What You Need to Know About Entry Level Online TEFL Courses

There are many various lengths and price points for TEFL courses. Obtaining a TEFL certificate is an excellent first step for people who want to work as teachers abroad and travel while teaching their home language in Asia.

What Precisely Is TEFL?

It stands for teaching English to speakers of other languages. For teachers who have no prior teaching experience yet want to begin teaching, it is the most fundamental qualification.

There are full-fledged on-site courses as well as hybrid and online options. Online types will be discussed in this post. Online forms are typically much less expensive than on-site forms. You can finish them at your own pace and from the convenience of your home.

The 40-hour course is the most affordable and straightforward online TEFL course. This will cost between $100 and USD 200 and can be finished in a matter of weeks. This kind of certificate is regarded as an entry-level one. The new student will become familiar with ESL ideas including student motivation, teacher roles, TEFL techniques, classroom management, and student levels through this course.

These introductory online TEFL courses have the added benefit of being easily upgraded to more advanced programs like the 60, 80, or even the considerably longer 120-hour programs. Additionally, when a student completes the course material, several of these course providers assist them in locating employment. (It should be noted that they merely connect the graduate with their extensive network of professional contacts; they do not place the graduate in the field. It is the teacher’s responsibility to impress their potential employer and land a job.)

You can contact them online thanks to the quickly evolving technology.

Step 1: Select a Platform for Teaching English

Today, there are a ton of online English teaching institutions and tutoring services available, including Skype and MSN. However, you should install them first and think about using a secure computation way to get paid. It is somewhat infuriating. I therefore strongly advise you to sign up for a reputable website. You should just register, create a profile, and search for pupils. It is undoubtedly a wise choice for those brand-new ESL instructors.

2. Make Some Preparations

Although there are many prospects for online English teachers, the competition is still intense. You should first conduct some market research on the topics of cultural differences, time zones, and the goal of English learning to differentiate yourself from others. Make sure you were a good teacher to them so that the teaching process will be simple and effective.

3. Prepare Hardware Facilities

A computer with a webcam and headphones is a necessity, and high-speed internet will be very helpful for your teaching career. The entire teaching process is similar to in-person teaching thanks to the video and audio chatting model.

4. Find an Acceptable Payment Method

If you choose to sign up with a well-known website, you can simply skip this step because the established website must have a reliable system in place to make sure you receive your payment on schedule. However, if you have your website or only offer Skype lessons, you might need to figure out a way to accept payments using a service like PayPal.

5. Promote Your Website or Course

Finding students is simple for new users of established websites because these websites typically have excellent student databases. Online marketing should be considered first if you still insist on creating a new website on your own.

An introduction to English grammar, lessons on how to teach grammar, vocabulary instruction, and pronunciation are frequently taught as well. How to teach speaking and writing, error correction, and feedback. How to instruct reading and listening. Lesson planning, games, and activities, as well as promoting cultural awareness in the classroom, are other topics covered in the majority of online TEFL courses.

Because candidates with teaching certificates frequently appear more stable and a little bit more motivated, hiring managers frequently give preference to teachers with TEFL certificates.


Even though basic online TEFL courses are insufficient in and of themselves to land much higher paying ESL jobs, they are excellent at giving teachers a competitive edge over other educators in comparable circumstances (little or no teaching experience). Additionally, they distinguish you from other candidates who don’t care enough to go above and beyond and obtain some credentials to teach English abroad. They demonstrate to employers that you are serious about wanting to find work as an ESL instructor.
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