It is generally accepted that only the bride and, in some cases, her girlfriends should have a special outfit at the wedding. However, wedding etiquette prescribes a thoughtful approach to the choice of dress for her mother. At the same time, how well the dress for the mother will be selected depends on the future happiness of the daughter.

Wedding etiquette requirements

As izidress says, it shouldn’t be white, beige or cream – that is, the color of the bride’s wedding dress. Of course, if for some reason a girl gets married in a dress that is not traditional for a wedding color (for example, in lilac or scarlet), then her mother’s beige dress will be appropriate. However, mother should not wear white in any case.

The mother of the bride buys the dress before the mother of the groom buys it. Then she informs the future mother-in-law of the color of her outfit in advance. This is done for the reason that their dresses do not have to be the same color by etiquette. And it is better if these are outfits of various styles.

At the same time, a conversation about a dress between future relatives should be as tactful and attentive as possible. For example, the mother of the bride can call the mother of the groom and carefully inform what outfit she has already chosen for herself.

The ideal option would be if the mothers of the newlyweds go shopping in search of dresses suitable for them together. Then they will be able to avoid the awkward situation at the wedding.

What can be a mother of the bride dress

Judging by the presented models of evening dresses for mothers of brides, the chosen dress can be of any style and cut. The following options look equally appropriate:

With a free skirt “to the floor”

Motherofthebride pant suits,

Flared long skirt,

Straight skirt to mid-knee or slightly higher.

The only advice from bridal stylists is to avoid mid-calf length so as not to draw undue attention to them. Also, a skirt above the knee is not appropriate at a wedding in the outfit of the mother of the bride. As for the top design of the bodice, sleeves and neckline, there are no restrictions here. Mother of the bride dress.

And so that a woman has more freedom at the holiday, it is best to choose a light jacket or shawl for the evening dress. You can simply choose a model where such a piece of clothing is already available. Then, femininely open shoulders can always be hidden from the evening coolness and at the same time you will not have to break the ensemble.

Mother of the bride wedding dress color

The most important requirement for the image of the bride’s mother is its color scheme. In addition to the unequivocal prohibition on white and disapproval of black, there are several other criteria for choosing the color of this dress:

Red and burgundy for a dress is highly undesirable. In addition to the fact that these colors age, such a dress almost always looks vulgar.

The gold and silver colored dresses in the photographs will merge with the white dress of the bride. You should choose them with more care.

It is best to opt for pastel shades of green, blue, purple and pink.

If you want to be the most fashionable mother at your daughter’s wedding, then you should choose the colors and shades popular this year among designers. This is not the first season this is a calm blue, matte or metallic gray and coffee. Any woman will look stylish in them.