edition contains the following technical changes in comparison to the previous edition. a) Take into account, in addition Stockbridge type aeolian vibratory dampers, spiral aeolian vibration retarders, and elastomeric-aeolian vibratory dampers. b) You should consider dampers for high temperature conductors. This includes additional clamp slip test results. c) Make it easier to evaluate damper effectiveness. d) Perform low-temperature testing on fasteners such as conical spring washers and breakaway bolts. e) Provide figures illustrating the main mechanical testing arrangements. Keywords: Overhead Lines, Aeolian vibration dampers


Molecular biomarker Analysis — A method for statistically evaluating analytical results obtained during testing sub-sampled populations of genetically modified grains and seeds — General requirements

This document outlines the requirements, procedures, and performance criteria to evaluate the genetically modified (GM), seeds/grains in a lot using a group testing strategy. It includes qualitative analysis of sub-sampled samples followed by statistical evaluation. This document can be used to estimate the GM content of a lot on a percentage basis. It is also applicable for testing towards a specific reject/accept criterion, and cases in which seed/grain lots have stacked events. This document does not apply to processed products. Try this Collection of latest standard from ISO, IEC, CEN, CENELEC, ETSI, and SIST</a> for examples.


Safety requirements for flow battery energy systems for stationary uses Part 2

IEC 62932-2:2020 covers stationary flow battery systems and their installations, with a maximum voltage of 1 500 V DC. This is in accordance with IEC 629332-1. This document outlines the requirements and testing methods for risk reduction and protection against significant hazards to flow battery systems to people, property, and the environment. This document applies to stationary flow batteries that are intended for indoor or outdoor industrial and commercial use in non-hazardous areas. This document addresses significant hazards, hazardous situations, and events that are relevant to flow batteries systems. These requirements are not meant to limit innovation. These alternatives can be used to evaluate the safety of fluids, designs, and constructions that are not covered in this document.


Fuel cell technologies – Part 8-101 – Energy storage systems using fuel cells modules in reverse mode – Test procedures to determine the performance of solid-oxide single cells and stacks.

IEC 62282-8-10:2020 refers to solid oxide cell (SOC), and stack assembly unit(s). It includes instruments, testing systems and methods for measuring the performance of SOC cells/stack assemblies units for energy storage. It evaluates the performance of SOC cells/stack assembly units in fuel cell mode, electrolysis mode, and/or in reverse operation. This document can be used to exchange data between cell/stack makers and system developers, or to acquire data on a stack or cell in order estimate the system’s performance. This document allows users to select test items that are suitable for their purpose and execute them. You can substitute some of the test methods in this document with IEC TS 62282-7-2 equivalents for SOC operation only in fuel cell mode.


Tissue paper, tissue and other products

This document outlines the testing procedures to determine the brightness and colour of tissue papers and tissue products under outdoor daylight conditions. This document also contains instructions for the preparation and measurement of test pieces, including single-ply and multi-ply products. NOTE: The properties of ISO brightness (indoor daylight), and colour with C/2Adeg are measured using an instrument with a lower UV content than the one described in this document. ISO 12625-15 describes the measurements of ISO brightness (indoor daylight), and colour with C/2Adeg (15).