Recessed TV Enclosure

The Recessed TV Enclosures is the perfect answer for totally hiding the collection of both the LCD and its defensive fenced in area, while as yet displaying the screen. Guarantee the entire security of your costly LCD or plasma TV by recessing it into a divider. Doing this gives a staggeringly thin and smooth look to your computerized signage.

recessed tv enclosure

The Recessed TV Enclosures is made to fit into a divider opening, with a shallow bezel, and your HD screen being all that is noticeable to the end client. Not exclusively are the style astounding, yet so is the dimension of security that is offered by this technique. This ligature and suicide safe television walled in an area are agreeable with The Joint Commission (JComm/JCAHO) guideline.

The Recessed TV Enclosures are protected it against anything that comes its way.  With its Nema 4, 4x, 12 ratings, it can be used indoor or outdoor and keeps your TV safe from hose-directed water, rain, and foreign contaminants like airborne dust or dirt.  With an optional A/C unit and thermostat they are even used in harsh outdoor locations.

Recessed TV Enclosure Sizes.

The product is available in the following sizes:

  • Code: RNL26 For televisions 17” to 26”
  • Code: RNL36 For televisions 27” to 36”
  • Code: RNL46 For televisions 37” to 46”

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This unit configuration is just 7″ profound and this takes into account an ideal flush fit, when the fundamental body is fitted into the void, with latches around the four edges.

The television is mounted on the ultra-thin line mounting section, when the television is situated for the best edge the front entryway is fitted utilizing the hidden pivots, with the cooling framework interfacing with the mains electrical supply, the television lodging can be bolted with the 2 high-security locks.

The front of the lodging is flush with the front completed divider, so nothing can be circled around the lodging, giving the best answer for patient security, augmenting healing facility room sizes and giving a consistent look.

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