Despite the current pandemic, which has claimed the lives of thousands and paralyzed world economies, there are vaccines available. One is through the company Pfizer. This company pays a Pfizer stock dividend to its shareholders.

There are many more severe health issues that people worldwide face. In this article, four top health concerns will give medical practitioners sleepless nights in 2021.


Obesity has been considered a disease since the 1970s when researchers noticed a strong correlation between those who were obese and those who suffered from heart disease. It’s no mystery why people in the developed world are susceptible to obesity—it’s linked to a very sedentary lifestyle, poor eating habits, and an overall lack of physical activity.

Obesity is a severe problem that plagues our modern society. Although many people will attribute obesity to laziness or lacking self-control, it is not that simple. Obesity is not caused by one’s own will or capability but by their genetic makeup. A study has shown that their environment mainly causes obesity in children.

In this case, their environment refers to the home they grow up in and the school they go to. There are two types of dwellings: independent ones, which means the parents are always home and have both parents living at home. Those that have both are more likely to be overweight than those that have only one parent.

The biggest health problems in the world today are associated with obesity. If you are obese, it is likely that you also have high blood pressure and/or high cholesterol. These two diseases are associated with obesity and should be treated by a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and fiber. Remember, it is not just about losing weight; it is also about maintaining the weight loss and keeping it off.


One of the biggest health concerns in the world is malnutrition. Malnutrition starts when you don’t eat well or if you overeat. Even people who are physically fit can be affected by nutrition deficiencies, and a poor diet can lead to other problems, like osteoporosis and some types of cancer.

To combat this as an individual, the first place you should start to look for answers is your diet. If you find yourself constantly hungry or quickly tired, then it could be time to make some changes to your diet. Some of the most significant health concerns in the world are poor nutrition and obesity.

The second place to look for solutions is in your community. Many communities have begun to address health issues more on an individual basis through cookouts and community events. Look for gatherings and informative platforms where you can share ideas about what you’re eating and how you can improve your health.

Drug misuse

Let’s face it, the United States is one of the significant users of prescription drugs in the world. The demand for prescription medicine by pharmaceutical companies has shot up in recent years.

People use these medications to treat everything from depression to high blood pressure. While highly efficient when it comes to treating the problem, these prescription drugs have a lot of troubling side effects, some of them quite serious.

As a result, millions of Americans use prescription drugs without even realizing the potential health risks involved. As scary as it might sound, one of the most common side effects of prescription drugs is a suicidal tendency.

As strange as it might seem, many take prescription drugs daily who become addicts. Others start out taking one or two a month and eventually have hundreds of doses of the drug in their system. And those who do become addicted have problems when they try to get off of the medication.

Mental health

Stress, depression, and anxiety are huge concerns. According to a study carried by the World Health Organization (WHO), when people are depressed, they are at higher risk of self-harm. Suicide is the second leading cause of death for young people who have not graduated from their studies.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who have mental health concerns without realizing it until it is too late. They may have some social problems at work, or they may have trouble communicating with others.

Most of the time, it takes them years to realize that they need help. If you have a close friend or someone you trust that may have a severe mental health concern, you should talk to them immediately.

With a billion dollars worth of pharmaceutical products in the market every year, it is no surprise that there is a surging demand for people wanting to know how to combat health concerns in the modern world. These problems range from a weaker immune system to the ever-present threat posed by various infectious diseases. Individuals need to be aware of what they expose themselves to daily and take the appropriate precautions to protect themselves.

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