Understanding Green Belt Training


One of the main goals of a business is to increase productivity while also cutting down operational costs and increasing profitability. Organizations mustcreate various projects from time to time for future growth and expansion. However, to ensure that every project is completed within the budget, is of high-quality and is delivered timely, organizations need the help from qualified project managers. Therefore, businesses are on the active lookout for a project manager who has a special Green Belt training in Lean Six Sigma.

What is Lean Six Sigma Certification?

Lean Six Sigma certification is an advanced course that helps an individual to become a qualified project manager. This role has the responsibility to oversee the business operations, budgets and minimize wastage of resources while maintaining quality and productivity. Additionally, it helps to ensure maximum customer satisfaction as well. Therefore, an organization can greatly benefit from a Lean Six Sigma certified individual as it will help them to cut down on costs and maintain maximum profitability.

A Lean Six Sigma Certification can greatly advance an individual’s career towards betterment and big opportunities in the future. The job market is very healthy for such certified individuals. Generally, such people are open to working as a Project Manager, Process Engineer or Quality assurance engineer.

Benefits of Lean Six Sigma Certification

Incidentally, Lean Six Sigma certification is beneficial for both the organization and the certified individual. Here, we will list out the benefits in the following section. As an organization, they can avail the following benefits by appointing a Green belt certified project manager –

  • Cut down on non-productive business processes
  • Reduce wastage of resources
  • Cut down on unnecessary operational costs
  • Ensure customer satisfaction by maintaining the quality of the product
  • Maximize profitability by increasing efficiency and productivity

Accordingly, a certified individual can benefit from a Green belt training in Lean Six Sigma by the following ways –

  • Make your CV look good and stand out in the existing job market
  • Focus on reducing wastage and help maximize customer experience and hence, increase favorability towards the brand
  • Get better career opportunities
  • Secure a well-paid job in the higher earning bracket

Lean Six Sigma Certification Cost and Levels

There are various levels of Lean Six Sigma Certification where each differs in course material and cost. Here, we will take a quick look at the same.

  • White belt –

Generally, this level is considered as the primary level well-suited for beginners. However, it is only a 1-day course and can cost you quite some amount of money. Various providers charge around ₹15-17k. Here, you will only get a brief introduction towards Lean Six Sigma and learn a few on Lean manufacturing and how it is used in a business.

  • Green belt –

Coming next in the level is the Green belt which can last around 5-7 working days. This is the most sought-after level as you can learn more than you would in a white belt. Hence, you will be taught about advanced statistical techniques through which you can analyze business processes. Usually, this course can cost you around ₹25-27k.

  • Black belt –

The Black belt comes right after the Green belt and can last 10-14 days. Candidates will be taught how to analyse and understand business processes. This will help them to ascertain productive and non-productive processes which can help them to cut down on costs. Additionally, they become qualified enough to give training to others as well. The cost for this level can range from ₹60-65k.

  • Advanced black belt –

Finally, the Advanced black belt comes at the last level of Lean Six Sigma certification. Those who take this level learn about Six Sigma projects and how to manage them effectively. Similar to the previous level, they are able to provide training to others as well. However, it is a pricey level that can cost you ₹70-75k.

How to get a Lean Six Sigma Certification Green Belt

To begin with, there are a number of educational institutions and providers that offer Green Belt Training either online or offline. Interested candidates can easily start from the Lean Six Sigma Green belt by skipping the white belt. The white belt is simply introductory and doesn’t contribute much towards the overall knowledge of the course.

After studying the Green belt, you can further advance ahead by studying the next level. If you avail the course under the same course provider, you may get a discount for the same. Do not try to study the advanced levels without studying the Green belt. This way, you may face difficulty while understanding the subject.

How to Study for Lean Six Sigma Certification Green Belt

After signing up for the Green belt training, you will be given all the study materials and the relevant guidance from the professors. They will help you to understand the basics and later move on to the advanced aspects of the subject.

The exam consists of Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQs) and you must score a minimum of 25% marks to pass the certification. As a final part of the course, you must demonstrate your skills as a project manager as well. This is done to ensure that you have a proper understanding of Lean Six Sigma.

Career benefits of Lean Six Sigma

As discussed, certified individuals can become eligible to get a job as a Quality assurance engineer or project manager. Adding the skill on your CV will easily make you stand out in the competitive job market and fetch a good salary. Businesses are always on the lookout for such certified individuals to handle and manage their ongoing projects.

To summarize, Lean Six Sigma is a very helpful course that is currently in high demand in the market. Moreover, it is beneficial for career growth prospects as its requirement is never in short supply. Certification from a recognized institute will also give you an advantage during the hiring process and help you stand out in a competitive market.


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