What colour of car to choose

According to statistics, for more than 50% of car buyers, colour plays a role no less than its technical characteristics. The market is currently represented by a wide range of shades. It is generally accepted that men often choose classic ones – black, blue, grey, white, and women – shades of red, yellow, green or blue. But gender is not a sentence for choosing the colour of the “swallow”. We will tell you about other criteria that can help you answer the question of which colour to choose. If you don’t like the color of your car you can always get it repainted or simply call cash for car service and sell it.

Car colour and driver characteristic

Psychologists have established that the choice of car colour is directly related to the psychological characteristics of the owner and their driving style and made several recommendations.

    • White colour symbolizes a bright dream. It is believed that fair, but emotional drivers choose white. Their driving style is calm and balanced.
    • Black is chosen by people who crave attention to their person. One can say about the owner of such a car – confident and purposeful. Their driving style is more aggressive.
    • Shades of red express passion, as well as a love of power. Owners of red cars are impulsive and hot-tempered; they can neglect the rules on the road.
    • Blue is preferred by people who choose a friendly atmosphere around. They are modest and thoughtful. This is the colour of restraint, attention to detail and calm. Among owners of cars of blue colour, it is seldom possible to meet aggressive. But they are always ready to help on the road.
    • The yellow car and its owner definitely stand out from the stream, which is what they are striving for. Such people, as a rule, are sociable and calm, both in life and on the road.
    • Green is the colour of independent people. It is believed that the owners of green cars claim the title of “troublemaker” because their actions on the road are difficult to predict. At the same time, these people are constantly striving for something new and are distinguished by fidelity and even a share of shyness. Owners of cars of light green shades, as well as owners of red, are distinguished by road aggressiveness.
    • Pink colour gives dreaminess, but only when in moderation. Excess pink indicates a person’s frivolity. However, owners of marshmallow-coloured cars keep their road respectfully towards other road users.
    • Silver is often chosen by rational people who think through every step and do not want to attract a lot of attention. Gray or silver is not suitable for people with an active lifestyle who want to stand out.

It follows that it is better for hot-tempered people to choose a car whose colour has a “cooling” effect – dark or silver. But, one way or another, the colour scheme should be based on your feelings of comfort and safety.


When purchasing a car, it is not enough to pay attention to its shade from an aesthetic point of view. The colour of a car has a different effect on-road situations, on the degree of accident, and is also related to its practicality.

    • White. In a sparse stream, such a car stands out among others, but if the density of the presence of white cars in a small area is high, the colour can merge together. In the snowy season, the accident rate of such a car rises significantly. White does not require special care, because dust and scratches on the canvas are not visible.
    • The black. Such a car often merges with the colour of the asphalt, and at night it even becomes invisible. Black car owners are more often than others the participants of the accident. As for practicality – dirt on such a car is immediately visible, and in the summer the temperature in the cabin rises per minute.
    • Red. The car, of course, attracts attention, and they try to avoid it – the owners are not distinguished by a calm driving style. Red shades tend to burn out quickly in the sun.
    • Blue. It is safe to be on the road with the owner of a blue car in view of his psychology described above. Dark shades of blue require a little less maintenance than black cars. Light shades (blue) are “feminine”, dust is less visible than on a dark car. However, the blue colour of the car reduces concentration on the road, if you go after him for a long time.
    • Yellow. By itself, it activates the activity of the brain. Pollution on such a car is noticeable, but if approached from the point of view of humour, they look even interesting – there is only a long way to go. Due to their distinguished shade, owners of yellow cars rarely become participants in road accidents. However, the risk of incorrectly assessing the distance between road users increases.
    • Green. Along with blue, on dark shades, dust is clearly visible. In addition, in the blooming season, against the background of shrubs and trees, a green car is less noticeable. The light green shade is a stimulant of the immune system, and the dust on such a car is only slightly visible.
    • Pink. Definitely a feminine colour. It’s rare to see a car dirty. On the road, participants in pink iron horses are cautious – there is an opinion that instead of taking seriously the traffic situation, car owners “fly in the clouds.” But, probably, such an attitude develops only because an associative connection is triggered.
    • Silver. Practical colour from the point of view of leaving – pollution and scratches will not be evident. In the summer, reflecting the sun’s rays, the body does not allow to overheat the interior of the car. But in the dark, a grey car is barely visible on the road, so it is recommended to take measures to avoid accidents.

When choosing the shade of your car, you should prioritize correctly – do you need a bright car to attract attention, which plays safety and beauty, or are you a supporter of practicality and does not have a great desire to spend every night with a rag.

Choosing a car colour by zodiac sign

Stars can help in choosing the colour of the car. Nobody cancelled astrology! This, of course, does not mean that you need to blindly trust the advice of stargazers, but you can listen to their recommendations.

    • Aries. Active and stubborn personalities. The choice is given to frisky engines. On the road, they often show childishness, which increases the risk of an emergency. The colour suitable for temperament is red, but taking into account the driving style, you can look at the yellow car. Women are more suitable for blue shades.
    • Taurus. Calm, balanced type. In cars, they prefer reliability and comfort. Taurus can safely choose any colour from light to dark shades, excluding annoying red, which is directly related to the zodiac sign.
    • Gemini. Great connoisseurs of “wind in your hair.” They are inconsistent in their mood, their duality manifests itself on the road. As representatives of the air element, they often buy cars of “heavenly” colours but do not neglect the bright colours – orange or yellow.
    • Cancer. Drivers are prone to worry about their iron horses. Adherents of comfort, practicality and reliability. For representatives of this sign, a car is a second home. Therefore, the colour should be as comfortable. Crayfish often avoid “flashy” colours, preferring calm shades of green, blue, yellow and grey.
    • Leo. The representative of the fire element, a fan to stand out from the others. The car must match its owner, and its colour emphasizes the quality of the individual. Lions often exclude black in their choice but do not neglect navy or burgundy. It is better for a sign to buy a car in bright colours – red or yellow.
    • Virgo. A very responsible approach to the choice of a car, which is subsequently kept clean. The choice of colour comes from practical considerations – white, grey, blue or burgundy.
    • Libra. Balanced by nature, representatives of the zodiac cycle. They value the aesthetics of the car, and therefore they spend a lot of time searching for the ideal. They strive to carefully evaluate everything on the road, but in a critical situation, they do not always have time to make the right decision. More often choose shades of green.
    • Scorpio. They are inclined to choose a car capable of developing high speed. However, they also know how to get out of an accident with minor scratches or even the whole. This sign chooses colours to match the rider’s temperament – all shades of red or yellow, but can also look at black.
    • Sagittarius. Lovers of travel and space. This zodiac sign, as a rule, is well versed in all the new products in the automotive market. Sagittarians buy cars that seem formidable. Selected colours highlight such a car – yellow, purple or green.
    • Capricorn. He chooses a practical no-frills car that can overcome difficult obstacles. They do not like to attract attention, and therefore the colour of the machine is chosen from a wide range of dark or grey.
    • Aquarius. An adherent of comfort loves a large number of buttons and displays. The colour of the car should correspond to the internal content – bright shades will do just the way.
    • Pisces. Unpredictable zodiac sign. Speed ​​helps them to relax, but because of their high emotionality, they often become participants in an accident. Pisces should look at the shades of their element – blue, or green.


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