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Essential tips: Fender flares for trucks – ProTuningLabs

Customizing a truck is often not possible or not really desirable without flared fenders. By widening the fenders, space is gained so that the desired tire size and the right rims can be fitted. A widening of the fenders can be realized in different ways. If only a few millimeters are missing in width, this can be obtained by flaring. Handling the flaring tool requires great manual skills. Among other things, the paint must not be damaged and no unwanted corrosion caused. An alternative is the assembly of corresponding tuning parts. These are attached to the original fenders and result the desired widening.

Can you make fender flares yourself?

Wide tires make trucks look sportier and may have a positive influence on driving characteristics. After an accident, not only the fender but also the fender flare often has to be replaced. In this context, it is advisable to widen the fenders to visually enhance the car. The idea of making fender flares yourself has many pitfalls and is to be avoided unless you have the necessary experience and expertise.

Sometimes it is sufficient to bend the fender edges by flaring in order to gain a few millimeters, but there are limits to this procedure. Incorrect execution when folding the edges can also lead to an unsightly look and cracks in the paint on the fender. In view of a positive result, it is better to leave the process of fender widening in professional hands.

Which fender flare is best for a truck?

If you are looking for the right fender flares for trucks, you will find that there are a number of options to choose from. These could be made of carbon, fiberglass, plastic or metal. Each variant has its advantages and disadvantages. Plastic or rubber is an inexpensive material for widening the wheel arch. Rubber extensions can be adapted to the contour as desired and are easy to assemble. Flares made of metal or plastic can only be adapted to a given shape to a limited extent.

Universal fender flares are suitable for all truck types. Depending on the size of the wheel arch, the widening is cut to the right length so that it can be used for all vehicle types. If you would like to learn more, the specialists at ProTuningLab can provide you with professional advice.