“Ourcoaching.com”-An e-Education Venture

Being on top is what every student secretly aims for which can be achieved upon validating where one stands. Ourcoaching creates compartments for validation through its distinguished online modules and rigorous training sessions to help students ace in their respective field. Online coaching, being the fastest growing industry is one of the most effective performance improvement driven techniques that has developed over the years.

At Ourcoaching, we aim to uplift the rural and urban youth, driven by a persistent quest to excel. The perfect blend of knowledge, skills, competence, and creativity form the bedrock of Ourcoaching that helps budding professionals realize their dreams. By procuring the help of a strong team of faculty who passionately put in all their efforts, we aim to motivate our students and lead them to progress at every step which is why we believe in creating a conductive learning environment.

Nurturing young talent with intellectual brilliance is what we hold upright. We are a platform where-

Sharing Is Caring-

Ourcoaching believes that learning is a two-way process. Hence we make knowledge sharing more engaging by letting you share your awareness and understanding in the field you are expert at- be it teaching, interacting or any other. By giving everyone a chance, from average to scholarly brains to upload content, we aim to bring out the best information that’s easy to understand. And that too absolutely free of cost!

Knowledge Is Unrestricted-

Captured knowledge is easier to retain. Unlike traditional classroom teaching, our online teaching is far more advanced where learning capabilities are rolled high. We ceaselessly offer you a supportive environment to help you realize your ambitions. The best part is, Ourcoaching lets you avail quality counseling and training right at your fingertips from the comfort of your home. Promoting the concept of “diminishing physical boundaries”, Ourcoaching is the best choice for you especially if you live in a remote area or can’t spare time to travel and attend coaching.

Choice Is Vast-

With more than 10,000 topics to choose from, gaining access to and creating content related to something of your interest gets easier. We adhere to high-quality standards and don’t charge anything from our users- both content curators and information seekers.  To help students attain conceptual clarity and command over topics, we offer comprehensively designed study material on our website that covers even the most difficult topics. With easy explanations and relevant examples, we aim at making learning a joyful experience. 

Leadership Is Dynamic-

Ourcoaching is a joint venture of KunalKapoor, the C.E.O and Founder and SahilKapoor, the Co-Founder and Chief Technical Officer. They both worked together in an MNC for four years where their vision of starting a digital learning platform first sprouted. With their combined efforts, Ourcoaching has remained synonymous with quality teaching. 

So Let’s Get Started!

All it requires is an account creation to get started. Although we are currently operating from our Delhi based office, we soon wish to have a Pan-India presence. The motivation comes from more than thousands of registered users from different corners of the world actively participating to help Ourcoaching reach pinnacles of success. You too can become a contributor using Facebook, Youtube and the like. Our dedicated team keeps the process seamless while also ensuring ease of operation for both the users- those seeking to gain knowledge and those wanting to share it with the world.

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