When should you replace an old car?

There is a chance for the old cars to be in a fatal crash, then the new cars. But still, radiance chooses to drive 9.9 years old cars. Some are even driving 12 years old cars. It is necessary to replace your old car on time. This car could lead you to some serious trouble or injury. There are various laws and guidelines as per the country. Therefore in Australia the rule is very strict for old and unregistered vehicles. Often such vehicles are sold to the salvage yards that’s with easy process. To letting know about the online easy car valuation process for needy customers they can easily check and sell their cars for cash same day to wrecking yards with good amount of money.

If you haven’t considered replacing it yet then it’s time you should think about it. Given below all the details about owning and insuring a new car.

Factors to consider

  1. Safety

The new vehicles are safer than the old ones. Manufacturers give extra efforts to body design and constructions to improve safety and crash performance. Old car crash safety gets weakened by rust. It is found that there is a 20% higher death risk with rusted vehicles. As per the Australian Automobile Association just by saving a lot of cars life would save 1300 lives over the next 20 years.

  1. Repair cost

What time car ages and begin to degrade. The car will not work properly and it will get rusted. Eventually, you will find yourself more at the local garage. The expense you do for fixing could be more than the insurance charge for a new car. The new cars come with a warranty. They do not affect you much. Newer cars will break down less and will save you from the hassle.

  1. Low Fuel Cost

The fuel cost a car owner more than anything. Car manufacturers have improved engine efficiency by opting for low capacity engines with power outputs. The new start-stop system along with eco-modes helps you save a large on fuel bills.

  1. Insurance

With the purchase of a new car, your car insurance premium gets affected. The colour of your car sends the price rocketing. Black cars are likely to have high insurance premium. There are 47% fewer chances for white cars to have a smash. This would bring you a discount of 10% from insurers. Also, repairs and maintenance of white cars are cheap.

  1. Outstanding finance

You have to consider these factors strongly. If there is any outstanding finance on your car it will get difficult. While selling your old car, remember that all your remaining loan will be covered by it. Look for the track record of reliability. If your car is not harsh on your pocket then from a financial point of view it is not worth to be replaced.

  1. Improved Equipment

With the fast-moving technology, the new upgrade comes up even in the automotive industry. Your old car will not have some of the latest technology that is quite useful these days.  These upgrades can provide you with better entertainment along with safety.

Save money on insurance

The end of the financial year is the right time to buy a new car. If you purchase during this time you can save an average of $3,400. This may also be promotion offered by dealers. This can prove a great deal.



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