Top 10 Things To Keep In Mind While Taking Class Via Teaching Apps

Online learning via an online teaching app has become an integral component of education in today’s age. Across 138 countries, about 1.38 billion students have been attending online classes for the past one year or so. This complete shift to digital classrooms might have come as a sudden shock, but now it has become a highly preferred mode of learning among the students.


Educators need to use the best app for online classes. But, their duties don’t end just there! To impart quality education via online teaching apps, specific significant points must be kept in mind before setting out for the e-learning journey.


Here, we will share some highly effective tips that you need to bear in mind to make for a successful virtual classroom.

Top 10 Points To Bear In Mind To Teach Effectively Via An Online Class App

Proper Connectivity

The first thing to ensure while taking an online class is having an excellent internet connection with robust and high-speed bandwidth. Install the online class app that you will use to take courses in advance. Besides, if you are not acquainted with handling electrical devices, online educational tools, or software, familiarize yourself with the techniques of using those in advance. Knowing how to use the apps and their various other features is essential to teach your students in the best way possible.


Small Class Sizes Yield Great Outcomes

In an online classroom, limiting the class strength to 25 or 30 is highly recommended. In this way, teachers can communicate with their students actively. Educators will also be able to resolve the queries of each student. Besides, all the students will get proper attention during the class hours, and this, in turn, will help the students understand the concepts in a better way.


Knowing The Techniques Of Recording a Class

Live recording the classes can be done quickly by using the built-in recording feature of the teaching app. But, for teachers who need to directly upload the recorded types and not take any live classes, knowing the techniques of class recording. The video clip has to be rehearsed once before the final recording. The audio or video has to be recorded in a room by closing all the doors and windows so that no ambient noise emerges. Besides, care has to be taken to ensure that the room is well-lit to avoid blurry or unclear pictures.


Maintenance Of Classroom Discipline Is Essential

Ensuring the maintenance of classroom discipline even in online learning is highly essential. Appointing the coordinator in an online class is crucial to check if the lectures are conducted smoothly. The coordinator will also be responsible for regulating the discipline of the students in online classes. This will ensure the proper functioning of the online classes.


Application Of Video Conferencing Tools

All the online teaching apps offer the feature of letting the students keep their cameras switched off. But, to encourage the conduction of a proper teaching-learning process, it is better to make it obligatory for the students to keep their cameras on. In this way, the teachers will be able to check the student’s attentiveness and thus make the entire learning process engaging.


Make The Online Learning Sessions Highly Engaging

The main target of the teachers while taking online classes will be to retain the students’ attention. Use proper illustrations such as images, relevant movie scenes, video clips, presentations, music, etc., to draw the students towards attending the classes with 100% attention. The best way is to keep the lectures crisp, and the sessions short so that the students don’t get overburdened.



With this, we have come to the end of the vital 6 points that are to be kept in mind before taking online classes. The success of virtual classrooms in attracting the students to sit through the entire class hours in front of the screen and attend the lectures in rapt attention. Remember these tips to give your students the best quality education via an online teaching app. Happy E-Teaching!