“Status of e-Payment” service and “Current Status of Deed” service


E-Payment is a brilliant choice for organizations and associations to gather their bills or different installments through Post Office arrange. At the point when organizations require gathering of bills and different installments from clients the nation over, Post Office offers them a straightforward and advantageous arrangement as e-Payment.

E-Payment is a many-to-one arrangement which permits accumulation of cash (phone charges, power charges, examination expense, charges, college expense, school charge and so on.) in the interest of any association. The accumulation is united electronically utilizing online programming and installment is made midway through Check from a predefined Post Office of biller’s decision.

The data and MIS with respect to the installment can be had by the biller on the web. The MIS will contain the five fields of biller’s decision like name, phone number, application number and so on. The administration is right now accessible through in excess of 14,000 Post Offices the nation over.

What Are Property Deeds?

A property deed is a composed and marked lawful instrument that is utilized to exchange responsibility for property from the old proprietor (the grantor) to the new proprietor (the grantee). Truly, genuine property was exchanged through a stately demonstration known as “uniform of seisin.” In this demonstration, the individual exchanging the land gave a twig or lump of turf from the land to the individual taking conveyance of the land. A verbal or composed proclamation regularly Bridal Makeup went with the motion, however it was the uniform of seisin that legitimately exchanged the title to the property. Today, title to genuine property is passed on by a paper deed.

Basic Deed Elements

While each state has its very own prerequisites, most deeds must contain a few basic components to be lawfully legitimate:

  • It must be in composing. While most deeds are finished on printed shapes, there is no lawful prerequisite that an explicit frame be utilized as long as the basic components are incorporated.
  • The grantor must have lawful ability to exchange the property, and the grantee must be fit for accepting the concede of the property. An individual who is skilled to make a substantial contract is viewed as able to be a grantor.
  • The grantor and grantee must be recognized so as to be ascertainable.
  • The property must be enough portrayed.
  • Agent expressions of transport must be available. All standard frame deeds incorporate the important lawful dialect that really exchanges the property.
  • The deed must be marked by the grantor or grantors if the property is possessed by more than one individual.
  • The deed must be legitimately conveyed to the grantee or to somebody following up for the grantee’s sake.
  • The deed must be acknowledged by the grantee. Ordinarily, deeds are acknowledged by the grantee however in specific conditions, the grantee could dismiss conveyance of the deed.

Banglabhumi is an online web-based interface for land records and changes propelled by the Government of West Bengal. Any individual can utilize this entryway to recover land and property related data, for example, the name of the proprietor, arrive region, plot number, the estimation of the property and furthermore the present proprietor.

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