Top 5 reasons to live in Jersey

We have received almost thousands of email regarding the topics “Top 5 reasons to live in Jersy”. From our long time of experience now are sharing our thoughts. Have a close look!!

Long Beach Island

It’s an Island. In short, you could say it is Long Beach Island. The length of that Island is 18 miles long and the travelers can walk from one side to another. You do not want to be on Route 72B heading on LBI on a typical summer weekend. There are no other alternatives for having a boat.

Old School amusement parks

In the world of adventure, New Jersy old school amusement park is really amazing. The park has been open since 1954. Another interesting thing here is Storybook Land in Egg Harbor Township which is built around Nursery rhyme characters and opened in 1955 the one year after.

Liberty science center and Amish market

It is one of the largest planetariums which is located in the Western Hemisphere is located in New Jersy. It has increased the internal beauty of this city. A lighting system is capable of producing almost 300 trillion colors and speakers that can certainly blast 30,000 thousands of watts of digital sounds which will definitely create a mind-blowing atmosphere.

Amish market is especially known for food. People love to take some delicious food and the city is providing that beautifully. There is a renowned bakery for amazing bread and sticky buns. From this market also you could get meat and seafood vendors, candy and lovely cheese counters and so many. Among all of the people love to take barbecue chickens at Yoder. The rest of the Amish or Pennsylvania market includes Dutch country farmers market in Raritan Township.


What is the difference between South Jersy and north central south Jersy? Without any debate, we would like to say Cheesesteaks. It is delicious food and it contains the culture of New Jersy. The late Anthony Bourdain declared that the best Philly Cheesesteaks are made from New Jersy. Donkey has also ranked among the 20 best Cheese Steaks in Jersy.

Amazing scenic roads

We cannot compare New Jersey with Vermont or not even Colorado. It has one of the most stunning road facilities and the beauty is like a stunt. It is started from the rolling hills of Sussex and Warren Countries where you can see the empty space of Gloucester and Cumberland. If you run a motorbike or driving here by an open car could help you to enjoy the mesmerizing beauty.

These are the most charming scenery that I have found from my experiences. Let us know your opinion by commenting below. 

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