What jobs will be in demand in the future in India?


The job market in India is booming like never before. New opportunities are opening up in Information technology, manufacturing, mechanical engineering, electronics, aeronautics, agriculture, and many other fields. Comparison of the statistical data shows the rate of growth to be almost the same among all the job domains. However, the area of digital marketing seems to surge ahead of the others by a significant margin. Here, we have listed the top jobs which will be in demand in the future in India.

Top Jobsin Demands

The leading job in demand is, of course, the digital marketing strategist. The other three are data scientist, merchandise manager, and AI architect. We have rated them based on growth opportunities, professional satisfaction, and ability to influence people and businesses.

Digital Marketing Strategist

As a digital marketing strategist, you have the task of thinking from multiple perspectives. For example, you can assume working in a manufacturing unit. Then you have to consider marketing channels to reach the maximum number of potential customers.

You work on digital strategies based on data analysis, branding and advertising, personal relation management, finance, SEO, and all the related factors. You have to coordinate with team members, management, production, warehouse, sales, and many other departments. You should also be aware of merchandising and the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in your field. Salary benefits are among the top in the industry.

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Data Scientist

A data scientist is the second in-demand job. Here, you can manage large backend databases and the coding link to the user interface. Your tasks will be data gathering, storage, security, analysis, interpretation, and report generation. You have to use advanced Infographics to present reports and what-if-analysis to the end users. The demand is high in all public and private sectors like banks, manufacturing, engineering, logistics, healthcare, and every other industry which generates and uses data. Opportunities for career and financial growth are opening up faster.

Merchandise Manager

The primary task of a merchandise manager starts with inventory management. The other responsibilities are material and product categorization, and management of vendors, warehouse, customers, suppliers, logistics, purchasing, pricing, etc. You have to connect all the domains with Import and Export customs and taxation, and trading regulations. Salary prospects are high and consistent.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Architect

AI framework includes robotics, decision making, precision design and production, cognitive applications, business value evaluation, and more. You can get the opportunities to design and develop systems that learn from experience and mistakes. It is a highly evolving field which has latent demand in all the commercial and manufacturing sectors in India.


You can opt for any of the four top jobs in demand in India to experience professional, personal, and financial growth. Digital marketing courses in Mumbai offer the most lucrative job opportunities for today and the future.