Top 4 Mobile Mathematics Apps

From basic to advanced levels from adding and subtracting to advanced calculus, algebra and geometry features, a Mobile Mathematics Application (App) can help you become a mathematical expert in no time.

Below we feature the Top 4 Mobile Mathematics Apps:

  • MalMath

The MalMath Mobile Mathematics App works offline, is totally free and helps solve all types of math problems with step-by-step descriptions.

Using this App students can better understand concepts such as Trigonometry, Derivatives and Integrals, Equations and more. This App also works well algebra and logarithms functions as well.

The MalMath App is popular with teachers, parents and students of all high school and college level students as well. This is because of its step-by-step descriptions, instructions and detailed explanation of each step in an easy to understand manner.

App users can create math problems across a variety of categories and difficulty levels and then save their working or share their answers easily with others including graphs as well. This App is available in over 12 languages proving that mathematics is a universal language.

  • Photomath

Using the Photomath Mobile Mathematics App students can finish their homework or revise for upcoming exams or overcome class assignments with ease with step-by-step explanations.

This App is free to use and offers a detailed breakdown for every solution with all your world problems explained with attractive and interesting animations as well.

The App also offers a multi-function calculator and graphs that use interactive features to help users scroll through multiple methods to solve each mathematical problem.

App users can learn about common math topics such as fractions, decimals, roots, integers and more alongside more complex concepts such as algebra, geometry, derivatives, equations, calculus and statistics as well.  

This App Developer provides users with detailed explanations for each mathematical problem that are all approved by teachers and helps users learn, repeat and master mathematical concepts across many different levels and capabilities.

The Premium version further includes animations that help users visualise and better understand critical mathematical concepts alongside extensive tips and tricks as well.

  • GeoGebra Classic

The GeoGebra Mobile Mathematics App is used by millions of users worldwide to better understand and follow computer base algebra, probability, spreadsheets, geometry and even science as well!

This App includes many features such as 3D graphing functions, probability visualisation, spreadsheet analysis so users can visualise their perimeters and distributions as well.

Using this App users can also search for free online learning resources and activities and also easily save and share your workings and results with others.

  • Graphing Calculator

The Graphing Calculator Mobile Mathematics App works on any Android phone or table and replaces the need for big and bulky manual scientific calculators.

Especially useful for college and graduate mathematics students considering Job Vacancies, this App has many functions with an algebra tool as well. The individual features include a scientific calculator, graphing based calculator, a calculator function for fractions, probability and statistics as well. In addition, App users can access a matrix calculator and an in-built library as well.  


iPhone App Development makes life easier. They teach students using step by step instructions that make learning simple, fun and memorable. Download a Mobile Mathematics App and crunch those numbers!