What is an SMM Panel and which one is the Best to use in 2022 ?

An SMM panel is an internet marketing tool that allows businesses and individuals to use social media to promote content. With the help of such panels, you can easily and quickly get subscribers, likes, comments, and reviews on goods and services on social networks, increasing the number of site visits.

In this article, I will talk about the most popular services, and how to work with them and not get banned from social networks.

Which is the BEST SMM PANEL?

Basically, all SMM panels work the same way, but some programs have their own features of services and prices. For example one SMM Provider can be best for telegram members, and another for Instagram Followers.

In addition to the general services listed in the table, the services also have unique offers. For example, through LikeBoss you will attract traffic to the site from various sources (Yandex, Google, social networks, etc.), and MrPopular makes it possible to order live reviews in Delivery, on Yandex. Maps, etc.

Even a beginner can handle the work in the SMM panel. It is enough to register, select the necessary service, add a link to your profile on the social network and pay.

Then there are two scenarios for the development of events: either bots or real people with live accounts will come to your page. It all depends on how much you are willing to pay and what result you want to get.

I will explain using MrPopular as an example. Let’s say the goal is to increase the audience of the Youtube channel. If you only care about the number of subscriptions, then choose the cheapest option – 0.5 rubles per subscriber. Then 20 subscribers per day will cost you 10 rubles. But for one subscription from a real user, you will have to pay from 3.32 to 6.64 rubles.


At first glance, SMM panels resemble ordinary boosting services: buyers pay social media users for likes, comments, and reposts, and they get the opportunity to earn money quickly. But there are some nuances that are worth understanding.

How does an SMM panel differ from other services?

The key difference is scale. Some services usually use bots, and you make all purchases of views, likes, and comments at once in a package.

By the way. Of all the SMM Panel services, we recommend TopSMM. It is an Instant SMM Panel.

SMM panels, in addition to bots, offer users live actions from real people. Their goal is to help businesses and individuals grow their audience and increase brand awareness.

Some of these services are somewhat reminiscent of freelance exchanges. You publish a task (order) for platform users and independently set its cost, and as a result, you will receive subscriptions, traffic and reactions from real people. This method of boosting the social media, looks natural and is less likely to arouse suspicion among social networks. By the way, if you are interested in freelance exchanges, we recommend that you try Work-Zilla.

How can I make money on the SMM panel?

Offer your promotion services – either to the service itself or to its clients. In the first case, you connect to the affiliate or referral program of the service. After registration, you get a unique link, share it with others and get from 5 to 10% from advertising.

Getting a link in an affiliate program

You can also offer your services as a social media promotion specialist to companies and individuals to promote their business. In this case, earnings will be based on the resale of services that offer services.

Important. You can increase your income in social networks by placing a multilink with all the necessary information in your account. Do it using the TapTabus service (using the promo code INSCALE365 1 year of premium account for free)

SMM panels – is it even legal?

Officially, social networks do not prohibit the use of such programs, so from the point of view of the law, everything is clean here. But still, you should be careful.

As I said, services allow you to artificially increase the number of subscribers, likes, reposts and other things. 

Final words on SMM Panels

SMM panels can be a convenient solution for anyone who wants to quickly get into the TOP, get new customers, increase brand awareness and increase sales. But remember that artificially inflated indicators say little about the quality of your product or service. In addition, blocking an account is unlikely to have a positive effect on the reputation of a business.

However, it’s up to you. If you still decide to use the services of SMM panels, then choose the service that best suits your needs. For example, if you want to reach the TOP as soon as possible, you can use the TopSMM service. The platform offers the cheapest services: 0.001$ per subscriber and 0.0001$ per like.

With the help of TopSMM, you will get views to posts cheaply – from 0.001$ per view. It is the Cheapest SMM reseller panel.  LikeBoss will help you promote your Youtube channel with the service of automatic video viewing. Buy live reviews in delivery services, maps and mobile applications through MrPopular, and movie ratings in Kinopoisk and other streaming services on SocBox.

Now there are more than a hundred active SMM panels. I told only about the most profitable services in my opinion. But nothing limits your choice. Try different tools, compare and choose the one that suits you best.