What Is Good About Yamaha YZ 125

The Yamaha YZ 125 motorcycle belongs to the class of light racing motorcycles. The equipment is equipped with a 125 cc 2-stroke single-cylinder engine that is capable of developing more than 35 hp. With. Despite the rather high cost, the model has become widespread both among professional racers and among lovers of fast off-road driving.

Throughout its history, the model has been improved several times – the last modification occurred in 2013. Each time, the Yamaha yz 125 improved its dynamic performance, although the appearance remained practically unchanged.

Motorcycle performance

The yamaha yz 125 motorcycle has impressive technical characteristics that are worth considering in more detail:

  • Dimensions (length; width; saddle height) 213.9; 82.7; 99.8 cm
  • Weight (curb) 94 kg
  • Speed ​​110 km/h maximum
  • Fuel tank capacity 8 l
  • Load capacity 150 kg
  • Engine 2-stroke 1-cylinder liquid-cooled
  • Fuel consumption 5 l/100 km
  • Engine capacity 124 cu. cm
  • Start Kickstarter
  • Piston parameters (stroke; diameter) 5.45; 5.4 cm
  • Engine power 39 l. With. at 11500 rpm
  • Brake system Disk hydraulic
  • Suspensions (front; rear) Inverted telescopic fork; pendulum with monoshock absorber.

To begin with, it is necessary to note the small dimensions, as well as the light weight of the motorcycle, which provide the model with greater maneuverability, agility, and ideal cornering. Soft suspension reduces vibration even when driving on bad roads and bumps. Reliable disc brakes will give confidence when driving even novice drivers.

The powerful 2-stroke engine is capable of giving the rider more than 100 km/h, which will also please many motorcyclists. One of the biggest disadvantages of a motorcycle is a small fuel tank, as well as significant gas mileage. Thus, long trips or long distances of the model are beyond the power.

Pros and cons of the model

The Yamaha 125 has pros and cons that should be considered before buying. The model has a lot of advantages:

  • Powerful engine.
  • Responsive suspension with plenty of travel.
  • Reliable braking system.
  • Small weight (about 96 kg with all liquids), as well as small dimensions.
  • Comfortable driving position.
  • Laconic and spectacular sporty appearance.
  • Quality build.
  • Use of high quality materials.
  • Reliability of the brand, time-tested.
  • Simplicity in management.
  • Small repair costs.

The motorcycle also has disadvantages, however, drivers disagree here:

Some owners believe that the model produces weak traction at low revs.

The high cost is also attributed to the disadvantages (the price of a motorcycle varies between 270-350 thousand rubles).

Drivers who prefer to connect their lives with motorsports or regular trips choose motorcycles with a large engine capacity.

In conclusion, it must be said that the YZ 125 is an amateur motorcycle, so you should choose it based on your needs.


Yamaha Thorakusu – became the founder of Yamaha, initially his company was engaged in the production of musical instruments. But the war forced the plant to switch to other activities. So in 1948, Kaichi Kawakami, the president of Nippon Gakk, bought out motorcycle factories.