What Makes Australia a Compelling Overseas Education Destination?

Australia is one of the most sought after countries by International Students, because of the high quality of education, opportunities for work after the completion of academics, and for immigration as well.

Moreover, a safe and stable environment, coupled with multiculturalism is a big draw, along with breathtaking scenic beauty.

As a result, every year, Education Consultants get a lot of inquiries from students about their potential academic future in the country.

Along with other essential pre-requisites, a good score in the PTE Academic, and a valid and adequate Overseas Health Insurance Cover are crucial for an Australia Student Visa grant.

In this blog, we will look at the compelling reasons why the brightest of International Students choose Australia as their favourite destination.

Let’ get started!

  1. High Number of Foreign Students Admitted

Australia admits a high number of students from different countries. Even during COVID-19 times, the island nation attracted 637, 415 students in the January-June 2020 period.

This is an increase of 1% compared to the same period last year.

Among the countries that featured top on the list of those from which the international students belonged, there’s China, India, Nepal, Vietnam, and Brazil, to name some.

  1. Variety of Institutes to Choose From

Australia offers a variety of institutions and courses to choose from. According to some estimates, it is a whopping total of 1100+ institutions and 22,000+ courses that are in contention. Popular streams include those in Accounting, IT, Engineering, and more.

  1. Australian Universities Feature in World Rankings Regularly

As per the data of QS World University Rankings (2019), seven Australian universities featured amongst the best 100 universities in the world. These universities are namely, the Australian National University, the University of Melbourne, the University of New South Wales (Sydney), the University of Queensland, the University of Sydney, Monash University and the University of Western Australia.

These universities can be considered to be a regular feature of the yearly rankings. It is no wonder then that international students choose the country as their favourite study destination.

  1. Ranked as The Second Best Country to Study In

A survey of 30,000 International Students revealed the island nation as the second-best country for academics. The criteria for selecting the preferred countries were several. Students were asked if the country succeeded in fuelling their personal development, providing a higher quality of instruction, broaden their professional network and more.

Students were also asked questions on whether the country offered them a window to a new lifestyle, or culture, enabled them to make new connections, and learn a new language.

These are concerns that most international students want to address when zeroing in on the country to select for their overseas education.

  1. Home to The Most Student-Friendly Cities

Australia has been home to the top student cities that feature in the top 100 list of the student city list released by QS World Rankings (2019). These rankings are based on several criteria like University Rankings, Affordability, Employer Activity, Desirability, Student Mix and Student View.

     6. Government Scholarships

To attract bright international students into the country, the government in Australia offers generous scholarships. For instance, in 2020, the government will offer 1,985 scholarships to learners hailing from around 50 developing countries. The total scholarships will be to the tune of almost $280 million.

  1. Safety

As per the Global Peace Index rankings, Australia is the 13th safest country in the country. Naturally, students are drawn to the stability and future that Australia offers, which may not always be the case in their home countries.


Once you have made up your mind about studying in Australia, there are various steps you have to follow to apply for the Student Visa. First comes selecting the education institution and the course of your choice. Following this, you have to apply to the institute, and if you are chosen, then comes the part where you receive the ECoE or Electronic Confirmation of Enrolment. For fulfilling the English language requirement, you have to take either the PTE Academic or the IELTS test and get the score stipulated by the college of your choice.

Also, it is vital to keep in mind having an adequate Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) is a mandatory condition for your Student Visa.

You can either do all the above by yourself or enlist the help of seasoned Education Consultants for guidance and professional advice at every step.

Best of luck for your overseas educations!

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