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How to Choose the Best Web Hosting Service for Your Blog

Web Hosting Service

Why is Good Web Hosting Important?

If you want to build a business online or create an online presence. There are very few fixed expenses that you have to think about. Having said that, to build your online presence you need to have a website and to have a website you need web hosting service.

Basically, you hosting plan is the foundation of your entire business. If your hosting service is going down then your entire business will go down. Because, people will look elsewhere and purchase from there.

Because of these problems, it is wise to spend a good amount of time and money to figure it out which hosting service is right for you.

If you are truly on a limited budget, then shared hosting plan can be best for you. Now, come to the points where you can choose the best hosting service for your blog site. At this point it is clear that web hosting service is very important for your blog site or online presence.

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WordPress Website

WordPress is a blog or content management platform that makes incredibly easy to build and manage a website. There are free and paid plugins that can help to build beautiful themes and templates. Try to avoid Drupal and Joomla if you are a beginner in building blog site or personal website. Start with WordPress because it’s easier to build and most of the hosting companies have one click WordPress install option.

What Makes a Good Hosting Service?

There are so many factors for choosing a Good hosting service? Let’s check them one by one-

But, here’s what you want to look for in a good hosting company:

1. Security: Website security is very important if you don’t want to get hacked. There are many websites that are without any security parameters. But, if you have a long term goal for the website then you must ensure the website security. If you able to ensure Website security they you are able to protect from backdoor hacks, redirect hacks, Trojans, and many other threats.

2. SSL Certificates: Google is all about making sure that sites are secure. Because people are using different sort of cards for shopping and another purchases. Plus, tons of personal data are available on google. An SSL Certificates helps to encrypt data and tell it it’s there when you see that on the URL. Whether you’re running an eCommerce shop, must ensure SSL Certificates because people will be using their personal information and credit cards for the purchase.

3. Backups: It is very important to back up your site on a regular basis. So make sure your hosting company gives you the ideal backup option. Your site contains lots of important data that are needed to back up, because you don’t want them to go vanish away.

4. Customer service: Customer service is very important because if you are facing any problem you can call them for the solution you are facing. That’s why you need to choose a good company where you can get good service.

5. Reliability: You don’t want your site to be down. That means it’s important to work with a hosting company that is reliable and keeps downtime to a minimum.

Now, that you have known the importance of good web hosting service. Here are points that you should keep it remember. Though you know the importance of website security but there are some people who will look for free hosting.

What are the Most Common Types of Web Hosting?

There are a couple of different types of hosting service option available. You just need to know which type of web hosting will go with your blogging site. So, in this section, let me shed some common hosting choice available. Regardless of what type of blog or website you want you can identify the hosting need.

1. Shared Hosting

Shared hosting means that your website is hosted on the same servers with other hundreds of other websites. Shared hosting plan is affordable. It’s a good plan, especially if you are in limited budget option.
While there are some inexpensive ($2-12/month) hosting plans available. There are some things you need to consider first. Things like- site speed, email deliverability and security issues. This will hamper your SEO rankings and well security issues are something you always want to avoid.

Shared Hosting Plan is best for: People with brand new site and want to grow their website traffic.

2. Dedicated Hosting

With shared hosting, you have thousands of sites on one server but dedicated hosting means you have an entire server just too only yourself. Dedicated hosting allows you to fast loading site.
Dedicated web hosting is best suitable for the established business, those have tons of information to upload and need dedicate space and backups.

3. VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting

VPS hosting is a mixture of shared hosting and dedicated hosting, and is the next logical step up from shared. VPS is like your own little mini-server within a server. In VPS hosting, you don’t have the whole server but the only portion of it.


No matter what type of blog sites you have, you need web hosting. Web hosting service is a key element of any website. But choosing which web hosting service you need then choose the hosting plan. By making the right web hosting plan you can choose and plan accordingly.